Celebes and Java Trip of Australia 1931

After the 1928 visit, an Australian side toured the Dutch East Indies for the second time 3 years later, playing 13 matches. The 6 matches in Soerabaja were part of the 30 year jubilee festivities of T.H.O.R., which had also invited Combined Services, a Singapore army side, to play 6 matches at the same occasion. This included one match in which the two touring sides met.

Matches in the Dutch East Indies

on Celebes

29- 8 Makassar          Celebes XI       0-2 Australia

on Java

 3- 9 Soerabaja         H.B.S.           2-1 Australia        [HT: 1-0]
 5- 9 Soerabaja         Tiong Hoa        0-4 Australia        [HT: 0-1]
 6- 9 Soerabaja         Comb. Services   2-4 Australia        [HT: 2-2]
10- 9 Batavia           Hercules         3-0 Australia        [HT: 1-0]
12- 9 Batavia           U.M.S.           1-3 Australia        [HT: 0-2]
13- 9 Batavia           V.B.O. XI        1-2 Australia        [HT: 1-2]
15- 9 Batavia           S.V.B.B.         0-4 Australia        [HT: 0-2]
17- 9 Bandoeng          B.V.B. XI        3-1 Australia        [HT: 2-0]
19- 9 Soerabaja         S.V.B. XI        1-1 Australia        [HT: 0-1]
20- 9 Soerabaja         Tiong Hoa        1-8 Australia        [HT: 0-3]
21- 9 Soerabaja         T.H.O.R.         2-6 Australia        [HT: 1-5]

on Celebes

24- 9 Makassar          M.V.B. XI        0-1 Australia        [HT: 0-0]

Total Record Australia:   13   9  1  3  37-16  19

Squad Australia

GK: W.Roach (South Australia)
    J.Harper (New South Wales)
DF: W.Oliver (Queensland)	
    C.Weir (Victoria)
    J.Harry Roe (South Australia)
MF: Charlie O'Connor (captain) (New South Wales)
    Robert "Bob" Telfer (South Australia)
    R.Buchanan (Queensland)	
    J.Martin (Queensland)	
    George Semple (Victoria)
    Frank McIvor (Victoria)
FW: Harry Muir (New South Wales)
    Gavin "Massa" Russell (New South Wales)
    R.James (Queensland)	
    Les Clark (Queensland)	
    J.Donaldson (Queensland)	
    P.Lewis (Victoria)
    Johnny Johnstone (Victoria)
    G.D.Hunter (South Australia)
Manager: E.S. Likeman

NB: Charlie O'Connor had earlier represented Natal in South Africa.
    O'Connor and Johnstone were also part of the Australia squad which toured Celebes and
    Java in 1928.

Match Details

29- 8 Celebes XI       0-2 Australia

A.F.A.: Roach; Roe, Weir; Semple, Telfer, O'Connor;
        Hunter, Johnstone, Russell, Lewis, Muir
Goals: Lewis 0-1, Lewis 0-2

 3- 9 H.B.S.           2-1 Australia

H.B.S.: Tremio; Gontha, E.de Raadt; Nawir, Van Ligten, Nooyen;
        Saleh, Voll, Knufman, Uktolseja, Van Haasen
A.F.A.: Harper; Oliver, Weir; Martin, Buchanan, O'Connor;
        Donaldson, Johnstone, Russell, Clark, James
Goals: Uktolseja 1-0, Johnstone 1-1, Uktolseja 2-1
Half-Time: 1-0
NB: at T.H.O.R.-veld

 5- 9 Tiong Hoa        0-4 Australia

Tiong Hoa: Hok Gie; Chin Hoat, N.N.; Hong Djien, Hian Bie, Boen Liem;
           Kway Singh, Hian Gwan, Sie Liong, Sie Lok, N.N.
A.F.A.: Harper; Weir, Oliver; Semple (Martin), Telfer, O'Connor;
        Donaldson, Johnstone (Russell), Lewis, McIvor, Muir
referee: Gobus
Goals: Johnstone 0-1, Lewis 0-2, McIvor 0-3, Russell 0-4
Half-Time: 0-1

 6- 9 Comb. Services   2-4 Australia

C.S.: Ellis; Wallace, Bryant; Galley, Middleton, Shaddick;
      Lt. Bryan, Bennett, Woodward, Raybould, Perry
A.F.A.: Roach; Weir, Oliver; Buchanan, Telfer, O'Connor;
        Donaldson, Lewis, Clark, McIvor, James
referee: Foltynski
Goals: Lewis 0-1, Raybould 1-1, Donaldson 1-2, Woodward 2-2,
       Lewis 2-3, Clark 2-4
Half-Time: 2-2
NB: winners given a cup offered by British American Tobacco Company 

10- 9 Hercules         3-0 Australia

Hercules: Pipper jr.; Brugman, Scholte; Gaston, Davies, Hoekstra;
          Zomers, Van Lingen, Pipper sr., Soemo, Moedjitaba
A.F.A.: Harper; Weir, Oliver; Martin, Telfer, O'Connor;
        Donaldson, Lewis, Clark, McIvor, Muir
referee: Sommer
Goals: 6' Soemo 1-0, Soemo 2-0, Soemo 3-0
Half-Time: 1-0
NB: at Deca-Park

12- 9 U.M.S.           1-3 Australia

U.M.S.: Kioe Sen; Kim Hok, Giok Seng; Sing Tjoe, Kang Ho, Tjiap Hie;
        Jin Tjiang, Kek Bo, Cheng Kee, Yu Siang, Hok Siang
A.F.A.: Roach; Oliver, Weir; Semple, Buchanan, O'Connor;
        Hunter, Lewis, Russell, Johnstone, Muir
referee: H.Prins
Goals: Russell 0-1, Russell 0-2, Muir 0-3, Cheng Kee 1-3
Half-Time: 0-2

13- 9 V.B.O. XI        1-2 Australia

V.B.O.: Becker; Davies, E.Meeng, Lasso, Van Donk, Malaihollo;
        Jansen, Soemo, Abidin, Rehatta, Kek Bo
A.F.A.: Roach; Oliver, Weir; Semple, Buchanan, O'Connor;
        Donaldson, Lewis, Clark, Johnstone, Muir
referee: M.Prins
Goals: 17' Clark 0-1, 23' Soemo 1-1, 24' E.Meeng (og) 1-2
Half-Time: 1-2

15- 9 S.V.B.B.         0-4 Australia

S.V.B.B.: Becker; Mols, Bax; Lippelt, Soekarso, Lasso;
          Hoedoro, Djamhar, Darma, Soleiman, Onong
A.F.A.: Roach; Weir, Oliver; Telfer, Buchanan, O'Connor;
        Donaldson, Martin, Clark, Semple, Muir
referee: Hagenaar
Goals: Weir (pen) 0-1, Muir 0-2, Martin 0-3, Martin 0-4
Half-Time: 0-2
NB: at Hercules-veld

17- 9 B.V.B. XI        3-1 Australia

B.V.B.: De Wolff; Soekiman, De Boer; Simons, Amrein, Caumans;
        Lontoh, Laktoero, Goyers, Prins, Vogler
A.F.A.: Harper; Weir, Oliver; Telfer, Buchanan, O'Connor;
        Hunter, Martin, McIvor, Semple, Muir
referee: De Wilde
Goals: Laktoero 1-0, Prins 2-0, Goyers 3-0, N.N. 3-1
Half-Time: 2-0

19- 9 S.V.B. XI        1-1 Australia

S.V.B.: Hok Gie; Sampoa, Gontha; Nooyen, Piet Keasberry, Pang Keasberry;
        Voll, Uktolseja, Bakhuys, Tetalepta, Saleh
A.F.A.: Roach; Oliver, Weir; Semple, Telfer, O'Connor;
        Donaldson, Johnstone, Lewis, James, Muir
referee: Gobus
Goals: 20' Lewis 0-1, Bakhuys 1-1
Half-Time: 0-1

20- 9 Tiong Hoa        1-8 Australia

Tiong Hoa: Boen Bing; Chin Hoat, King Tjo; Hong Djien (Tjhoen Swie), Hian Bie,
           Boen Liem; Swie Tong, Hian Gwan, Sie Liong, Sie Lok, King Han
A.F.A.: Roach; Oliver, Weir; Semple, Buchanan, O'Connor;
        Donaldson, Lewis, Roe (Clark), Russell (James), Muir
Goals: Lewis (pen) 0-1, Roe 0-2, Lewis 0-3, James 0-4, Lewis 0-5, James 0-6,
       King Han 1-6, N.N. 1-7, Clark 1-8
referee: Harten
Half-Time: 0-3
NB: originally a Java Chinese XI was supposed to play Australia on this day, but they
    were replaced by Soerabaja Chinese club side Tiong Hoa wishing to revenge their 0-4
    loss two weeks earlier

21- 9 T.H.O.R.         2-6 Australia

T.H.O.R.: Huisingh; Bach Kolling, Van Emmerik; Vaes, Piet Keasberry, Esser;
          Feuerberg, Pang Keasberry, Bakhuys, Meyers, Cortenbach
A.F.A.: Harper; Oliver, Weir; N.N., N.N., O'Connor;
        Donaldson, Lewis, Clark, James, Muir
referee: Fruneaux
Goals: Muir 0-1, James 0-2, Bakhuys 1-2, Lewis 1-3, James 1-4, N.N. 1-5,
       Feuerberg 2-5, Muir 2-6
Half-Time: 1-5

29- 8 M.V.B. XI        0-1 Australia

M.V.B.: Claassen; Liem Siang Kiat, Lie Siong Liem; Benjamins, Tan Seng Tjang,
        Sa Elan; Tok Leang, Koemeniet, D.Banse, Giok Sien, Joesoef
A.F.A.: Harper; Oliver, Weir; O'Connor, Buchanan, Telfer;
        Muir, James, Roe, Lewis, Donaldson
Goals: N.N. 0-1
Half-Time: 0-0

Australia visit 1928

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