Netherlands 1886/87

List of Clubs
Administrative Developments
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List of Clubs

Note that this list includes all clubs mentioned in this document, including a foreign one, but is not necessarily exhaustive.
The short versions of the names on the left hand side are used in this document; an additional indication of the home town is only included if a homonymous club from another town appears in the document as well.
The full names on the right hand side appeared at least once in contemporary publications (usually the "Nederlandsche Sport") but for most clubs other versions appeared as well: in particular, the words "voetbal" and "football" as well as "vereeniging" and "club" were often interchanged, sometimes apparently at random, and while nearly all early Dutch football clubs originated from an older cricket club, the "cricket" part was not always included in the name.
Additional information is most welcome.

Sport                 = Amsterdamsche Cricket- en Football-Club "Sport"                     [1]
Enschede (usually spelled Enschedé at the time)
E.F.C.                = Enschedesche Footballclub
Prinses Wilhelmina    = Enschedesche Voetbal Vereeniging "Prinses Wilhelmina"
Gent (Belgium)
Running-Club de Gand
Den Haag (official name: 's-Gravenhage)
Olympia DH            = Haagsche Cricket- en Football-Vereeniging "Olympia"                 [2]
H.F.C.                = Haarlemsche Football-Club                                           [3]
Achilles              = Rotterdamsche Cricket- en Football-Club "Achilles"
Concordia             = Rotterdamsche Cricket- en Voetbal-Club "Concordia"                  [4]
Excelsior             = Rotterdamsche Footballclub "Excelsior"                              [5]
Olympia R.            = Rotterdamsche Cricket- en Football-Club "Olympia"                   [6]
Victoria              = Rotterdamsche Cricket- en Football-Club "Victoria"                  [7]
W.C.C.                = Wageningsche Cricket-Club

[1] Founded as cricket club on Mar 25, 1882; played football in the 1885/86 season
    but possibly already before.
[2] Founded as cricket club in Oct 1881 and as football club on Sep 1, 1883.
[3] Traditionally the foundation date of H.F.C. is given as Sep 15, 1879, but that
    date is untenable after recent research (see in particular [LuZ 17]); in the
    "Sportalmanak" of 1888 the foundation date was listed as Dec 19, 1882; later,
    in the 1890 and 1892 editions, this was changed to Sep 1, 1881; possibly, the
    earlier date was that of the actual foundation, the second that of the start
    of association football at the club, which initially only played rugby; a club
    meeting on Oct 17, 1891, reported upon in the "Nederlandsche Sport" of Oct 24,
    1891, discussed preparations for its 12½ year jubilee without specifying dates.
[4] Founded as cricket club on May 16, 1884; first played football in 1885/86.
[5] Founded as cricket club "around 1881"; played (some kind of) football in 1884.
[6] Founded as cricket club on May 23, 1885; first played football in 1885/86.
[7] Founded as cricket club on Sep 1, 1885 as split-off from R.C.C. (Rotterdamsche
    Cricket Club, founded Nov 17, 1881); first played football in 1885/86.

Administrative Developments

In the Oct 16 issue of the "Nederlandsche Sport" (No. 220, Vijfde Jaargang), Olympia (Den Haag) requested other clubs playing football to publish their address in the magazine in order to arrange matches in the winter.
The following clubs complied:

Oct 30: Running-Club de Gand (Gent, Belgium)
Nov 13: De Wageningsche Cricket-Club (Wageningen)
Nov 20: De Haagsche Cricket- en Football-Vereeniging Olympia ('s-Gravenhage)
Dec  4: Haarlemsche Football-Club (Haarlem)
In the Nov 27 issue, Olympia then challenged the following clubs to play a football match:
to play on Dec  5: "Rood en Wit", Haarlem;
to play on Dec 19: Wageningen;
to play on Jan  2: "Sport", Amsterdam;
to play on Jan 16: Enschede.
Note that "Rood en Wit" referred to the cricket club in Haarlem which hosted their matches at the same venue (Koekamp) as where H.F.C. had received Sport; most H.F.C. players in that match were also members of "Rood en Wit".
However, none of these matches appears to have taken place.

Available Match Results

NB: additional information is welcome.

[Aug 22, 1886; Volkspark, Enschede]
E.F.C.         n/p Prinses Wilhelmina
  [match announced but not played and apparently not refixtured; almost one
   year earlier (on Sep 6, 1885), a public match between two sides of E.F.C.
   was held in which a handful of members of Prinses Wilhelmina (founded six
   days before that match) played as well; also, on Aug 15, 1886, the E.F.C.
   had given an "uitvoering" at the Volkspark, one week before the intended
   match to which Prinses Wilhelmina had challenged them]

In this season, for the first time two club teams from different Dutch towns
played each other; they even met home and away.

[Nov 21, 1886; Koekamp, Haarlem; kick-off 14.30]
H.F.C.         3-5 Sport
  [H.F.C.: Theo Peltenburg, Frits Ypey, Arthur Hayman, Ton van Walchren,
           Jean Henri Borel, George(?) du Celliée Muller, Bram Beets,
           David Jessurun, Rense van der Werff(?), Wim(?) Schiff, Willem Mulier;
   Sport: Thomas Spiller, G. Sowray, J. May, Ch. May, Whichcord,
          Avent, Robbins, Easton, Quill, Nobbe, Daan Wolterbeek]

[Dec 19, 1886; Vondelpark, Amsterdam; kick-off 14.30]
Sport          3-0 H.F.C.
  [Easton 1-0, Spiller 2-0, Sowray 3-0]
  [Sport: Thomas Spiller, J. May, Ch. May, Frans Waller, Easton, G. Sowray,
          Whichcord, Henk Sillem, Dakin, Charles Gandon, Anthony van Oostveen;
   H.F.C.: Theo Peltenburg, Arthur Hayman, Rense van der Werff, Bram Beets,
           Kees Pleyte d'Ailly, Jean Henri Borel, David Jessurun, Henri Arriëns,
           Ton van Walchren, George(?) du Celliée Muller, Frits Ypey]

[Dec 19, 1886; Feijenoord, Rotterdam]
Concordia      2-0 Combined XI
  [the Combined XI consisted of players from Achilles, Concordia II and
   Olympia, all clubs from Rotterdam; a return match was arranged for
   Dec 26, also including players from Victoria, but was postponed due
   to inclement weather and apparently never played;
   there is indirect evidence (a letter of complaint from the secretary
   of Concordia) of a "foot-ball-match" between Concordia and Victoria
   already on Mar 7, 1886; however, it is not entirely certain whether
   that was played by association or rugby rules, whether Concordia's
   opponents played as Excelsior or as Victoria, and whether the match
   was finished; cf. "De Sportwereld"]

Head-to-Head Summaries

NB: only for clubs to have met home and away.


 1.Sport (Amsterdam)              2   2  0  0   8- 3   4
 2.H.F.C. (Haarlem)               2   0  0  2   3- 8   0



list of champions.

list of first class champions.

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