Botswana - List of Women Champions

1998      unknown             [runners-up: Double Action]
1999    Double Action (Gaborone)
2000    Double Action (Gaborone)
2001    Double Action (Gaborone)
2002-05   not held
2005/06 Double Action (Gaborone)
2006/07 Double Action (Gaborone)
2007/08 Double Action (Gaborone)
2008/09 Double Action (Gaborone)
2009/10 Double Action (Gaborone)
2010/11 Double Action (Gaborone)
2011/12 Double Action (Gaborone)
2012/13 Double Action (Gaborone)
2013/14 Double Action (Gaborone)
2014/15 Township Rollers (Gaborone)
2015/16 Township Rollers (Gaborone)
2017-21   not held
2021/22 Double Action (Gaborone)
2022/23 Double Action (Gaborone)

NB: Double Action (founded 1995) joined the first division in 1996
    (when it had 8 participants), won Barclays Cup 1996/97, the 
    Four Nations Cup 1997 (teams from Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland 
    and Zimbabwe), the North Star Enterprises Cup 2005, 
    Urban Youth Project Tournament 2006, Pro-Guard Security Cup 2008,
    as well as the Perfection Cup and the Interstate Jewellery Cup
    (seasons not known)

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