Maghreb Cup Winners' Cup

Coupe Maghrébien des Vainqueurs de Coupe, discontinued. Can be considered a successor of the colonial Cup of North Africa. In 2008, the slightly wider UNAF Cup Winners Cup including Libya (and in the first season Egypt) was launched.


1969/70 RS Settat
1970/71 Club Africain
1971/72 MA Algiers
1972/73 SCC Mohammédia
1973/74 MC Algiers
1974/75 Etoile du Sahel

Clubwise list of winners

MC Algiers                2  [includes MA Algiers]

Club Africain             1
Etoile du Sahel           1
SCC Mohammédia            1
RS Settat                 1

Countrywise list of winners

Algeria                   2
Morocco                   2
Tunisia                   2


1969 (in Casablanca)

RS Settat        2-1 Club Africain
USM Alger        2-1 EH Benghazi    

Third Place Match
Club Africain    1-1 EH Benghazi    

RS Settat        1-0 USM Alger  

1970 (December) (Tunis)

Club Africain    1-0 USM Alger  
AS Marsa         0-0 WA Casablanca    [ASM on penalties]

Third Place Match
WA Casablanca    3-1 USM Alger

Club Africain    2-0 AS Marsa

1971 (December) (Alger)

Club Africain    1-0 FAR Rabat 
MA Alger         3-0 Espérance ST

Third Place Match
FAR Rabat        4-2 Espérance ST

MA Alger         1-0 Club Africain 

1972 (December) (Casablanca)

Club Africain    1-1 USM Annaba       [3-1 pen]
SCC Mohammédia   2-1 MC Alger

Third Place Match
MC Alger         3-0 USM Annaba  

SCC Mohammédia   1-0 Club Africain 

1974 (January) (Tunis)

MC Alger         bt  SCC Mohammédia
FUS Rabat        bt  AS Marsa         (0-0?)

Third Place Match
AS Marsa         1-1 SCC Mohammédia

MC Alger         1-1 FUS Rabat        [4-2 pen]

1975 (Casablanca)

ES du Sahel      3-2 Sidi Kacem       [aet]
MO Constantine   4-0 EMM	
MC Alger         bye
SCC Mohammédia   bye

ES du Sahel      4-1 MC Alger
SCC Mohammedia   bt  MO Constantine   

ES du Sahel      0-0 SCC Mohammédia   [4-3 pen]

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