Mauritania Cup Winners

Coupe Nationale de Football

NB: prior to the 1976 edition, which apparently is currently considered the first
    official one, various cup tournaments may have been played, including one in
    1974 won by Nouakchott (presumably a regional selection).

1976   Equipe Espoir 
1977   Espoirs (Nouakchott)
1978   Espoirs (Nouakchott)
1979   ASC Ksar Sonader (Nouakchott)
1980     no competition
1981   ASC Garde Nationale (Nouakchott)
1982   ASC Trarza (Rosso)
1983   Espoirs (Nouakchott)
1984   ASC Trarza (Rosso)
1985   ASC Police (Nouakchott)
1986   ASC Garde Nationale (Nouakchott)
1987   AS Amicale Douane (Nouakchott)
1988   ASC Air Mauritanie (Nouakchott)
1989   ASC Garde Nationale (Nouakchott)
1990   Air Mauritanie (Nouakchott)
1991   AS Amicale Douane (Nouakchott)

Coupe du PrÚsident de la RÚpublique

1992   ASC SNIM (Nouadhibou)            drw 2-1 ASC PTT
1993   ASC Sonader Ksar (Nouakchott)
1994   ASC Sonader Ksar (Nouakchott)        1-0 ASC Police
1995   ASC Air Mauritanie (Nouakchott)
1996   ASC Imraguens (Nouadhibou)
1997   ASC SONELEC (Nouakchott)             2-0 ASC Garde Nationale (Nouakchott)
1998   ASC SONELEC (Nouakchott)             3-2 SDPA Trarza (Rosso)
1999   ASC Police (Nouakchott)              2-1 ASC Garde Nationale (Nouakchott)
2000   ASC Air Mauritanie (Nouakchott)      4-0 ASC Gendrim (Nouakchott)
2001   ASC Garde Nationale	
2002     not held
2003   ASC Entente FC (Sebkha)              1-0 ACS Ksar (Nouakchott)
2004   FC Nouadhibou                        1-0 ACS Ksar (Nouakchott)
2005   ASC Entente FC (Sebkha)              2-1 JA ASC SOCOGIM                      [aet]
2006   NASR Sebkha                          1-0 FC Trarza (Rosso)
2007   ASC Mauritel (Nouakchott)            0-0 ASC Garde Nationale (Nouakchott)    [aet, 4-2 pen]
2008   FC Nouadhibou                        1-0 NASR Sebkha     
2009   ASAC Concorde (Nouakchott)           0-0 FC Tevragh Ze´ne                    [aet, 5-4 pen]
2010   FC Tevragh Ze´ne (Nouakchott)        3-0 Ecole Feu Mini (Nouakchott)
2011   FC Tevragh Ze´ne (Nouakchott)        2-0 ACS Ksar (Nouakchott)
2012   FC Tevragh Ze´ne (Nouakchott)        1-0 ASAC Concorde (Nouakchott)
2013   ASC NASR Zem Zem (Nouakchott)        1-0 ASC KÚdia (ZouÚrat)                 [aet]
2014   ACS Ksar (Nouakchott)                1-0 ASAC Concorde (Nouakchott)
2015   ACS Ksar (Nouakchott)                3-1 FC Tidjikja Sabkha (Nouakchott)	 
2016   FC Tevragh Ze´ne (Nouakchott)        2-1 ASAC Concorde (Nouakchott)          [aet]
2017   FC Nouadhibou                        awd FC Tevragh Ze´ne (Nouakchott)       [awarded 3-0, Tevragh Ze´ne dns]
2018   FC Nouadhibou                        1-1 Nouakchott King's                   [aet, 6-5 pen]
2019   ASC SNIM (Nouadhibou)                1-0 ASC KÚdia (ZouÚrat)
2020   FC Tevragh Ze´ne (Nouakchott)        2-0 ASC SNIM (Nouadhibou) 
2021   ASAC Concorde (Nouakchott)           0-0 FC Tevragh Ze´ne (Nouakchott)       [aet, 6-5 pen]
2022   Nouakchott King's                    2-2 FC Nouadhibou                       [aet, 4-2 pen]
2023    final postponed from Mar 16, 2024

NB: the 2001 edition was played by junior teams

Number of Wins (45):

 5 ACS Ksar (Nouakchott)            [includes ASC Sonader Ksar]
   FC Tevragh Ze´ne (Nouakchott)    [formerly called FC Kha´ry]

 4 ASC Air Mauritanie (Nouakchott)  [includes Air Mauritanie 1990; identity of teams not certain]
   Espoirs (Nouakchott)             [includes "Equipe Espoir" 1976; identity of teams not certain]
   ASC Garde Nationale (Nouakchott) [includes 2001]
   FC Nouadhibou   

 2 AS Amical Douane (Nouakchott)
   ASAC Concorde (Nouakchott)
   ASC Entente FC (Sebkha) 
   ASC Police (Nouakchott)
   ASC SNIM (Nouadhibou)
   ASC SONELEC (Nouakchott)
   ASC Trarza (Rosso)

 1 ASC Imraguens (Nouadhibou)
   Nouakchott King's 
   ASC Mauritel (Nouakchott) 
   NASR Sebkha 
   ASC NASR Zem Zem (Nouakchott)

Supercoupe Nationale

2003   NASR Sebkha (Nouakchott)             2-1 ASC Entente FC Sebkha (Nouakchott)
2004-09  not played
2010   FC Tevragh Ze´ne (Nouakchott)        3-1 CF Cansado (Nouadhibou)
2011   FC Nouadhibou                        2-0 FC Tevragh-Ze´ne (Nouakchott)    
2012   ASAC Concorde (Nouakchott)           2-1 FC Tevragh-Ze´ne (Nouakchott)
2013   FC Nouadhibou                        2-0 ASC NASR Zem Zem (Nouakchott)  
2014   ACS Ksar (Nouakchott)                1-0 FC Nouadhibou       
2015   FC Tevragh Ze´ne (Nouakchott)        1-1 ACS Ksar (Nouakchott)               [4-3 pen]
2016   FC Tevragh Ze´ne (Nouakchott)        6-0 ASAC Concorde (Nouakchott) 
2017   ASAC Concorde (Nouakchott)           2-2 FC Nouadhibou                       [4-3 pen]

Number of League-and-Cup Doubles (4)

 2 FC Tevragh Ze´ne (Nouakchott)  [2012, 2016]

 1 FC Nouadhibou                  [2018]
 1 ASC Sonader Ksar (Nouakchott)  [1993]  [now called ACS Ksar]

Coupe de la Ligue Nationale

2011/12  ASAC Concorde                        2-1 CF Cansado          [called Tournoi du Parlement]
2012/13    not played
2013/14    not played
2014/15  FC Nouadhibou                        2-1 ASAC Concorde
2015/16    not played
2016/17  FC Tevragh-Ze´na                     3-1 ASC Tidjikja
2017/18  ASC Tidjikja                         3-1 ASAC Concorde
2018/19  FC Nouadhibou                        4-2 ASAC Concorde

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