(West) Samoa 2005

National League

Participants (10):

Tuanaimoto Breeze  
Lupe ole Soaga 
Gold Star Sogi
AST Central United    
Moa Moa    
OSM Sinamoga 

NB: it is unclear what happened to 2004 champions Strickland Brothers Lepea;
    they appear at the 2nd level, possibly by voluntary relegation to make
    place for Tuanaimoto Breeze, possibly because of a name change

Round 1 [Apr 23]

Round 2 [Apr 30]
Moataa           1-5 Fa'atoia
Tuanaimoto Br.   0-1 Vaivase-tai
Lupe ole Soaga   0-1 Kiwi
AST Central      5-3 Sinamoga
Sogi             3-0 Moamoa

Round 3 [May 7]
Vaivase-tai      3-1 Sinamoga
Sogi             0-0 Kiwi
AST Central U.   5-1 Moamoa
Lupe ole Soaga   2-2 Fa'atoia
Moataa            -  Tuanaimoto Breeze

Round 4 [May 14]
Fa'atoia         2-0 Sogi
Vaivase-tai      awd Moataa             [Moataa dns]
AST Central U.   2-1 Kiwi
Sinamoga         2-2 Moamoa
Lupe ole Soaga    -  Tuanaimoto Breeze

NB: Vaivase-tai are leading and the only unbeaten team;
    Sogi were sharing first place with them after round 3;
    Moataa are last, having won no match;
    Sinamoga and Moamoa lost first three games before their
    draw in round 4

Round 8 [Jun 18,19]
Vaivase-tai      3-1 Sogi
Moataa           0-3 Sinamoga
AST Central U.   2-1 Lupe ole Soaga
Moamoa           0-1 Tuanaimato Breeze
Faatoia          4-3 Kiwi  
Round 9 [Jun 25]
Faatoia U.       2-0 Vaivase-tai
AST Central U.   1-0 Sogi
Kiwi             1-0 Tunaimato Breeze
Lupe ole Soaga   2-0 Sinamoga
Moataa           bt  Moamoa           [by default]


 1.AST Central United           21
 2.Vaivase-tai                  20
 3.Faatoia United               16
 4.Gold Star Sogi               16
10.Moataa                        3
Round 12? [Jul 16?]
AST Central U.   4-0 Moamoa
Vaivase-tai      2-1 Sinamoga
Lupe ole Soaga   1-0 Faatoia U.
Kiwi             0-0 Sogi
Moamoa            -  Tunaimato Breeze               

Round 13? [Jul 23]
Sogi             3-0 Faatoia
Moataa           0-3 Vaivase-tai
Moamoa           0-0 Sinamoga
AST Central U.   0-0 Kiwi
Lupe ole Soaga    -  Tunaimato Breeze

Champions: Tuanaimoto Breeze

National Cup 2005

Round 1 [Apr 18]
Adidas         1-3 Kiwi
Mynas Aele    0-14 AST Central Utd
Vaitoloa       1-2 OSM Sinamoga
Cruz Azul [*]  2-2 Gold Star Sogi   [Cruz Azul on pen]
Faatoia        5-0 Apia Youth
USP            2-3 Konica
Moamoa         w/o Moataa
Lupe ole Soaga w/o Vaivase-tai (?!)
EFKS Sinamoga  w/o Lotopa
[*] team name also listed as Gruz Azull

Round 2 [May 27]
Konica         3-0 OSM Sinamoga
AST Central U. 0-0 Vaivase-tai      [2-1 pen]
Cruz Azul      1-1 Kiwi             [4-3 pen]
Faatoia        3-1 Moamoa 
Lupe ole Soaga 4-1 EFKS Sinamoga 

Intermediate Round [Jun 24]
Konica         2-2 Cruz Azul        [no penalty shoot-out due to darkness]

Replay [Jul 16]
Konica         1-0 Cruz Azul
Lupe o le Soaga
AST Central United 

Grand Final [Sep 24]

Second Level 2005

[Jun 25]
Strickland Brothers 6-1 Mynas Aele
Konica              3-2 USP
Maagao              3-2 Vaitoloa
Apia Youth          1-1 Lotopa

NB: relationship between Strickland Brothers currently playing
    at 2nd level and 2004 champions of the same name not clear



list of champions

list of cup winners

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