Bosnia-Herzegovina - List of Champions

Note that the only ever official organisation to cover football in Bosnia-Herzegovina was (and is) the NSBiH, recognised by UEFA in 1995. Its actual 'power' was restricted to the 'muslim' area of the country until 2000, when the Croatian organisation joined them (from 1997/98 on, teams from the Croatian part had entered championship play-offs with the best teams from NSBiH's league, and the winners of those had obtained entry to UEFA's club tournaments); since the 2002/03 season, when also the football clubs in the self-proclaimed Republic of Srpska joined, the NSBiH covers the whole country. Below, the champions of NSBiH (or those of play-offs between NSBiH and Croat clubs) are considered as 'national champions'. The regional champions in the 'ethnic' leagues are listed separately below.

See also the Banja Luka regional league 1932-1941 and the Sarajevo regional league 1920-1941.

NSBiH Championship

'Muslim' League
1994/95 Čelik (Zenica)      
1995/96 Čelik (Zenica)      
1996/97 Čelik (Zenica)  
'Muslim'/Croatian Playoff Winners
1997/98 Željezničar (Sarajevo)  
1998/99 FK Sarajevo [*]
1999/00 Brotnjo (Čitluk)       
Premijer Liga BiH ('Muslim'/Croat League)
2000/01 Željezničar (Sarajevo)
2001/02 Željezničar (Sarajevo)
Premijer Liga BiH (national league also including Srpska clubs)
2002/03 Leotar (Trebinje)
2003/04 Široki Brijeg (Široki Brijeg)
2004/05 Zrinjski (Mostar)
2005/06 Široki Brijeg (Široki Brijeg)
2006/07 FK Sarajevo
2007/08 Modriča Maksima (Modriča) 
2008/09 Zrinjski (Mostar)
2009/10 Željezničar (Sarajevo)
2010/11 Borac (Banja Luka)
2011/12 Željezničar (Sarajevo)
2012/13 Željezničar (Sarajevo)
2013/14 Zrinjski (Mostar)
2014/15 FK Sarajevo
2015/16 Zrinjski (Mostar)
2016/17 Zrinjski (Mostar)
2017/18 Zrinjski (Mostar)
2018/19 FK Sarajevo
2019/20 FK Sarajevo
2020/21 Borac (Banja Luka)
2021/22 Zrinjski (Mostar)
2022/23 Zrinjski (Mostar)
2023/24 Borac (Banja Luka)

[*] as the 'Muslim'/Croat playoff was cancelled, NSBiH proclaimed
    the winners of their regular season as champions.

NB: 1997/98 to 1999/00 the 'Muslim' and Croat federation organised
    separate championships with the top teams from both leagues
    entering a playoff, whose winners are listed above.

Number of Titles (30)
 8 Zrinjski (Mostar)

 6 Željezničar (Sarajevo)         [also won 1 championship in Yugoslavia]

 5 FK Sarajevo                    [also won 2 championships in Yugoslavia]

 3 Borac (Banja Luka)
   Čelik (Zenica)

 2 Široki Brijeg

 1 Brotnjo (Čitluk)
   Leotar (Trebinje)
   Modriča Maksima (Modriča) 

Regional Champions

        NSBiH ('Muslim')   Herceg-Bosna (Croat)         Srpska (Serbian)
1993/94                    Mladost-Dubint Široki Brijeg
1994/95 Čelik (Zenica)     Mladost-Dubint Široki Brijeg  
1995/96 Čelik (Zenica)     Mladost Široki Brijeg        Boksit (Milići)
1996/97 Čelik (Zenica)     Široki Brijeg                Rudar (Ugljevik)      
1997/98 Bosna (Visoko)     Široki Brijeg                Rudar (Ugljevik)      
1998/99 FK Sarajevo        Posušje                      Radnik (Bijeljina)       
1999/00 Jedinstvo (Bihac)  Posušje                      Boksit (Milići)
2000/01   discontinued       discontinued               Borac (Banja Luka)
2001/02                                                 Leotar (Trebinje)
2002/03                                                   discontinued                   

NB: winners of the second level league of Srpska from 2002/03 onward
    are not considered regional champions as the best clubs of the
    region play in the national league.

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