Copa del Pacífico (Guayaquil)


The Copa del Pacífico is a traditional international friendly club tournament held in the city of Guayaquil, also called "La perla del Pacífico" ("The pearl of the Pacific"), for which reason the tournament is nicknamed "El torneo en la Perla".

The tournament, played in the Estadio George Capwell, became a tradition in the 1940s and 1950s, when some of the best clubs from Ecuador, Chile, Peru and Colombia entered.

The first edition was held in 1949, between May 4 and June 8, and the prize at stake was the Copa Presidente de la República; Galo Plaza Lasso took the first kick-off of the tournament. It was played by 5 clubs meeting each other twice, and resulted in a three-way tie for first place.

During the following years in the 1950s, the tournament obtained great renown, but later it ceased to be organised before resurrected in the 1990 for a few years and again between 2008 and 2010.

In 2016 a tournament with the same name consisted of two matches, one in Guayaquil and one in Lima.


Ed. Year Winners                Runners-Up
 1  1949   3-way tie (Magallanes, Emelec and Barcelona)
    1992 Millonarios        2-2 Emelec             [4-3 pen]
    1993 Emelec             2-0 Barcelona
    2008 LDU de Quito       2-2 Emelec             [5-3 pen]
    2009 D.I. Medellín      2-0 Emelec
    2010 Emelec             2-1 D.I. Medellín

NB: information on many editions not available


NB: all matches in Stadium George Capwell


Barcelona (Ecuador)
Emelec (Ecuador)
Aucas (Ecuador)
Magallanes (Chile)
Alianza Lima (Perú)

[May 4]
Emelec        	2-5 Magallanes 
[May 7]
Alianza Lima  	2-2 Magallanes
[May 11]
Barcelona     	3-3 Emelec   
Aucas         	3-1 Magallanes
[May 14]
Barcelona     	1-5 Magallanes  
Aucas         	2-4 Alianza Lima  
[May 18]
Barcelona     	2-1 Aucas 
Emelec        	2-1 Magallanes 
[May 21]
Aucas         	1-4 Magallanes
Barcelona     	2-1 Alianza Lima 
[May 25]
Barcelona     	1-8 Magallanes
Emelec        	2-1 Alianza Lima  
[May 28]
Emelec        	4-4 Aucas 
Alianza Lima  	2-2 Magallanes
[Jun 1]
Emelec        	1-1 Barcelona
Aucas         	2-6 Alianza Lima 
[Jun 4]
Emelec        	5-1 Aucas
Barcelona     	3-2 Alianza Lima
[Jun 7]
Emelec        	3-3 Alianza Lima 
Barcelona     	2-1 Aucas      

Final Table:

 1.Magallanes     8  4  2  2  28-14  10
   Emelec	  8  3  4  1  22-19  10
   Barcelona      8  4  2  2  15-22  10
 4.Alianza Lima   8  2  3  3  21-18   9
 5.Aucas          8  1  1  6  15-28   3

The three clubs tied for first place obtained the following trophies:
   Magallanes: Copa Presidente de la República
   Emelec:     Copa Municipio de Guayaquil 
   Barcelona:  Trofeo Orange Crush

13 Hugo Mena (Emelec)
 8 Garretón  (Alianza Lima)
 7 Méndez    (Magallanes)

Best player: Hugo Mena (Emelec)


NB: all matches in Stadium George Capwell


Emelec (Ecuador)|
Millonarios (Colombia)
Sporting Cristal (Perú)
Universidad de Chile (Chile)

[Feb 13]
Millonarios   	1-0 Sporting Cristal
[Feb 14]
Emelec        	2-0 Univ. de Chile

Third Place Match [Feb 16] 
Univ. de Chile	1-1 Sporting Cristal

Final [Feb 16]
Emelec        	2-2 Millonarios             [3-4 pen]


NB: all matches in Stadium George Capwell


Emelec (Ecuador)
Barcelona (Ecuador)
Millonarios (Colombia)
Cobreloa (Chile)

Semifinals [Feb 07]
Emelec        	1-0 Millonarios
Barcelona     	2-1 Cobreloa

Third Place Match [Feb 10] 
Cobreloa      	5-1 Millonarios
Final [Feb 10]
Barcelona     	0-2 Emelec


NB: all matches in Stadium George Capwell


Emelec (Ecuador)
LDU de Quito (Ecuador)
Once Caldas (Colombia)
Sporting Cristal (Perú)

Semifinals [Jan 27]
LDU de Quito  	3-2 Once Caldas
Emelec        	0-0 Sporting Cristal        [5-3 pen]

Third Place Match [Jan 30] 
Once Caldas   	1-0 Sporting Cristal

Final [Jan 30]
Emelec        	2-2 LDU de Quito            [3-5 pen]


NB: all matches in Stadium George Capwell


Emelec (Ecuador)
Deportivo Quito (Ecuador)
D.I. Medellín (Colombia)
Universidad San Martín (Perú)

Semifinals [Jan 18]
Deportivo Quito 0-1 D.I. Medellín
Emelec        	1-1 Universidad San Martín  [3-2 pen]

Third Place Match [Jan 21]
Deportivo Quito 3-3 Universidad San Martín  [6-5 pen]

Final [Jan 30]
Emelec        	0-2 D.I. Medellín


NB: all matches in Stadium George Capwell


Emelec (Ecuador)
Barcelona (Ecuador)
D.I. Medellín (Colombia)
Racing de Montevideo (Uruguay)

Semifinals [Jan 19]
D.I. Medellín   2-2 Barcelona               [4-2 pen]
Emelec        	0-0 Racing Montevideo       [4-2 pen]

Third Place Match [Jan 21]
Barcelona       2-0 Racing Montevideo

Final [Jan 21]
Emelec          2-1 D.I. Medellín

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