Peru 2nd Division Champions (Lima)


The second level in Peruvian football consists of the Copa Perú (nowadays only for teams outside of Lima) and the Segunda Profesional, a league open only to teams from Lima and nearby cities. Since 2006, teams from all over the country have progressively gained access to this tournament.

From 1988 to 1990, the winner was promoted to the "Regional Metropolitano" section of the First Division. In 1991 no promotion took place due to the reorganization of the First Division. In 1992 the winner of the Segunda Profesional played off against three other clubs for two promotion places. From 1993 until 1997 the winner was promoted directly to the First Division. From 1998 to 2001 the winner played-off against the one but last team of the First Division (no win in these playoffs, therefore no Segunda Dvision champion was promoted). In 2002, the winner was promoted to First Division. In 2004 and 2005 the winner did not gain direct promotion, but along with the runner-up, they entered the Copa Perú (etapa Nacional). In 2006, again the winner got direct promotion, and in 2008 the winner and runner-up got promotion.

Regional Champions Lima Second Level

1936   Telmo Carbajo
1937-38  no tournament
1939   Alianza Lima
1940   Telmo Carbajo
1941-42  no tournament
1943   Telmo Carbajo
1944   Ciclista Lima
1945   Santiago Barranco
1946   Ciclista Lima
1947   Jorge Chávez
1948   Centro Iqueńo
1949   Ciclista Lima and Jorge Chávez
1950   Unión Callao
1951   Asociación Chorrillos
1952   Unión Callao
1953   Carlos Concha
1954   Unión Callao
1955   Carlos Concha
1956   Porvenir Miraflores
1957   Mariscal Castilla
1958   Unión América
1959   Mariscal Sucre
1960   Defensor Lima
1961   KDT Nacional
1962   Mariscal Sucre
1963   Carlos Concha
1964   Defensor Arica
1965   Mariscal Sucre
1966   Porvenir Miraflores
1967   KDT Nacional
1968   Deportivo Municipal
1969   Deportivo SIMA
1970   ADO (Atlético Deportivo Olimpico)
1971   Deportivo SIMA
1972   Atlético Chalaco
1973-82  no tournament

Regional Champions Región IX

1973   Unión Huaral
1974     no tournament
1975   CPT (Compañia de Telefonos)
1976-79   no tournament
1980   Gonzáles Prada
1981   Juventud La Palma
1982   Gonzáles Prada
1983   Barcelona
1984   Colegio San Agustín    [Intermedia A Metropolitano]
1985   Guardia Republicana    [Intermedia]

Segunda División Champions

1983   Gonzáles Prada         [experimental]
1984   Gonzáles Prada
1985   Alcides Vigo Hurtado
1986   Deportivo AELU and Internazionale Cantolao
1987   Deportivo AELU and Guardia Republicana

Segunda Profesional Champions

1988   Defensor Lima
1989   Sport Boys
1990   Hijos de Yurimaguas
1991   Enrique Lau Chun
1992   Unión Huaral
1993   Ciclista Lima
1994   Unión Huaral
1995   Guardia Republicana
1996   Alcides Vigo
1997   Lawn Tennis
1998   Hijos de Yurimaguas
1999   América Cochahuayco 
2000   Aviación FAP
2001   Alcides Vigo
2002   Unión Huaral
2003   Sport Coopsol
2004   Olímpico Somos Perú     
2005   Olímpico Somos Perú     
2006   Deportivo Municipal (Lima)
2007   Universidad César Vallejo (Trujillo) 
2008   Total Clean (Arequipa)
2009   Sport Boys (Callao)
2010   Cobresol FC (Moquegua) 
2011   Jose Galvez FBC (Chimbote)
2012   Pacífico FC (Lima)
2013   Los Caimanes de Puerto Eten (Chiclayo) 
2014   Deportivo Municipal (Lima)
2015   Comerciantes Unidos (Cutervo) 
2016   Académia Cantolao (Callao)   
2017   Sport Boys (Callao)
2018   Universidad César Vallejo (Trujillo) 
2019   Cienciano (Cusco) 
2020   Alianza Atlético (Sullana)
2021   Atlético Grau (Piura)    

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