Tibet - GCMGC Gold Cup Winners

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Gyalyum Chenmo Memorial Gold Cup

This is the only prestigious football tournament held in the 
Tibetan exile community in India, initiated in 1981.

1981    TCV School (Dharamshala)
1982    EST. 22                                                                                                  [10 participating teams]
1983    TCV School (Dharamshala)
1984    EST. 22
1985      not played 
1986    Regional Tibetan Youth Congress (RTYC)
1987      not played 
1988    Tibetan United Team
1989    Tibetan United Team
1990-96   not played 
1997    Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA)
1998      not played 
1999    Dhondupling FC (Clement Town)
2000-02   not played 
2003    Pokhara FC                           bt  Dharamshala FC                                                  [ 8 participating teams]   
2004    Kathmandu FC                         2-2 EST 22                               [aet, 3-0 pen]             [ 9 participating teams] 
2005    Dhondupling FC (Clement Town)        6-0 Bir United                                                      [18 participating teams] 
2006      not played  
2007    Bylakuppe FC                         3-2 Delhi United                                                    [14 participating teams] 
2008    Dhondupling FC (Clement Town)        2-1 Bylakuppe FC                                                    [11 participating teams] 
2009    Mundgod Potala FC                    4-3 TSAM FC 
2010    Dhondupling FC (Clement Town)        drw Doegoling FC (Mungod)                [aet, Dhondupling on pen]  [18 participating teams] 
2011    Gholladhalla FC (Bylakuppe)          0-0 Dhondupling FC (Clement Town)        [aet, 1-0 pen]   
2012    Phuntsokling FC                      1-1 Tashi Phalkhiel SC (Pokhara)         [aet, 4-2 pen]        
2013    Dhondupling FC (Clement Town)        1-0 Goa Tibetan Club
2014    Tashiling Pokhara                    2-0 Dhondupling FC (Clement Town)
2015    Mundgod Potala FC                    2-1 Tashiling Pokhara   
2016    Tibetan Dickyi Larsoe FC (Bylakuppe) 1-1 Dhondupling FC (Clement Town)        [aet, 4-1 pen]
2017    Himalayan FC (Darjeeling)            2-0 Dhondupling FC (Clement Town)  
2018    DYSA Mungod FC                       2-0 Gangtok FC
2019    DYSA Mundgod FC                      1-1 Dhondupling FC (Clement Town)        [aet, 4-2 pen] 
2020      not played 
2021    Shimla United FC                     3-2 TCB Bir United  
2022    Dhondupling FC (Clement Town)        awd Shimla United FC                     [Shimla walked off at 2-0]
2023    Dhasa United                         2-1 Dhondupling FC (Clement Town)        [aet]

Number of Wins (28)

 6   Dhondupling FC (Clement Town)

 4   DYSA Mungod FC [aka Mundgod Potala FC]

 2   EST. 22
     TCV School
     Tibetan United Team

 1   Bylakuppe FC
     Dhasa United      
     Gholladhalla FC (Bylakuppe)
     Himalayan FC (Darjeeling) 
     Kathmandu FC
     Phuntsokling FC 
     Pokhara FC
     Regional Tibetan Youth Congress (RTYC)
     Shimla United FC     
     Tashiling Pokhara 
     Tibetan Dickyi Larsoe FC (Bylakuppe)
     Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA)

See also the Tibet - Miscellaneous Information.

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