Comoros 2001

National Competitions

Champions 2000/01: Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)

NB: competitions below in chronological order.

Matches for unclear competition

[Mboudé, Jan ?]
Espoir de Djomani               3-? Avenir des Comores  [Espoir won]

[Moroni, Stade Beaumer, Feb 3]
Avenir des Comores              3-1 Espoir de Djomani

NB: not clear for which competition (league, cup, other) these
    matches were played.

Coupe des Arbitres


First Leg [Mar 25]
Union Sportive de Zilimadjou (Moroni)   2-1 Volcan Club (Iroungoudjani, Moroni)

Second Leg [Apr 1]
Volcan Club                             3-1 US Zilimadjou

NB: US Zilimadjou are nicknamed "Bonbon Djema"

Friendly Tournament (Moroni, April 2001)

Organised by Commission des Arbitres

Participants: Le Gombessa (Anjouan)
              Groupe choc (Anjouan)
              US Zilimadjou (Ngazidja)
              Apache Club (Mitsamiouli, Ngazidja)

Tournoi Inter-Ligue (championship?) 2001

Third Place Match [Apr 14]
Gombessa de Mutsamudu		3-1 Volcan Club de Moroni

Final [Apr 15]
Union Sportive de Zilimadjou	2-1 AJSM de Mutsamudu

Coupe de l'Avenir


Belle Lumière de Mdjoézi	[Moheli]
Citadelle de Mutsamudu		[Anjouan]
Apache de Mitsamiouli		[Grand Comore, aka Ngazidja]
Union Sportive de Zilimadjou	[Grand Comore, aka Ngazidja]

NB: Avenir des Comores, organising club of this competition, 
invited Zilimadjou rather than Rapid Club out of a concern to
'well defend the colours of the league of Grande Comore'.

[May 30]
Belle Lumière	3-2 US Zilimadjou
[May 31]
Apache		3-1 Citadelle

Third Place Match [Jun 2]
US Zilimadjou	--- Citadelle

Final [Jun 3]
Apache		bt  Belle Lumière

Coupe Inter-Ligue 2001


First Leg [Sep 2, Stade de Fombonilors]
Union Sportive de Zilimadjou (Grande Comore Champions)	1-0 Fomboni Club (Moheli Champions)

Second Leg [Sep 9, Moroni]
Fomboni		--- US Zilimadjou

Since the independence in 1975, the inter-league championship has been organised
annually (in general), but the irredentism in Anjouan since 1997 has excluded
Anjouan from the competition.

Coupe Wandzani 2001

Final [Sep 30, Moindzaza]
US Zilimadjou (Moroni)                  1-0 Canon de Ndrouani 
  [Mlamali 82]

NB: Canon de Ndrouani also known as Onze Canons

Coupe Rapid Club, aka Challenge du Fair-Play 2001

Regional Final (Gran Comore) [Oct 27]
Coin Nord de Mitsamiouli		2-1 Union Sportive de Zilimadjou	[asdet]

National Semifinals
[Oct 28]
Fomboni Club (Mohéli)			3-1 Gombessa de Mutsamudu (Anjouan)
[Oct 31]
Coin Nord de Mitsamiouli (Gr. Comore)	--- Gombessa de Mutsamudu

National Final [Nov 4]
Fomboni Club (Mohéli)			--- winner semifinal

Ngazidja (Grand Comore)

Coupe de la Commission Régionale 

[Mar 17,18]
Volcan Club de Moroni           abd Coin Nord de Mitsamiouli 
  [abandoned at 0-0 in 80' due to spectator invasion]
Union Sportive de Zilimadjou    3-1 Appache de Mitsamiouli [in Moroni, on penalties]
Nouvelle de Vague de Hatsambou  2-2 Puzzolane de Mbachilé  [in Mdé]
Canon                           1-0 Puzzolane              [in Mdé]
Enfants des Comores de Vouvouni 4-2 Mkazi Club 

Coupe de l'Avenir

1/4 Final
Rapid Club                      1-0 Volcan Club
Union Sportive de Zilimadjou	0-0 Canon d'Iconi

1/4 Final Replay [May 12]
Union Sportive de Zilimadjou	5-1 Canon d'Iconi

1/2 Final [May 16]
Rapid Club (Moroni)		1-1 Union Sportive de Zilimadjou [5-4 pen]
Apache (Mitsamiouli)            bt  [?]

Final [May 20]
Rapid Club (Moroni)             0-5 Apache de Mitsamiouli

NB: Rapid Club just promoted to the 1st division for the next season;
    Apache well-placed in 1st division championship.

NB: apparently qualifying for the 'national' competition of the same
    name; however, Rapid were left out in favour of US Zilimadjou.



list of champions

list of cup winners

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