Spain - List of Champions of North Africa

The "Federación de Futbol Hispano-Marroquí" was founded in 1931 by clubs from the towns of Ceuta and Melilla, the Spanish Protectorate of Morocco (extended over the northern half of the current Morocco), and the neutral place of Tanger, and organized the "Campeonato Hispano-Marroquí", later called "Campeonato Norte de Africa".

It was also a qualifying phase of the Spanish Cup, in spite of being one of the championships with a relatively low level.

See also the list of cup winners.


Year           Champions                   Runners-Up
1929-30        Villajovita FC
1931-32        Cultura Sport Ceutí         Ceuta FC
1932-33        Africa Sport Club           Unión Santa Bárbara-Europa
1933-34        Ceuta Sport                 Africa Sport Club
1934-35        Ceuta Sport                 Africa Sport Club
1935-36        Athletic Club de Tetuán     Español FC
1936-37          not played due to Spanish Civil War
1937-38          not played due to Spanish Civil War
1938-39        Ceuta Sport
1939-40        Ceuta Sport                 Escuela Hispano Árabe
1940-41        Ceuta Sport
1941-42          not played [*]      
1942-43        Atlético Tetuán
1943-44        Unión Deportivo Melilla
1944-45        Patronato Dep. Larache
1945-46          not played
1946-47        Juventud Tetuán
1947-48        Unión Deportiva España de Tánger
1948-49        Club Maghreb Aksa de Tánger
1949-50        Español de Tetuán
1950-51          not decided (western group: Unión Tangerina; eastern group: Villa Nador)
1951-52        Unión Deportivo Sevillana de Tánger
1952-53        Larache CF
1953-54        CD Pescadores de Villa Sanjurja
1954-55        SD Ceuta
1955-56        SD Ceuta
1956-68          not known
1968-69        SD Unión Africa Ceutí
[*] one source lists Moghreb Tetuán as champions but Moghreb Tétouan were created in
    1956 as a split-off of Atlético Tetuán

Number of wins

 7 SD Ceuta (includes Ceuta Sport)
 2 Atlético Tetuán (includes Athletic Club de Tetuán)

 1 Africa Sport Club
   Cultura Sport Ceutí
   UD España de Tánger
   Español de Tetuán
   Juventud Tetuán
   Larache CF
   Club Maghreb Aksa de Tánger 
   UD Melilla
   Patronato Dep. Larache
   CD Pescadores de Villa Sanjurja
   UD Sevillana de Tánger
   SD Unión Africa Ceutí
   Villajovita FC

Notes and name changes

1) Cultura Sport Ceutí and Ceuta FC merged into Ceuta Sport in 1932.
2) Ceuta Sport changed its name to SD Ceuta in 1941.
3) Tetuán is currently the town of Tétouan in Morocco.
4) In 1956 the Spanish Protectorate of Morocco joined the French Protectorate 
   in the new independent Kingdom of Morocco.  In order to retain Atlético's 
   place in the Spanish Second Division, Atlético Tetuán and SD Ceuta officially
   merged in the new club Atlético Ceuta, and established in Ceuta. On the 
   structures in Tetuan, a new club was formed, called Moghreb Tétouan. 

Melilla Champions 1999-2020

Year           Champions              
1999-00        UD Melilla "B"
2000-01        UD Melilla "B"
2001-02        CF Rusadir
2002-03        UD Constitución
2003-04        CF Rusadir
2004-05        CD Basto
2005-06        Peña Barcelonista
2006-07        Peña Real Madrid
2007-08        Casino de Real CF
2008-09        FC RD Balompédica Melilla
2009-10        Casino de Real CF
2010-11        Peña Real Madrid
2011-12        UD Melilla "B"
2012-13        Cabrerizas CF
2013-14        Atlético Melilla            [or Peña Barcelonista?]
2014-15        River Melilla CF
2015-16        Melistar FS
2016-17        CD Melistar
2017-18        River Melilla CF
2018-19        Melilla CD
2019-20        UB Melilla "B"              [or CF Rusadir?] 
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