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Trivia section.

List of known discrepancies.

These pages were prepared using ISO 8859-1 encoding.
The country abbreviation codes used in this archive coincide with the official FIFA list.

I have prepared the full documentation of the Copa America since 1916. In 1975 the tournament changed it's denomination from Southamerican Championship to Copa América. The extra tournaments (1916, 1935, 1941, 1945, 1946, 1956 and 1959 (2nd)) were organised by the CSF (Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol) but the trophy was not given to the champion. However, this tournaments are considered as official as any other Copa América.

During my work in the archive I received the assistance of: Marcelo Assaf, Jörg-Peter Bartling, Jean-Michel Cazal, Frank Ballesteros, Ricardo Castellanos, Luciano Da Silva, Fernando Espinoza, Francisco Fernández, Jesús García Regalaldo, Ricardo Gorosito, Stefano Greco, Velimir Imbri, Diego Jolodovsky, Thomas Kuhndt, Juan Majersky, Eduardo Mendoza Barradas, Carlos Molinari, Alfonso Mosquera, Hans Müller, Alex Narkevich, André Do Nascimento Pereira, Gwidon Naskrent, Héctor Pelayes, José Luis Pierrend, Luis Prats, Eli Schmerler, Héctor Sicco, Ivan Soter, Barry Spencer, Karel Stokkermans, Alejandro Taglienti, Luc Vandenberghe, Hyung-Jin Yoon, Lee Wakefield and RSSSF Brazil.

As a source I used the "Copa América 1916-1997 CD" published by EL PAIS newspaper ( in 1999. This was checked against El Gráfico magazine and the "Copa América 1910-1995" (from the Encyklopedia Pilkarska).
Other sources were:
* "Historia del Fútbol Ecuatoriano y su Selección Nacional", by Mauro Velásquez (Ecuador)
* "Paraguay: un siglo de fútbol", by Miguel Angel Bestard (Paraguay)
* "La Crónica Celeste", by Luis Prats (Uruguay)
* "Venezuela y sus Selecciones de Fútbol 1964-1999", by Jesús García Regalado (Venezuela)

I cannot assure that the data is 100% correct; if you find discrepancies or missing details, send me an e-mail.

The data format is as follows:

(date) (city, stadium)


(attendance) (referee)

(line-ups with substitutions)



(additional notes)

Some explanatory remarks:

Date: in dd/mm/yy format, year is two digits (this will not create problems until 2017).

City, Stadium name: in local language.

Result: teams, result [half time score with additional data on extra-time (ie. the first result in parentheses is the one after 45 min, the second after 90 min, the third after 105 min)]. Also the result of penalty shootouts if one occurred.

Attendance: in many cases approximate. Various sources make different guesses, and reliable data just isn't available sometimes. Attendance has more than often been calculated on the basis of tickets sold, not by counting spectators.

Referee: main referee, linesmen since 1995.

Line ups: lines separated by dashes (goal keeper - defenders - midfielders - forwards)..

Goals: some sources may report the scorers differently, especially with respect to own goals. Minutes are +/- 1 due to the way some sources count them (i.e. whether the first minute is considered to start at kick-off (as is logical) or after 60 seconds).
The letters after minutes mean: p - penalty kick goal, f - free kick goal, h - header goal, o - own goal, c - corner goal. Penalties which were missed are also noted (missed (out), saved, crossbar).

Sending offs: list of names from both teams, separated by a / (slash).

Additional notes: info on extraordinary occurrences like a serious match delay (URU-MEX 1995), match suspended and some other trivia. Until 1979 the placement in tables was determined solely on the base of points, goal difference was disregarded. This led to playoff matches to determine the champion in the 1919, 1922, 1937, 1949, 1953 and 1975 editions.

I've also included a list of all scorers in a given tournament, ordered alphabetically by country codes and then by player names. Own goals are listed separately. Below that you can find the list of referees ordered alphabetically by country codes and then by referees names, and finally the rosters ordered either by number or alphabetically by players names.

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