Mayotte - List of Champions

Football was introduced to the island (then still part of the Comoros) in the late thirties by employees from Madagascar. In Labattoir, occasional matches were played between a team of local youths and one with players from Madagascar. After the British Army (in particular the Royal Air Force) arrived in 1943, there were matches between locals (including players originating from Madagascar) and British army teams. After the British left in 1946, clubs were created in Pamandzi (Stella Sport), Combani and M'tsapéré, who met each other on multiple occasions although there was no organisational structure.
Between 1950 and 1962, Mayotte selections played in so called Triangulaire tournaments with selections from Grande Comore and Anjouan (Mohéli did not have a team at the time). The first edition was played December 1950 on Anjouan; the second 1951 in Moroni (Grande Comore) and the third 1952 on Mayotte; Mayotte won three consecutive editions from 1951 to 1953. After the 1962 edition, in which Mohéli played, the tournament was discontinued due to fan violence and logistical problems.
In the sixties, clubs were founded in Labattoir (Enfant de Mayotte, Luna Sport), Pamandzi (Volcan), Sada (AS Sada), M'zoizia (Jumeaux), Dzaoudzi (Duc de collège), and M'tsapéré (Kouka), and grounds appeared in Baobab, Combani and Pamandzi. In 1964 the Comité du football de Mayotte was established and existed until 1975, the year in which Comoros (Anjouan, Grande Comore and Mohéli) obtained independence while Mayotte remained French. Between 1970 and 1973 a tournament between the island champions was organised by the Ministère des Sports du Gouvernement des Comores, in which Rafale and Soleil de Labattoir represented Mayotte. The tournament was discontinued in 1973, again because of fan violence.
Between 1976 and 1978 football on Mayotte was organised by the Comité des Sports, until the creation of the Ligue de Mayotte in 1978, an affiliate of the FFF. Many new clubs were founded in the seventies and eighties in Labattoir (Comète, Avenir, Onze Rapid), M'tsapéré (Eclair, Espoir, FCM), Mamoudzou (TCO), Passamainty (Rosador), Sada (Etoile Polaire), Bouéni (Miracle du Sud), Pamandzi (Olympic) and elsewhere.
Ligue de Mayotte
1978-91   not known (in 1985 the league offices were set on fire and documents until then were lost)
1992    AS Sada
1993    AS Rosador (Passamainty)
1994    AS Rosador (Passamainty)
1995    AS Rosador (Passamainty)
1996    AS Sada
1997    AS Rosador (Passamainty)
1998    AS Sada
1999    AS Rosador (Passamainty)
2000    AS Rosador (Passamainty) 
2001    AS Rosador (Passamainty) 
2002    FC Kani-Bé
2003    FC Kani-Bé
2004    AS Sada
2005    FC M'tsapéré
2006    FC M'tsapéré
2007    FC M'tsapéré
2008    FC M'tsapéré
2009    AS Rosador (Passamainty) 
2010    FC M'tsapéré
2011    Abeilles (M'tsamboro)
2012    FC Koropa
2013    FC M'tsapéré
2014    FC M'tsapéré
2015    FC M'tsapéré
2016    Foudre 2000 (Dzoumogné)
2017    FC M'tsapéré
2018    FC M'tsapéré
2019    FC M'tsapéré
2020      abandoned
2021    AS Jumeaux (Mzouasia)   
2022    FC M'tsapéré     
2023/24 FC M'tsapéré     

Number of Known Titles (31; since 1992)

13 FC M'tsapéré                [did not win any other titles]

 8 AS Rosador (Passamainty)    [did not win any other titles]

 4 AS Sada

 2 FC Kani-Bé                  [did not win any other titles]

 1 Abeilles (M'tsamboro)
   Foudre 2000 (Dzoumogné)
   AS Jumeaux (Mzouasia)       [did not win any other titles]
   FC Koropa

NB: AS Rosador (Passamainty) won exactly the above 8 championships
      since their foundation in 1976; they were promoted from the 
      second level in 1992 and so won their first title as 
      newly promoted club.
    FC M'tsapéré won their first ever championship in 2005 after 27
      years of existence (and have meanwhile won the title 11 times);
      they were earlier called Chouma; as FC M'tsapéré they won 
      promotion from the second level in 1991;
    AS Jumeaux, founded in 1966, won their first ever championship 
      in 2021/22.

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