In 1928 the first (international) Spartakiad was organised in Moscow. It was a multi-sports event for "labourers" with the express intention of being an alternative to the "bourgeois" Olympic Games (held in Amsterdam around the same time). A second event was held three years later in Berlin but forbidden by the German authorities. It appears no more editions took place, though some communist countries (in particular Albania, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union) held national events under the same moniker after World War II until the fall of communism.

International Army Spartakiads (between army club teams) were held on several occasions between 1950 and 1989.

International Spartakiads 1928-1931
Spartakiada narodna SSSR 1956-1991

International Spartakiads

Palmares Football Tournament
Ed. Year    Venue         Winners            Runners-Up
 1  1928    Moskva        Moskva         1-0  Ukraine
 2  1931    Berlin          not finished
 3  1933    Moskva          postponed to 1934 and eventually cancelled

NB: some sources include the Labour Olympiads of 1936 (in Barcelona, cancelled) and 
    1937 (in Antwerpen) as Spartakiads; that is incorrect as these were socialist (and
    not communist) events.

Spartakiad 1928

Held in August 1928 in Moskva, at the new Dinamo stadium.

The football team had 21 participants, divided over 2 groups: one including
12 teams from the Russian Federation and one with 9 teams from other Soviet
Republics and from abroad (including Uruguay, Spain and Switzerland).

Russian Final
Moskva         5-3 Leningrad

International Final
Ukraine        4-0 Uruguay        [also reported 7-1]

Overall Final
Moskva         1-0 Ukraine

Other reported results:
Central Russia 1-7 Switzerland
Belarus        6-3 Switzerland 
Uzbekistan     5-4 Switzerland
Leningrad     11-0 England
NB: not all results appear to fit the reported set-up.

Spartakiad 1931

The Spartakiad was forbidden by the Berlin police authorities.  Nevertheless, many
rotsport delegations came to the German capital and several football matches were
played as part of the Internationales Sommerfest des Arbeitersport-Kulturkartells.
The tournament was not finished and results are not available.

Spartakiada narodna SSSR

Multi-sports event for teams from the Soviet Union, held (roughly) every four years, usually in pre-olympic years. (Below only the summer tournaments are listed; in addition seven winter spartakiads were held between 1962 and 1990, none of them featuring a football tournament.)

Palmares Football Tournament
Ed. Year    Winners            Runners-Up
 1  1956    Moskva         2-1 Georgia
 2  1959      no football tournament
 3  1963      no football tournament     
 4  1967      no football tournament     
 5  1971      no football tournament     
 6  1975      no football tournament     
 7  1979    Moskva         2-1 Georgia
 8  1983    Lithuania      1-0 Russia
 9  1986    Ukraine        1-0 Uzbekistan
10  1991      no football tournament      

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