Yemen - List of Champions

Football championships were played in the British colony of Aden (at the time as Aden Settlement an administrative part of British India) since at least 1934, when local side Al-Ittihad Al-Mohammadi (nowadays called Al-Tilal) made its first appearance in the Rozario Cup, whose other entrants included Al-Husseini, the Jojoom Al-Layl club of Crater, Al-Mawaledah and Bambot of Ma'alla, and clubs from Sheikh Othman (presumably including Al-Wahda) and Al-Tawahi.

        North Yemen            South Yemen
1970/71                        Al-Tilal (Aden)
1974/75                        Shabab Al-Jeel (Hudayda)
1975/76                        Al-Wahda (Aden)
1976/77                        Al-Tilal (Aden)
1978/79 Al-Wahda (Sanaa)       Shabab Al-Jeel (Hudayda) and Al-Ahli (Hudayda) [shared]
1979/80 Al-Zuhra (Sanaa)       Al-Tilal (Aden) 
1980/81 Al-Ahli (Sanaa) 
1981/82 Al-Shaab (Sanaa)       Al-Tilal (Aden)
1981/82 Al-Shaab (Sanaa)       Al-Tilal (Aden)
1982/83 Al-Ahli (Sanaa)        Al-Tilal (Aden)
1983/84 Al-Ahli (Sanaa)        Al-Shorta (Aden) 
1984/85   not played
1985/86 Al-Ahli (Taizz)
1986/87   not played           Al-Tilal (Aden)
1987/88 Al-Ahli (Sanaa)        Al-Wahda (Aden)
1988/89 Al-Yarmouk (Sanaa)     Al-Wahda (Aden)
1989/90 Al-Yarmouk (Sanaa)     Al-Shula (Aden)

1990/91 Al-Tilal (Aden)          1-0 3-1 Al-Minaa (Aden)
1991/92 Al-Ahli (Sanaa)
1992/93   not played
1993/94 Al-Ahli (Sanaa)
1994/95 Al-Wahda (Sanaa)
1995/96   not played
1996/97 Al-Wahda (Sanaa)
1997/98 Al-Wahda (Sanaa)
1998/99 Al-Ahli (Sanaa)
1999/00 Al-Ahli (Sanaa)
2000/01 Al-Ahli (Sanaa)
2002    Al-Wahda (Sanaa)
2002/03 Al-Sha'ab (Ibb)
2003/04 Al-Sha'ab (Ibb)
2005    Al-Tilal (Aden) 
2006    Al-Saqr (Taizz)
2007    Al-Ahli (Sanaa)
2007/08 Al-Hilal (Hudayda) 
2008/09 Al-Hilal (Hudayda) 
2009/10 Al-Saqr (Taizz)
2010/11 Al-Urooba (Zabid)        
2011/12 Al-Sha'ab (Ibb)
2013    Al-Yarmouk al-Rawda (Sanaa) 
2013/14 Al-Saqr (Taizz)
2014/15   abandoned due to civil war
2015-19   not held due to civil war
2019/20 Al-Sha'ab Hadramaut (Mukalla) 
2020/21   not held
2021    Fahman (Abyan)

Number of Wins (24; since 1990)

 6 Al-Ahli (Sanaa)

 4 Al-Wahda (Sanaa)

 3 Al-Saqr (Taizz)
   Al-Sha'ab (Ibb)

 2 Al-Hilal (Hudayda) 
   Al-Tilal (Aden)

 1 Fahman (Abyan)
   Al-Sha'ab Hadramaut (Mukalla) 
   Al-Urooba (Zabid)        
   Al-Yarmouk al-Rawda (Sanaa) 

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