Comoros 2002


National Championship 2001/02

Mwali:    Fomboni Club (Fomboni)
Ngazidja: Volcan Club (Moroni)
Ndzuani:  Citadelle FC (Mutsamudu)

Winners: Fomboni Club

Championnat de Ngazidja 

NB: apparently comprises 15 clubs

Round 1
Elan (Mitsoudjé)           1-2 JACM
Espoir (Djomani)           bt  Avenir des Comores  

Round 2
Volcan (Moroni)            3-2 Elan (Mitsoudjé)           
JACM                       bye

Rounds 1 and 2: Union Sportive (Zilimadjou) did not win

Round 3
Etoile du Sud (Foumbouni)  1-0 Union Sportive (Zilimadjou)
JACM                       1-0 Rapid (Moroni)
Espoir (Djomani)           3-2 Etoile des Comores (Seléa) 
Apache (Mitsamiouli?)      2-2 Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)
Elan (Mitsoudjé)           2-0 Canon (Iconi)  
Volcan (Moroni)            0-0 Ngaya (Mdé)
Excellent (Mitsamiouli)    1-1 Union Sportive (Seléa)
Avenir des Comores         bye

 1.Etoile du Sud    3  2  1  0    7
 2.JACM             2  2  0  0    6
   Espoir              2  0       6
   US Seléa               2        

Round 4 
[Apr 27,28]
Elan (Mitsoudjé)            -  Union Sportive (Seléa)
Etoile du Sud (Foumbouni)   -  Excellent (Mitsamiouli)
Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)     -  Ngaya (Mdé)
Volcan (Moroni)             -  JACM 
Canon (Iconi)               -  Espoir (Djomani)
Avenir des Comores          -  Rapid (Moroni)
Etoile des Comores (Seléa)  -  Union Sportive (Zilimadjou)
Apache (Mitsamiouli?)      bye

June 28: JACM (Jeunesse Athlétique Comorienne de Mitsoudjé) regained 
         the lead.

All leagues were interrupted on July 23 due to the exams for the 

Sep 25: Volcan Club lead with 26 points and have a game in hand.

Ngazidja Third Level 2002

[before Jul 3]
Rafal Club de Hahaya            2-0 Mgongwa Club de Ntsoudjini 

Cup Tournaments


Cup tournament to celebrate 27th anniversary of independence organised
  by the presidency of the autonomous island of Ngazidja (Grand-Comore)

[Jul 20, stade Ajao, Moroni]
Sport Mohéli                    3-1 Rafal de Mtsangani 

NB: Sport Mohéli is a newly formed club.

Tournoi de Football de Bwangoma (at Mwali)

Final [Sep 23]
Volcan Club de Moroni           2-1 Fomboni Club 

NB: Volcan Club only participants from Ngazidja



list of champions

list of cup winners

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