East Timor 2011

Taça Digicel

NB: played at Estadio Municipal, Dili by 14 clubs selected from the 13 districts

Grupo A

Reported Final Table:

 1.AD Dili Leste  3  3  0  0  11- 0   9
 2.AD Viqueque    3  1  1  1   5- 3   4
 3.AD Aileu       3  1  1  1   4- 4   4
 4.AD Cova Lima   3  0  0  3   2-18   0
NB: total goal difference -3

Grupo B

Grupo C
  Dili Oeste 

Overall winners: AD Dili Leste

Team Colors - H(ome) and A(way) - sh(irt), s(gort)s, so(cks)

Aileu      – H: Light Blue sh, Black st, Black so
             A: All Light green
Ainaro     - H: All Light Blue 
             A: White sh, Green st, White so
Baucau     - H: White sh, Blue st, White so 
             A: All Red
Bobonero   - H: Blue sh, Red st, Green so
             A: Red sh, Black st, Red so
Cova Lima  - H: Green sh, Black st &so 
             A: All Blue
Dili Leste - H: Red sh, Black st, Yellow so 
             A: Black sh, White st, Black so
Dili Oeste - H: Light green sh & st, Black so
             A: White sh & st, Green so
Ermera     - H: Maroon sh, Black st & so 
             A: White sh, Red st, White so
Lautem     - H: All Green 
             A: All White
Liquica    – H: Red sh, White st, Blue so 
             A: White sh, Black st, White so
Manatuto   - H: Blue sh, Green st, Blue so 
             A: White sh, Green st & so
Manufahi   - H: Red sh, White st, Red so
             A: White sh, Black st & so
Oecusse    - H: All White
             A: All Black
Viqueque   - H: Maroon sh & st, Dark Yellow so 
             A: Green sh, Dark Blue st & so



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