Netherlands 1887/88

List of Clubs
Administrative Developments
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List of Clubs

Note that this list includes all clubs mentioned in this document, but is not necessarily exhaustive.
The short versions of the names on the left hand side are used in this document; an additional indication of the home town is only included if a homonymous club from another town appears in the document as well.
The full names on the right hand side appeared at least once in contemporary publications (usually the "Nederlandsche Sport") but for most clubs other versions appeared as well: in particular, the words "voetbal" and "football" as well as "vereeniging" and "club" were often interchanged, sometimes apparently at random, and while nearly all early Dutch football clubs originated from an older cricket club, the "cricket" part was not always included in the name.
Additional information is most welcome.

R.A.P.                = Amsterdamsche Footballclub "R.U.N. Amstels Progress"               [1]
V.V.A.                = Voetbal Vereeniging "Amsterdam"                                    [2]
Apeldoornsche F.C.    = Apeldoornsche Footballclub                                         [3]
Enschede (usually spelled Enschedé at the time)
E.F.C.                = Enschedesche Footballclub
Prinses Wilhelmina    = Enschedesche Voetbal Vereeniging "Prinses Wilhelmina"
Den Haag (official name: 's-Gravenhage)
Concordia DH          = Haagsche Cricket- en Voetbal-Club "Concordia"
Olympia DH            = Haagsche Cricket- en Football-Vereeniging "Olympia"
Thor                  = Haagsche Cricket- en Voetbalvereeniging "Thor"
Excelsior             = Haarlemsche Football Club "Excelsior"
H.F.C.                = Haarlemsche Football-Club
Concordia R.          = Rotterdamsche Cricket- en Voetbal-Club "Concordia"
Olympia R.            = Rotterdamsche Cricket- en Football-Club "Olympia"
Sparta                = Rotterdamsche Cricket- en Football-Club "Sparta"                   [4]
Go Ahead              = Wageningsche Cricket- en Football-Club "Go-Ahead"                  [5]
W.C.C.                = Wageningsche Cricket-Club

[1] Founded on Nov 14, 1887 as merger of the football teams of three cricket clubs:
    C.C. R.U.N., Amstels C.C., and A.C.C. Progress; the name of the club was only 
    determined in January 1888; note that the constituent clubs remained separate
    entities as cricket clubs; R.U.N. had been founded on Mar 20, 1882 by, among 
    others, Herman Gorter.
[2] Founded on Sep 6, 1887.
[3] Founded on Oct 23, 1887.
[4] Founded on Apr 1, 1888.
[5] Founded on Dec 4, 1886 as split-off from W.C.C.

Administrative Developments

In the Jan 14, 1888 issue of the "Nederlandsche Sport", D.C. Noppen, captain of V.V.A., published a translation into Dutch of the "Laws of the Game", according to which V.V.A. was playing, inviting other clubs to submit any amendments in order to establish a general set of rules for the Netherlands. Four weeks later, on Feb 11, 1888, C.C. Zeverijn, captain of R.A.P., then published a translation used by his club.

Available Match Results

NB: includes matches by reserve sides, but not those involving "adspiranten";
    additional information is welcome.

[Sep 26, 1887; landgoed Het Amelink, Enschede]
E.F.C.              1-0 Prinses Wilhelmina

[Nov 6, 1887; Wageningen (two matches played)]
W.C.C.              2-0 Go Ahead
W.C.C.              1-0 Go Ahead

[Nov 13, 1887; Malieveld, Den Haag]
Olympia DH          0-1 H.F.C.         
  [both teams fielded 12 players]

[Nov 19, 1887; Koekamp, Haarlem]
H.F.C. II           0-0 Excelsior

[Nov 27, 1887; Feijenoord, Rotterdam]
Concordia R.        1-1 V.V.A.
  [A. Schuld 1-0, Aug. W. Schols 1-1; half-time: 1-1]
  [Concordia: C.A. Schuld; M. Weinthal, H. Wilton; H. v.d. Linden, H. Rothzand,
              P. v.d. Schuijt; H. Bijstra, Johs. J. Meijer (c), L. Weinthal,
              T. van Goor, A. Schuld;
              white shirts, black trousers, red-black caps;
   V.V.A.: D.C. Noppen (c); Charley B. Timperley, J. Lissone;
           George Philip Rust jr.,  H.J.P. van Hilten, Henry H. Rust;
           H. de Vries, Aug. W. Schols, C.F. Jibben, George Hendrik Jurrjens,
           H.Ph.L.K. Fleur;
           dark-blue shirts, socks and caps, white shorts;
   ref: K. Moenen; att: between 500 and 600;
   first ever match between club teams from Amsterdam and Rotterdam]

[Dec 4, 1887; Koekamp, Haarlem]
Excelsior           1-1 H.F.C. II      

[Dec 11, 1887; Haarlem]
H.F.C.              5-0 Olympia DH     

[Dec 26, 1887; achter het Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam]
V.V.A.              1-0 Concordia R.   

[Jan 22, 1888; Haarlem]
Excelsior           1-0 H.F.C. II      

[Feb 12, 1888; Koekamp, Haarlem]
H.F.C.              4-0 R.A.P.

[Feb 19, 1888; Rotterdam]
Concordia R.        1-0 Concordia DH/Thor

[Mar 11, 1888; Koekamp, Haarlem]
H.F.C.              0-0 V.V.A.         

[Mar 18, 1888; achter het Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam]
V.V.A.              4-0 E.F.C.
  [half-time: 4-0]
  [V.V.A.: D.C. Noppen (c); H. de Vries J. Lissone; H.J.P. van Hilten,
           Charley B. Timperley, C.F. Jibben; J.J.C. Hartogsveld, Henry H. Rust,
           George Philip Rust jr., T.L.B. Spiller, George Hendrik Jurrjens;
   E.F.C.: J. van Deinse; L. ten Kate, Jan Blijdenstein; Kets,
           H. Blijdenstein, Van der Maesen; B. Romeny, B. Wennink,
           B.J. ter Kuile (c), Jos. Hopink, B. Osterman;
           red-white shirts, white trousers;
   ref.: De Bordes;
   first ever match between an "eastern" and a "western" club team]

[Mar 18, 1888; Rotterdam]
Concordia R. II     2-1 Olympia R.

[Mar 25, 1888; Sport Club Amsterdam, Amsterdam]
R.A.P.              0-0 H.F.C.         

[Apr 1, 1888; achter het Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam]
V.V.A.              0-0 H.F.C.         
  [V.V.A.: D.C. Noppen (c); Aug. W. Schols, J. Lissone; C.F. Jibben,
           H.J.P. van Hilten, Avent; T.L.B. Spiller, George Hendrik Jurrjens,
           H. de Vries, H.Ph.L.K. Fleur, George Philip Rust jr.;
   H.F.C.: Willekens; Van den Broeke, H. Arriëns, H. Westerveld; Ypey,
           Muller; A. Cnoop Koopmans, Willem J.H. Mulier (c), C.M. Pleyte,
           A. van Walchren, R. van Hemert;
           note that H.F.C. used a 3-2-5 formation (rather than 2-3-5);
   att: several hundred;
   according to the reporter in the Apr 21 issue of "Nederlandsche Sport", the
   outcome of this match would decide which of the two clubs would obtain the
   distinction of being named the "Champions Voetbal-Vereeniging voor Nederland",
   presumably because V.V.A. had a positive head-to-head record w.r.t. Concordia
   (Rotterdam) and H.F.C. w.r.t. Olympia (Den Haag) and R.A.P., while neither
   had lost a single match all season; however, as this second encounter between
   the two clubs produced as many goals (none) as the first three weeks before,
   the reporter was forced to conclude that "geen der beider Vereenigingen als
   Champion Voetbal Vereeniging kan aangemerkt worden"; needless to say that
   there was no official competition]

Matches that did not take place included:

  Sport (Amsterdam), the apparently strongest (western) club side in 1886/87,
  declined an invitation by H.F.C. to play in Haarlem on Dec 18; two of its
  players in 1886, Avent and Spiller, represented V.V.A. in the "championship
  decider" on Apr 1.

  Olympia (Den Haag) declined to play Concordia (Rotterdam) on Mar 11 at the
  Malieveld in Den Haag, not wishing to play any further matches that winter;
  Concordia then arranged to instead play their namesakes Concordia (Den Haag)
  at the same day and venue, but only four players of the hosts showed up.

Head-to-Head Summaries

NB: only for clubs to have met home and away.


 1.V.V.A. (Amsterdam)             2   1  1  0   2- 1   3
 2.Concordia (Rotterdam)          2   0  1  1   1- 2   1

Excelsior/H.F.C. II

 1.Excelsior (Haarlem)            3   1  2  0   2- 1   4
 2.H.F.C. II (Haarlem)            3   0  2  1   1- 2   2


 1.H.F.C. (Haarlem)               2   2  0  0   6- 0   4
 2.Olympia (Den Haag)             2   0  0  2   0- 6   0


 1.H.F.C. (Haarlem)               2   1  1  0   4- 0   3
 2.R.A.P. (Amsterdam)             2   0  1  1   0- 4   1


 1.H.F.C. (Haarlem)               2   0  2  0   0- 0   2
   V.V.A. (Amsterdam)             2   0  2  0   0- 0   2



list of champions.

list of first class champions.

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