United Arab Emirates - List of Women Champions

National League

2005       Abu Dhabi Sports Club (ADSC)
2014/15    Abu Dhabi Country Club
2015/16    Abu Dhabi Country Club
2016/17      unknown
2017/18      unknown

Dubai Women Football League

NB: matches 2x25 minutes; 7-a-side; S=Spring season, W=Winter season

2003       Tangerines                            [first ever ed.]
2004 S       not known [not held?]
2004 W     Aquafina Raiders 1
2005 S     Gazelles
2005 W     Viking Players
2006 S     Aquafina Raiders 1
2006 W     Hearts
2007 S     Hearts
2007 W     Dubai Thursday        
2008 S     Aquafina Raiders 1
2008 W     Dubai Thursday
2009 S     Canon
2009 W     Real Catalyst/Dubai Heat Ladies
2010 S     Dubai Thursday
2010 W     Icon-Prolab Players FC      
2011 S     Element Rugby All Stars
2011 W     Coega Sevens
2012 S     Coega Sevens
2012 W     Reem Team
2013 S     WSC Sevens  
2013/14    Arabian Leopards FC
2014/15    Born2Perform
2015/16      unknown
2016/17      unknown
Number of Wins (21)

 3 Aquafina Raiders 1
   Dubai Thursday 

 2 Coega Sevens 

 1 Arabian Leopards FC
   Element Rugby All Stars
   Icon-Prolab Players FC    
   Real Catalyst/Dubai Heat Ladies 
   Reem Team
   Viking Players 
   WSC Sevens [WSC = Women's Sport Committee]

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