Spain - Cup 1903

This tournament was played in Madrid for the trophy "Copa del Rey" or "Copa Alfonso XIII". under the name "Concurso Madrid".

Participating Clubs:
Madrid FC
Club Espanyol de Football de Barcelona
Athletic de Bilbao


[Apr  6]
Club Españyol           1-4     Madrid FC

[Apr  7]
Athletic de Bilbao      4-0     Club Espanyol de Football de Barcelona

Final [Apr 8]
Estadio del Hipódromo, Madrid
Athletic de Bilbao      3-2     Madrid FC
  [half-time: 0-2]
  [Sota, Montejo, Caceaux - Valdeterrazo, Neyra]
  [Ref: Lerso]
Athletic: A. Acha, L. Silva, A. Arana, Goiri, Cockran, Ansoleaga, Sota,
          Montejo, Astorquia, Caceaux, Evanx
Madrid: Johnson, Molera, M. Giralt, A. Giralt, J. Giralt, Normand, Parages,
        Valdeterrazo, Neyra, Revuelto, Vallarino

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