Spain - Cup 1920

Played by 7 Regional champions:

Champions of Catalonia: FC Barcelona
Champions of Centro: Madrid FC
Champions of Guipúzcoa: Real Unión de Irún
Champions of Vizcaya: Athletic de Bilbao
Champions of Galicia: Real Vigo Sporting
Champions of Asturias: Real Sporting de Gijón
Champions of Andalucía: Sevilla FC

The championship of Levante was not finished this season.

NB: Sevilla FC did not appear to play its qualifying matches against
    FC Barcelona after their proposal to play both matches in Madrid
    was not followed.



First Legs
[date unknown]
Madrid FC               1-1     Athletic de Bilbao
Sporting de Gijón       0-0     Sporting de Vigo  

Second Legs
[date unknown]
Athletic de Bilbao      4-1     Madrid FC 
Sporting de Vigo        4-1     Sporting de Gijón 

NB: FC Barcelona and Real Unión de Irún byes


First Legs
[date unknown]
Athletic de Bilbao      2-1     Sporting de Vigo
[Mar 28]
Real Unión de Irún      0-1     FC Barcelona

Second Legs
[date unknown]
Sporting de Vigo        0-1     Athletic de Bilbao
[Apr 4]
FC Barcelona            4-4     Real Unión de Irún

Final [May 2]
Estadio de El Molinón, Gijón
FC Barcelona            2-0     Athletic de Bilbao
  [Martínez, Alcántara]
  [ref: Beltrán de Lis]
Barcelona: Zamora, Coma, Galicia, Torralba, Sancho, Samitier, Viñals,
           Sesúmaga, Martínez, Alcántara, Plaza
Athletic: Amann, Acedo, Hurtado, Sabino, R. Belauste, Eguiluz, Serra,
          Pichichi, J. M. Belauste, Laca, Echevarría

Overview of Finals



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