Syria Cup 1973

Syrian Cup 1973

NB: tournament started May 18, 1973

Preliminary Round
Ommal (Hasaka)        2-0 Al-Foutoua (Deir ez-Zor)
Ommal (Hama)          5-0 Al-Ommayya            
Al-Majd (Damascus)    3-2 Ommal (Damascus)      [aet]
Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)   5-0 Al-Oruba              
Ommal (Aleppo)        3-2 Al-Yarmouk (Aleppo)   
Al-Qadisiya (Latakia) 2-2 Al-Nahda              [4-3 pen]
Hottin (Latakia)      1-0 Al-Wathba             
Al-Wahda (Damascus)   2-1 Al-Nidal              

Al-Wahda (Damascus)   4-1 Al-Thawra             
Al-Arabi              1-0 Al-Shouleh            
Ommal (Hasaka)        1-0 Ommal (Hama)          
Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)   3-0 Al-Jalaa              
Al-Majd (Damascus)    1-0 Ommal (Aleppo)        
Al-Qadisiya (Latakia) 2-1 Hottin (Latakia)      [aet]

Intermediate Round 1
Al-Wahda (Damascus)   1-0 Al-Majd (Damascus)    

Intermediate Round 2
Al-Arabi              1-0 Al-Wahda (Damascus)   [aet]

Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)   0-0 Ommal (Hasaka)        [Ittihad on pen]
Al-Qadisiya (Latakia) 4-1 Al-Arabi              

Final [Jun 11]
Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)   1-0 Al-Qadisiya (Latakia) 
  [Mahmoud Sultan]


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