Spain - Cup 1904

This tournament was played in Madrid for the trophy "Copa del Rey" or "Copa Alfonso XIII". It was not finished.

Participating Clubs:
Club Espanyol de Football de Barcelona (1)
Club Español de Madrid
Athletic de Bilbao
Madrid - Moderno (2)

(1) Club Espanyol de Football de Barcelona did not play the tournament out 
    of disagreement with the modus.
(2) The name of Madrid FC in this tournament, because of a merger with Moderno.

Accepted as participants later:

Moncloa FC de Madrid
Iberia de Madrid


[date and final score unknown]
Moncloa FC de Madrid    bt      Iberia de Madrid

[Mar 19]
Madrid - Moderno        5-5     Club Español de Madrid  [a]
[a] The captains of both teams opposed extra time.  Club Español desired
    to replay the next day, but Madrid-Moderno did not agree with this for
    being too soon and against the tournaments regulations; it seems the
    organisers gave guarantees to Madrid-Moderno that no replay would take
    place on Mar 20, but Club Español appeared that day and were declared
    winners as Madrid-Moderno did not show.

[Mar 27]
Club Español de Madrid  1-0     Moncloa FC de Madrid    [b]
[b] This match was abandoned after a serious injury of Hermúa, defender
    of Club Español.  The winner of this match were supposed to play
    Athletic de Bilbao in the final.

Final [Mar 26]
Tiro de Pichón, Madrid
Athletic de Bilbao      w/o     [c]

[c] No opponent appeared on the originally scheduled date of March 26, and
    Athletic de Bilbao were proclaimed winners of the tournament.  It appears
    that due to the difficulties in the preliminary rounds between the teams
    from Madrid, the local federation, the Federación Madrileña fixed the
    date of the final on March 30, on which date Club Español de Madrid were
    the only team present on the field, and were proclaimed winners by the
    president of the Federación Madrileña, who happened to be president of
    Club Español de Madrid as well.  The other clubs from Madrid did not agree
    with the procedure and considered Athletic de Bilbao as winners.

Overview of Finals



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