Comoros 2002/03


Championship of Ngazidja (Division 1)

[Jan 18,19]
Apache (Mitsamiouli)       1-0 Ngaya (Mdé)
JACM                       1-0 Union Sportive (Zilimadjou)
Mlawuni-Club (Itsinkudi)   5-1 Nouvelle Vague
Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)    4-1 Etoile des Comores (Seléa) 
Volcan (Moroni)            3-0 Excellent (Mitsamiouli)  
Rapid (Moroni)             lt  [Elan (Mitsoudjé) ?]
Brésil (Moroni)            5-4 Ngazi (Mvuni)

Top of table:
avoided relegation: Apache, Brésil
mid-table: JACM, Mlawuni-Club, Coin Nord

Round ? [Mar 1]
Volcan Club (Moroni)	   0-0 Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)

Top of table:

 1. Volcan Club (Moroni)	46 pts
 2. Elan Club (Mitsoudjé)	45
 3. Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)	40

NB: on March 17 all divisions were suspended for an indeterminate
    period after a referee was beaten up at his home, possibly
    connected with a punishment for Enfants des Comores de Vouvouni;
    on February 17, two matches (Enfants vs Dynamo de Tsidjé for
    Division 2 and Enfants vs Djabal d'Iconi for Division 3) had
    erroneously been scheduled at the same venue (Mojndzaza Mboini),
    at the same time and with the same referee; according to regulations
    the Division 2 match took preference but the Division 3 teams
    disagreed and refused to leave the pitch, forcing the referee
    to annul both matches; following this, the relevant commission
    fined Enfants 30,000 francs comoriens.

Round ?
Canon d'Iconi	           1-1 Etoile du Sud de Foumbouni

Round ?
Etoile du Sud de Foumbouni 5-1 Espoir de Djomani
Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)    3-1 Volcan Club (Moroni)	   

Round ? [Apr 6]
Avenir des Comores	   1-3 Etoile du Sud de Foumbouni

Final Round [Apr 13]
results not known.

Top of Table:

 1. Volcan Club (Moroni)	

NB: Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli) 6 matches in hand; also a protest
    concerning the eligibility of Volcan player Mohamed Ali 
    (nick-named "Popé") in a match vs Elan is running.

Champions: Volcan Club (Moroni)
US Zilimadjou finished 3rd

Championship of Mwali

Others infos
Belle Lumière de Djaezi	drw Fumboni-Club
Belle Lumière de Djaezi	drw Etoile de Salamani

Round [May 24]
Belle Lumière de Djaezi	4-1 AS Bangoma

Champions: Belle Lumière de Djaezi (only 2 draws with only 2 rounds to go).

Round ?
Fomboni-Club		--- Belle Lumière de Djaezi

Other Tournaments

Tournoi Adcs-Radio de Mitsamiuli

Apaches de Mitsamiouli
Coin Nord de Mitsamiouli
Espoir de Djomani 
USM de Mbeni

Final [Jun 9?]
Apaches                 4-2 Coin Nord

NB: 4th final between Apaches and Coin Nord; Coin Nord won 2000 and 2001,
    Apaches 2002 and 2003

Coupe de Variété Club de Badjanani

On occasion of 28th anniversary of independence

Final [Jul 9, stade Baumer de Moroni]
Volcan club de Moroni   2-1 Gombessa Club de Mutsamudu



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