South Sudan 2022

South Sudan Cup 2022
South Sudan Super Cup 2022

South Sudan Cup 2022

NB: 11th edition

National Stage

National Stage

Zone 1 (Wau) | Zone 2 (Juba) | Zone 3 (Renk) | Final Stage

Zone 1 (Wau)

Preliminary Round

First Leg [Jan 21]
Malual Bal (Wanjok)       1-0 Genanyuon (Tonj)

Second Leg [Jan 25]
Genanyuon (Tonj)          4-1 Malual Bal (Wanjok)


First Legs
[Jan 20]
Al-Hilal (Wau)            3-2 Black Eagle (Aweil)
[Jan 22]
Majak Amal (Kuajok)       0-0 Zalan (Rumbek)
[Jan 23]
Mading Acheing (Abyei)    1-1 Al-Bugah (Raja)           
[Jan 28]
Abiemnom (Abiemnom)       0-4 Genanyuon (Tonj)         

Second Legs
[Jan 24]
Black Eagle (Aweil)       1-1 Al-Hilal (Wau)            
[Jan 26]
Zalan (Rumbek)            1-0 Majak Amal (Kuajok)        
[Jan 27]
Al-Bugah (Raja)           2-0 Mading Acheing (Abyei) 
[Jan 31]
Genanyuon (Tonj)          3-1 Abiemnom (Abiemnom)       

First Legs
[Jan 29]
Zalan (Rumbek)            4-1 Al-Bugah (Raja)           
[Feb 2]
Al-Hilal (Wau)            2-0 Genanyuon (Tonj)          [Genanyuon suspended from tournament
                                                         for attacking match officials after
Second Legs                                              the match]
[Feb 1]
Al-Bugah (Raja)           1-2 Zalan (Rumbek)            
[Feb 4]
Genanyuon (Tonj)          n/p Al-Hilal (Wau)            

Zone Final [Feb 5]
Al-Hilal (Wau)            2-2 Zalan (Rumbek)            [4-5 pen (no extra time)]

NB: Zalan (Rumbek) qualified for semifinals Final Stage, 
    Al-Hilal (Wau) to Qualifying Round

Zone 2 (Juba)

Preliminary Round

First Leg [Jan 21]
Nasiry (Mundri)           1-3 Jebel Koteen (Kapoeta)

Second Leg [Jan 23]
Jebel Koteen (Kapoeta)    2-0 Nasiry (Mundri) 


First Legs
[Jan 20]
Amarat United (Juba)      3-1 Bentiu Olympic (Bentiu)
[Jan 21]
Easter FC (Yei)           0-1 Super Star (Bor)
[Jan 22]
Melakia (Torik)           3-4 Yambio Star (Yambio)
[Jan 26]
Wehida (Terekeka)         0-2 Jebel Koteen (Kapoeta)    
Second Legs
[Jan 24]
Bentiu Olympic (Bentiu)   1-4 Amarat United (Juba)
[Jan 25]
Yambio Star (Yambio)      1-3 Melakia (Torik)
[Jan 26]
Super Star (Bor)          1-0 Easter FC (Yei)
[Jan 29]
Jebel Koteen (Kapoeta)    2-2 Wehida (Terekeka)

First Legs [Jan 31]
Amarat United (Juba)      4-3 Super Star (Bor)          
Melakia (Torik)           0-7 Jebel Koteen (Kapoeta)    

Second Legs [Feb 2]
Jebel Koteen (Kapoeta)    2-3 Melakia (Torik)           
Super Star (Bor)          1-0 Amarat United (Juba)      

NB: Super Star qualified on "away goals" although both matches were held at
    the same venue in Juba

Zone Final [Feb 6]
Super Star (Bor)          3-1 Jebel Koteen (Kapoeta)    

NB: winners and runners-up qualified for semifinals Final Stage

Zone 3 (Renk)


First Leg [Jan 23]
Qadasia (Renk)            2-2 Tahrir (Melut)

Second Leg [Jan 25]
Tahrir (Melut)            0-2 Qadisia (Renk)
Zone Final

First Leg [Jan 27]
Jikmir (Nasir)            0-1 Qadasia (Renk)            

Second Leg [Jan 29]
Qadasia (Renk)            1-1 Jikmir (Nasir)

NB: Qadasia (Renk) qualified for Qualifying Round

Final Stage

NB: all matches at Buluk Playground, Juba

Qualifying Round

First Leg [Feb 14]
Al-Hilal (Wau)            1-0 Qadasia (Renk)            

Second Leg [Feb 16]
Qadasia (Renk)            0-2 Al-Hilal (Wau)            
[Feb 13]
Zalan (Rumbek)            0-0 Jebel Koteen (Kapoeta)    [4-3 pen]
[Feb 18]
Super Star (Bor)          2-3 Al-Hilal (Wau)            

Third Place Match [Feb 20]
Jebel Koteen (Kapoeta)    3-0 Super Star (Bor)          

Final [Feb 22]
Zalan (Rumbek)            0-2 Al-Hilal (Wau)            
  [Morwan Anuar 7, Osman Celestine 90+2]

South Sudan Super Cup 2022

NB: first ever edition

[Sep 28]
Zalan (Rumbek)            0-0 Al-Hilal (Wau)            [4-3 pen]



list of champions.

list of cup winners.

list of super cup winners.

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