Comoros - List of Cup Winners

1979/80 Etoile du Sud (Foumbouni)      8-0 Faigaffe (Ouani)
1981      not known
1982    Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)
1983/84 Volcan Club (Moroni)
1984/85 Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)        [*3]
1985/86 USS de Seléa
1986/87 Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)
1987/88   not played
1988/89 Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)
1989-90   not known
1990/91 Gombessa Sport (Mutsamudu)
1991/92 Papillon Bleu (Grande Comore)  1-0 Gombessa Sport (Mutsamudu)     [aet]   [*1]
1992    Faigaffe Club (Ouani)          bt  US Zilimadjou (Moroni)
1992-94   not known
1994/95 US Zilimadjou (Moroni)         2-1 Etoile d'Or (Mirontsy)
1995/96 Elan Club (Mitsoudjé)
1996/97 Gombessa Sport (Mutsamudu)
1997/98 US Zilimadjou (Moroni)         2-0 Apache Club (Mitsamiouli)
1998/99   not known
1999/00   not known
2000/01   not known
2001/02   not known
2002/03   not known [*2] 
2003/04   not known
2004/05 Elan Club (Mitsoudjé)
2005/06 Volcan Club (Moroni)
2006/07 Chirazienne Club (Domoni)      0-0 Gombessa Sport (Mutsamudu)     [4-1 pen]   
2007    Jassem (Mitsoudjé)             5-4 Etoile d'Or (Mirontsy)         [on pen?]
2008/09 AJSM (Mutsamudu)               1-0 Gombessa Sport (Mutsamudu)
2009    Apaches Club (Mitsamiouli)     3-0 Fomboni Club (Fomboni)  
2010/11 Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)        1-1 Fomboni Club (Fomboni)         [4-2 pen]            
2011/12 Etoile Polaire (Nyumamilima)   1-1 RC Barakani (Barakani)         [Etoile Polaire on pen]          
2012    Steal Nouvel (Sima)            3-0 Enfants des Comores (Vouvouni)
2013    Enfants des Comores (Vouvouni) 2-0 Nouvel Espoir (Wanani-Chando)     
2014    Volcan Club (Moroni)           3-0 Enfants des Comores (Vouvouni)
2015    Fomboni Club (Fomboni)         1-1 Ngaya Club (Mdé)               [5-4 pen]
2016    Volcan Club (Moroni)           1-1 Fomboni Club (Fomboni)         [5-3 pen]
2017    Ngazi (Mirontsi)               2-2 Volcan Club (Moroni)           [4-3 pen]
2018    Miracle (Maoueni)              3-3 Ngazi (Mirontsi)               [4-3 pen]
2019    Yakélé Sport (Mutsamudu)       1-1 Elan Club (Mitsoudjé)          [4-3 pen]
2020    US Zilimadjou (Moroni)         2-0 Ngazi (Mirontsi) 
2021    Olympique de Missiri           3-1 FC Ouani              
2022    Gombessa Sport (Mutsamudu)     4-1 Alizé Fort (Salimani ya Hambou)
2023    Djabal FC (Iconi)              0-0 Belle Lumière (Djoiezi)        [4-2 pen]
2024    Alizé Fort (Salimani/Hambou)   0-0 Etoile du Centre (Salamani)    [3-2 pen]

[*1] final for Presidents Cup
[*2] according to one source Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli) won the cup 2003 but
     this is apparently not correct
[*3] according to another source Etoile du Sud (Foumbouni) beat Chirazienne (Domoni) in the final

NB: Coin Nord won the above 5 cups and no others; AJSM first won the cup 2008/09;
    Etoile Polaire (Nyumamilima) firs won the cup 2011/12;
    Steal Nouvel (Sima) first won the cup 2012;
    the 2008/09 edition was the 22nd, so the cup tourmanent was not held in 
    several seasons

Number of Known League-and-Cup Doubles (4)

 1 Apaches Club (Mitsamiouli)    [2009]
 1 Djabal FC (Iconi)             [2023]
 1 Elan Club (Mitsoudjé)         [1996]
 1 US Zilimadjou                 [2020]

NB: all known double winners are from Ngazidja

Towns on Ngazidja (Grande Comore) include:
Djomani, Foumboni, Iconi, Itsinkudi, Maoueni, Mdé, Mitsamiouli, Mitsoudjé, Mohéli,
Moroni, Mtsangani, Mvuni, Seléa, Zilimadjou

Towns on Anjouan include:
Bandrani, Domoni, Mirontsy, Mutsamudu, Ouani, Sima, Tsembéhou

Towns on Mwali include:
Djaezi (also spelled Djoiezi), Djando, Fomboni, Nioumachoi, Salamani  

NB: status of below tournaments not clear (FC Mtsapéré and AS Rosador are from Mayotte,
    Fortior from Madagascar):

Tournoi inter-régional
1998    Fortior (Tamatave)            3-2 FC Mtsapéré
1999    AS Rosador (Passamainty)  
2000      not known
2001    AS Rosador (Passamainty) 
Tournoi Comores
2000    AS Rosador (Passamainty)

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