East Timor 2014


Known participants:
Amor Oebau
DIT Kreo
Fitun Leo Sae (Oebaha)
Klibur Oe-cusse (Oetulu)
Sao Francisco (Mahata)
Sao Joao Batista
Sao Miguel A
Sao Miguel B
Sao Roque
Sicone FC

[Apr 23]
Sao Miguel A		6-1 Sao Roque
[Apr 24]
Fitun Leo Sae		5-4 Polobnoko
[Apr 25]
Klibur Oe-cusse		4-3 Sao Francisco
[Apr 26]
Eco			7-0 DIT Kreo
[Apr 27]
Sao Joao Batista	1-1 Sao Miguel A
[Apr 28]
Sicone FC		6-0 Sao Miguel B
[Apr 29]
Klibur Oe-cusse		5-2 Activista			[3-1 HT]
[May 1]
Amor Oebau		4-0 Eco				[match initially postponed due to flooded ground]
[May 2]
Zinter			9-0 DIT Kreo
NB: Matches played before knockout stages, perhaps for qualification.

Quarter Finals:
[May 12]
Amor Oebau		7-2 Polobnoko
[May 14]
Sao Miguel A		lt  Sao Francisco
[May 15]
Fitun Leo Sae		bt  Eco
[May 16]
Klibur Oe-cusse		bt  Sao Roque

Semi Finals:
[May 21]
Amor Oebau		bt  Sao Francisco
[May 22]
Klibur Oe-cusse		3-3 Fitun Leo Sae		[pen 4-5]

[on or before Jun 4]
Amor Oebau		2-4 Fitun Leo Sae



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