Netherlands First Class East Champions 1897-1950

Final Tables First Class East

1896/97 Vitesse
1897/98 Vitesse
1898/99 P.W.
1899/00 Victoria (W)
1900/01 Victoria (W)
1901/02 Victoria (W)
1902/03 Vitesse
1903/04 P.W.
1904/05 P.W.
1905/06 P.W.
1906/07 P.W.
1907/08 U.D.
1908/09 Wilhelmina (B) 
1909/10 Quick (N)
1910/11 G.V.C.
1911/12 G.V.C.
1912/13 Vitesse
1913/14 Vitesse  
1914/15 Vitesse 
1915/16 Go Ahead  
1916/17 Go Ahead  
1917/18 Go Ahead 
1918/19 Go Ahead
1919/20 Go Ahead
1920/21 Go Ahead
1921/22 Go Ahead
1922/23 Go Ahead   
1923/24 S.C. Enschede  
1924/25 Go Ahead      
1925/26 S.C. Enschede
1926/27 Heracles    
1927/28 Z.A.C.     
1928/29 Go Ahead  
1929/30 Go Ahead 
1930/31 Go Ahead
1931/32 S.C. Enschede  
1932/33 Go Ahead      
1933/34 Heracles     
1934/35 Go Ahead    
1935/36 S.C. Enschede   
1936/37 Go Ahead       
1937/38 Heracles      
1938/39 N.E.C.       
1939/40 Heracles   
1940/41 Heracles   
1941/42 A.G.O.V.V.
1942/43 S.C. Enschede
1943/44 Heracles    
1944/45   no competition 
1945/46 N.E.C.     
1946/47 N.E.C.    
1947/48 Go Ahead 
1948/49 A.G.O.V.V. 
1949/50 Enschedese Boys

Top Champions (53 titles)

16 Go Ahead (Deventer)

 6 Heracles (Almelo)
 6 Vitesse (Arnhem)

 5 P.W. (Enschede)
 5 S.C. Enschede

 3 N.E.C. (Nijmegen)
 3 Victoria (Wageningen)
 2 A.G.O.V.V. (Apeldoorn)
 2 G.V.C. (Wageningen)

 1 Enschedese Boys
 1 Quick (Nijmegen)
 1 U.D. (Deventer)
 1 Wilhelmina (Den Bosch)
 1 Z.A.C. (Zwolle)

Notes and Trivia:

Most often present in the Eerste Klasse was Vitesse, in 40 of the 53 seasons. They are followed by Quick (39), Go Ahead (Deventer, 37), S.C. Enschede (33, never relegated), Heracles (28, never relegated), Tubantia (Hengelo) and U.D. (27), Wageningen (25, never relegated), A.G.O.V.V. and Enschedese Boys (22, A.G.O.V.V. never relegated), P.W. (21), and Z.A.C. (Zwolle, 20).

During the existence of the Eerste Klasse Oost, Wageningen was represented by 4 teams, Go Ahead, Victoria, G.V.C. (merger of the two previous ones), and Wageningen. Deventer (apart from the two mentioned, D.O.T.O.), Enschede (all mentioned above) and Zwolle (P.E.C., Z.A.C., and Zwolsche Boys) each had 3 different teams in the Eerste Klasse, Apeldoorn (A.G.O.V.V. and Robur Velocitas), Hengelo (Hengelo and Tubantia), and Nijmegen (N.E.C. and Quick) each had 2. All these towns had at least one season with a derby at the highest level.

Go Ahead won 8 consecutive titles. They were also the first team from "Oost" to win the national championship (1916/17), and won it 4 times in all (also 1921/22, 1929/30, 1932/33). Two other teams from Oost won the national championship: Heracles won 2 titles, in 1926/27 (their first participation in the playoff) and 1940/41, and S.C. Enschede won 1 (1925/26).

In the four seasons of redistributed eerste klasses before the introduction of professionalism, eight teams from Oost managed to retain their eerste klasse status throughout: A.G.O.V.V., Enschedese Boys, Go Ahead, N.E.C., S.C. Enschede, Vitesse, Wageningen and Zwolsche Boys. The town of Tiel enjoyed one season with 2 eerste klassers: apart from Theole, who had been there before 1950 as well, T.E.C. were promoted. The teams were placed into different divisions, however, so the derby was never played, and both teams were relegated at the end of the season (1951/52). The city of Enschede earned a 4th team to play at the highest level, Rigtersbleek.

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