Mayotte 2005

First Level (Division d'Honneur Territoriale)

[May 8]
FC M’tsapéré     -  Abeilles (M’tsamboro)

[May 29]
Miracle du Sud   -  Abeilles

Round 10
FC M'tsapéré    ppd Miracle du Sud (Bouéni)     [postponed due to fatal road
                                                 accident Harouna Tavandaď (FCM)
                                                 on eve of match date]

Round 13 
FC M'tsapéré    5-2 Racine du Nord

Early Aug 2005, newly promoted Racine du Nord (Acoua) led
the league ahead of FC M'tsapéré and Pamandzi SC; FC M'tsapéré
were 1 point behind Racine du Nord with 8 rounds left to play.

Top Final Table:

 1.FC M'tsapéré              Champions
 2.Racine du Nord (Acoua)
 3.Pamandzi SC (?)
 4.AS Sada 
 9.Etincelle d'Hamjago

NB: AS Rosador de Passamainty were relegated due to incidents in the
    Coupe de France 2005, but had not finished on a relegation place

Coupe de Mayotte 2005/06

Round ?
AJ Kany-Kély   4-0 FCO de Tsingoni   

Coupe de Mayotte 2005/06

1/8 Final Replay [Jan 12, 2006]
Bandrélé       3-2 Démbéni

[Jan 14]
Bandrélé       bt  Jumeaux de Mzouazia 

Semifinals [Jan 18?, 2006]
AJ Kani        drw Bandrélé             [Bandrélé on pen]

Final [Jan 28, 2006, stade de Kavani]
Bandrélé       1-3 Etincelles d'Hamjago  
  [El-Mokadden 10; Abdou 58, 86, Madi 90+]

NB: Etincelles play in the Division d'Honneur (top level),
    Bandrélé in the Promotion d'Honneur (2nd (3rd?) level)

Coupe de France 2005

[Apr 8]
Bandrélé Foot   drw Wagani/Oigani (Ouangani?)   [3-6 after pen]

Quarterfinals [Aug 27]
FCO Tsingoni    bt  Enfants de Mayotte
Rosador         abd AS Sada                     [abandoned at 0-1 in 87']
  [following incidents at this match involving attacks by supporters on
   the referees and security forces, the club AS Rosador de Passamainty
   were originally 'suspended for life' and its field for five years, 
   with a three-year interdiction on forming a new club; AS Sada were 
   excluded from the cup (for having fielded an ineligible player); in
   addition various personal bans and suspensions were announced;
   on appeal Rosador's penalty was reduced to automatic relegation to the
   second level;
   AS Rosador de Passamainty were formed in 1976 and are the most titled
   club of Mayotte, having won 6 championships, 5 cups, and 2 editions of
   the regional Coupe de France.]

FCO de Tsingoni w/o [both Rosador and AS Sada excluded]
AJ Kany-Kély    bt  KFC Hangnundru 

Final [Nov 3, Cavani]
AJ Kany-Kély    5-3 FCO de Tsingoni             [aet]
  [Azali 3pen, 100, 109, Saďndou Abdallah 38, 46; Abdallah 2, 87, Hariti 48]

NB: both finalists were second division teams!
    FCO = Football Club de l'Ouest

Second Level (3rd?) (Promotion d'Honneur)

Poule Sud

Round 1 [Apr]
Bandrélé Foot   1-1 AJ Kany-Kély

[Apr 16,17]
Bandrélé Foot   2-3 Chirongui 

[Sep 26]
Bandrélé Foot   4-3 Chiconi

NB: AJ Kany-Kély champions and promoted

Poule Nord

Participants included FCO (Tsingoni)

Promoted: UCS Sada



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list of cup winners

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