Coppa del Mondo (Women) 1970

The tournament was held in Italy, known as the "Coppa del Mondo femminile Trofeo Martini & Rossi" (after the trophy supplied by the main sponsors). Matches were played over 2x35 minutes.
Organized by FIEFF (Federazione Internazionale Europea di Football Femminile), not affiliated to FIFA.

An initial announcement (reported 28-2-70) listed the eight participating teams as Argentina, Denmark, France, and Italy (Group A), Brazil, Czechoslovakia, England, and USSR (Group B).
By 12-5-70 these had been revised to include Austria, Mexico, and Switzerland instead of Argentina, Brazil, and USSR, with West Germany and Sweden listed as reserves in case of withdrawals. France later withdrew and were replaced by West Germany.

Match Results

Gruppo A - Quarter-finals

 7- 7-70 Bari     Mexico        9-0 Austria
                    [Rubio 1', 31', Vargas 4', 18', 47', 57', Huerta 8',
                     Hernández 49', 61']
                    [Stadio della Vittoria; att: 6,000; ref: Turco (Italy)]
  [Mexico: Ramírez (Aracén 65'); Chávez, Salgado; García, Pérez, Huerta; Vargas,
           Tovar (Nila 56'), Zaragoza (Hernández 40'), Coronado, Rubio;
   Austria: Kraus; Hackl (Zaupmann 41'), Pinter; Svoboda, Kunter (Holzbauer 62'),
            Exeli; Kastner, "Ppai" (sp?), Goldschmidt, Wegleiter, Zatlokal (sp?).]

 8- 7-70 Salerno  Italy         2-1 Switzerland
                    [Mella 15', Avon 70'; Ripamonti 54']
                    [Stadio Donato Vetusti; att: 10,000; ref: Santopietro (Italy)]
  [Italy: Seghetti; Canepa, Castelli; Mondo, Cerutti, Bonanni; Molino 
          (Isi 24' (Pinardi 45')), Avon, Mella, Colla, Schiavo; 
   Switzerland: Schwendimann; T. Moser, Copt, Dieng, Staudenmann; Boll,
                K. Moser; Kaiserauer, Odermatt, Ripamonti, Juillard.]
  [Note: one source reports Kalbfuss in place of Kaiserauer]

Gruppo B - Quarter-finals

 7- 7-70 Genova   England       5-1 West Germany  
                    [Briggs 1', 9', Stockley 25' (pen), Cross 30',
                     Dolling 61'; Arzdorf 49']
                    [Stadio Luigi Ferraris; att: 3,000; ref: Loffi (Italy)]
  [England: Everitt; Knowles, Cheshire; [one missing], Stockley, Reid (Foulke 55');
            Rayner, King, Briggs, Dolling, Cross;
   W.Germany: Nelles; Probst, Marino; Waluga, Wilke (Seeliger 55'), Rosenberg;
              Schuhmacher, Holl, Arzdorf, Schmied, Justen.]
  [Note: West German scorer also reported as Schmied]

 8- 7-70 Bologna  Denmark       w/o Czechoslovakia

NB: the following match was played instead of the quarter-final between
    Denmark and Czechoslovakia (who withdrew due to visa problems) but
    presumably was not officially part of the tournament as West Germany
    had already been eliminated by England:

 8- 7-70 Bologna  Denmark       6-1 West Germany
                    [Evers 8', 35', 69', Christensen 9', 19',
                     Østergaard Hansen 24'; Arzdorf 15']
                    [Stadio Comunale; att: 5,000; ref: Acquadro (Italy)]
  [Denmark: Termansen; Jacobsen, B. Nielsen; Lindh, Schäeffer, Kristensen;
            Ševčíková, Østergaard Hansen, Christensen, Evers, Mandiková;
   W.Germany: Nelles; Schmied, Marino; Waluga, Wilke, Rosenberg;
              Schuhmacher, Justen, Arzdorf, Holl, Glasmacher.]

Gruppo A - Semi-final

11- 7-70 Napoli   Italy         2-1 Mexico   
                    [Schiavo 5' (pen), 40'; Mondo 48' (og)]
                    [Stadio Arturo Collana; att: 3,000; ref: Mollo (Italy)]
  [Italy: Seghetti; Canepa, Cerutti; Mondo, Molino, Castelli (Mella 43');
          Pinardi, Bonanni, Avon, Colla, Schiavo;
   Mexico: Ramírez; Chávez, Salgado; García, Pérez, Huerta;
           Vargas, Tovar, Zaragoza, Coronado (Hernández 20'), Rubio.]

Gruppo B - Semi-final
10- 7-70 Milano   Denmark       2-0 England
                    [Evers 46', 70']   
                    [Stadio Arena; att: 7,000; ref: Lojacono (Italy)]
  [Denmark: Termansen; B. Nielsen, Jacobsen; Lindh, Schäeffer, Kristensen
            (Thomsen 48'); Mandiková, Østergaard Hansen, Christensen, Evers,
            L. Hansen (Ševčíková 48');
   England: Everitt; Knowles, Cheshire; Foulke, Stockley, Reid (Rayner 46');
            Davies, King, Briggs, Dolling, Cross.]

Third Place Match

13- 7-70 Torino   Mexico        3-2 England
                    [Vargas 3', Hernández 9', Tovar 15'; Davies 24',
                     Stockley 55' (pen)]
                    [Stadio Comunale; att: 3,000; ref: Sicco (Italy)]
  [Mexico: Ramírez, Chávez, Salgado; García, Nila, Tovar; 
           Vargas, Huerta, Hernández, De la Luz (Pérez 63'), Rubio;
   England: Everitt; Knowles, Crook; Reid (Cheshire 10'), Stockley, Foulke;
            Rayner, Davies, Briggs, Dolling, Cross.]
  [Note: one source reports Coronado instead of De la Luz]


15- 7-70 Torino   Italy         0-2 Denmark        
                    [Østergaard Hansen 18', Ševčíková 68']
                    [Stadio Comunale; att: 40,000; ref: Cosentina (Italy)]
  [Italy: Seghetti; Canepa, Cerutti; Mondo, Pinardi, Bonanni; Molino, Avon,
          Mella (Rampon 46'), Colla, Schiavo (missed penalty 60');
   Denmark: Termansen; J. Nielsen, B. Nielsen; Lindh, Schäeffer,
            Evers; Mandiková, Østergaard Hansen, Christensen, Kristensen,

Available Squad Information

No further info beyond the names in the line-up given above.

    Jytta Termansen (GK), Marianne Pihl, Jana Mandiková, Maria Ševčíková,
    Helene Østergaard Hansen, Irene Christensen, Kirsten Evers,
    Inge Kristensen (also listed as Inge Heerdingen), Lone Hansen,
    Joan Thomsen, Ann Lindh, Birgit Nielsen, Kirsten Schäeffer (cap),
    Joan Nielsen, Lilli Nielsen, Jacobsen
tr: Svend Åge Pedersen
NB: Mandiková and Ševčíková were Czechoslovak nationals living in Denmark
    (as political refugees) and playing (like most of the Danish side) for
    Femina BK (Gladsaxe).  The team played in uniforms of Milan AC after
    having lost their own in a mix-up while checking in at their hotel in
    Bologna (their clothes were apparently taken by a Russian team checking
    out at the same time).

    Kath Everitt (GK), Paula Rayner, Val Reid, Angela King, June Foulke,
    Joan Briggs, Jill Stockley, Sue Knowles, Trudy McCaffery, Davies (or Davis),
    Valerie Cheshire, Louise Cross, Janice Seymour, Marion Crook,
    Barbara Dolling (nr. 10)
tr: Harry Batt
NB: Sue Lopez (often incorrectly credited with a goal against West Germany),
    Jill Long, Sue Buckett, and Dot Cassell (all Southampton players) were
    selected but renounced on travelling to the tournament just before the
    start; the original invitation to enter the tournament had been
    extended to Luton-based Chiltern Valley FC, the club which (like
    Femina BK for Denmark and SC 07 Bad Neuenahr for West Germany) formed 
    the backbone of the team.

GK: Derna Isolini (Real Torino), Wilma Seghetti (Olimpia Verona)
DF: Maria Castelli (Real Torino), Adriana Canepa (Genova),
    Ketty Rampon (Real Juventus), Rosanna Cerutti (Real Torino)
MF: Orietta Bonanni (Genova), Marisa Mondo (Real Torino),
    Claudia Avon (Real Torino), Emanuela Pinardi (Vernici Milesi Parma),
    Stoppato (Olimpia Verona) 
FW: Elena Schiavo (cap; Real Torino), Enrica Colla (Vernici Milesi Parma),
    Alfonsina Isi (Vernici Milesi Parma), Giuliana Mella (Real Juventus),
    Caterina Molino (Real Torino) 
tr: Giuseppe Cavicchi
NB: the Italian squad was selected by the FICF, one of two existing
    rival assocations for women's football in Italy; the other, the
    FFIGC, banned its players from entering.

    Yolanda Ramírez (GK), Elvira Aracén (GK), Elsa Salgado, Rebeca Lara Pérez,
    Cristina García, María Acela Nila, Irma Chávez, Guadalupe 'Lupita' Tovar (cap),
    Elsa Huerta, Sandra Tapia, Alicia 'Pelé' Vargas, Martha Coronado,
    María Eugenia 'Peque' Rubio, Patricia Hernández, María De la Luz Hernández, 
    Silvia Zaragoza.
tr: José Morales
officials: Efraín Pérez, Manelich Quintero, Dr Yolanda Díaz Barber

    Margrit Schwendimann (GK; Young Fellows), Trudi Moser (Zürich),
    Elisabeth Copt (Sion), Yollande Dieng (Sion), Anne-Lise Staudenmann (Boudry),
    Madeleine Boll (Gommagomma), Kathrin Moser (Gommagomma),
    Ursula Kaiserauer (Young Fellows), Rita Odermatt (cap; Emmenbrücke),
    Nadia Ripamonti (La Chaux-de-Fonds), Nelly Juillard (Sion),
    Mirella Cina (GK; Sion), Annemarie Kalbfuss (Sion), Fiorenza Kretz (Zürich),
    Rose-Marie Siggen (Sion), Daniela Stitz (Emmenbrücke)
tr: Jacques Gaillard
NB: Boll and K. Moser played in Italy for Gommagomma Milano, the 1970
    FFIGC champions.

West Germany
    Marie Nelles (GK), Anneliese Probst, Gaby Marino, Helga Waluga, Gaby Wilke,
    Ruth Rosenberg, Elisebeth "Fritzi" Schuhmacher, Martina Arzdorf,
    Margaretha Holl (cap), Sieglinde Schmied, Sieglinde Justen,
    Gisela Glasmacher, Christa Seeliger, Irmgard Nagel, Cornelia Weber
tr: Heinz Schweden
NB: based on the SC 07 Bad Neuenahr club side, but including some guest
    players from FV Bellenberg and DFC Illertissen.

1971 (Mexico)

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