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In 1929 the SATUS organisation pledged itself to social democracy and the communist clubs were excluded, which thereupon founded the Kampfgemeinschaft für rote Sporteinheit, which toured the Soviet Union in 1930 and entered an illegal Spartakiad in Berlin 1931 as well as a "Labour Football World Championship" in Paris 1934. In 1936 the communist athletes rejoined the SATUS.

After World War II SATUS selections only played sporadically, e.g. at jubilee tournaments of the French (1948) and Belgian (1958) brother organisations. After a tournament in Italy in 1979 no more matches were played due to lack of interest from the athletes.

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Known results:
[date ?, Geneva]
Switzerland                1-3 France                     [first intern. SATUS match]                
[Jul 24, Frankfurt/M.]
Germany                    6-0 Switzerland                (Arbeiter-Olympiade)         
[Jul 25, Frankfurt/M.]
Switzerland                1-2 Belgium                    (Arbeiter-Olympiade)  
[Jul 26, Frankfurt/M.] 
Switzerland                3-0 France                     (Arbeiter-Olympiade)
[Jul 23, Wien]
Switzerland                3-0 Latvia                     (Arbeiter-Olympiade) 
[Jul 24, Wien]
Austria                    8-1 Switzerland                (Arbeiter-Olympiade) 
[Aug 22, St.-Louis, France]
Switzerland                2-5 Soviet Union            
[Jul 29, Antwerpen]
Switzerland                3-2 Finland              [aet] (Arbeiter-Olympiade) 
[Jul 30, Antwerpen] 
Switzerland                0-5 Norway                     (Arbeiter-Olympiade)    

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Sources: [BrK 14], http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schweizer_Fussballnationalmannschaft, https://www.arbeiterfussball.de/statistik/olympia-turniere/

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