Comoros 2007/08

Championship 2008

Ngazidja, Mwali and Anjouan all organised their own
football league 2007/08.  The three champions and an
additional team from host island Mwali entered the
championship playoff
Ndzuani/Anjouan champions:             Etoile d'Or (Mirontsy)
Mohéli/Mwali champions and runners-up: Fomboni and Ouragan de Bangoma        
Ngazidja/Grande Comore champions:      Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)

Semifinals [Nov 15?]
Etoile d'Or        1-0 Ouragan de Bangoma 
Coin Nord          1-1 Fomboni Club        [5-4 pen]

Championship Final [Nov 18, Stade El Hadj Ahmed Matoir, Fomboni]
Etoile d'Or        2-2 Coin Nord           [4-3 pen; no extra time]
  [half-time 1-2; Etoile equalised in the 90+2nd minute]

Mwali (Mohéli)

[Aug 10]
Itsamia             -  Nkangani

Champions and runners-up: Fomboni and Ouragan de Bangoma        

Ndzuani (Anjouan)
Première Division 2007/08

Participating teams (10):  
 AJSM Mutsamudu (aka Group Choc)
 Chirazienne (Domoni)
 Etoile d'Or (Mirontsy)
 Etoile Filante (Tsembéhou)
 Faigaffe (Ouani)
 Gombessa Sports (Mutsamudu)
 Comorozine (Domoni)
 Ngazi Sports (Mirontsy)
 Steal Nouvel (Sima)
Champions: Etoile d'Or (Mirontsy)
NB: Gombessa Sport relegated to Division 2

Deuxième Division

Participating teams (20):
Poule A          Poule B 
 Athletico        Avenir
 Beresse          Barakani
 Citadelle        Eclypso
 Kaza             Mignamba
 Missiri          Ngawo
 Ntsadzo          Olympic
 Racine           Patsy Sport
 Taleza           Sport Club
 Wakanabaraka     US Patsy
 Ziara            11 Fusées

Ngazidja (Grande Comore)

[Jul 19]
Enfants des Comores (Vouvouni)   0-0 Ngaya Club (Mdé)
NB: around this match 4 people died and many were injured 

[Oct 25]
Apaches Club (Mitsamiouli)       4-0 Ngaya Club (Mdé)
other known results
Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)          2-1 Apaches Club (Mitsamiouli)  
Apaches Club (Mitsamiouli)       0-1 Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)

Champions: Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)
Runners-Up: AJS Mutsamudu

NB: Kaz Club (Moroni) finished seventh and lost the final of the 
    Coupe de Ligue

Ngazidja Division 2

[Nov 10]
Union Sportive de Mbeni          1-0 Union Sportive de Dembeni 
[Dec 11?]
Onze Pouzzolanes de Mbashile     1-1 Union sportive de Bangwa Hambou

Top of Tables:

Groupe A
 1.Union Sportive de Mbeni             +19  54  [USM]  Promoted
 2.US de Ntsaoueni                     +21  52  [USN]
 3.Onze Pouzzolanes de Mbashile        +18  52

NB: USM were relegated from the top level in 2006/07

Groupe B
 1.Etoile des Comores de Nyumadzaha Mbambao 63  Promoted

NB: 10 clubs to be relegated to 3rd level

Ngazidja Division 3

Interdistrict Tournament

start Jan 20, 2009, between 40 clubs divided into 10 groups
of 4; group winners qualify for promotion playoff (2 groups of
5 clubs); 2 clubs to be promoted

Participants include:
Changani Club de Kwambani Washili 
Mzalendro Club de Ntsaweni

Final Phase [Feb 21,22?]
Dynamo Club de Shamle            2-3 Association Sportive d'Itsandra Mdjini 
Kappa d'Itsinkudi-Washili        1-2 Ballon d'Or d'Itsandzeni (Hamahame)
Mgongwa Club de Ntsudjini        1-1 Uranus de Bweni (Yabambao)   [4-3 pen]
Accord du Sud                    1-3 Ngazi Club de Djumwashongo ya Hambu 
Shangani Club                    1-1 Djibuwe de Mohoro            [3-2 pen]

NB: 5 winners promoted

Coupe des Comores 2008/09

NB: 22nd edition

Ngazidja Final [Nov 28]
Etoile Polaire de Nyumamilima    1-0 Djabal Foot d'Iconi
Phase nationale [Jan 3-7, stade Hombo, Mutsamudu, Anjouan]

Ndzuani/Anjoua:           Gombessa Sport de Mutsamudu, AJSM
Mohéli/Mwali:             Belle Lumière de Djwaezi
Ngazidja/Grande Comores:  Etoile Polaire de Nyumamilima  
[Jan 3]
Gombessa Sport                   2-0 Belle Lumière
[Jan 4]
AJS de Mutsamudu                 1-1 Etoile Polaire         [4-3 pen]
Third Place Match [Jan 6]
Etoile Polaire                   bt  Belle Lumière

Final [Jan 7, stade Hombo, Mutsamudu, Anjouan]
Gombessa Sport de Mutsamudu      0-1 AJS de Mutsamudu
  [Ben Andjelika Andjilane "Fédéral" 50]

Coupe de Comores télécoms 2008

Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli) [Ngazidja champions 2007]
Fomboni Club            [Mwali champions 2007]
Ngazi Sports (Mirontsy) [Ndzuani champions 2007]
AJSM (Mutsamudu)        [Ndzuani runners-up 2007]

Semifinals [May 12]

Third Place Match [May 14]

Final [May 16]

Coupe de la Ligue 2008/09 (Ngazidja)

Final [Jan 3]
Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)          2-0 Kaz Club               [aet]

Coupe CGH 2008/09

Organised by Comoro Gulf Holding

Mohéli section

Fomboni Club                     bt  Ouragan de Bangoma
Sargonko de Wanani               bt  Belle Lumière de Djoiezi

Final [Dec 28, Stade El Hadj Ahmed Matoir de Fomboni]
Fomboni Club                     3-1 Sargonko de Wanani 
  [Soubi 65, 84, Systane 75; Mala 40]

Ngazidja section (all matches at stade de Moroni)

NB: JACM, Ngaya, Apaches, Elan, Coin Nord and Volcan qualified as
    top-6 of first division; Etoile des Comores and US Mbeni 
    as winners of second division groups

[Dec 13]
JACM de Mitsudje                 0-2 Ngaya Club de Mde 
[Dec 14]
Apaches Club (Mitsamiouli)       2-2 Elan Club de Mitsudje  [5-4 pen]
[Dec 16]
Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)          3-1 Etoile des Comores de Nyumadzaha
[Dec 17]
Volcan Club de Moroni            bt  Union Sportive de Mbeni

[Dec 20]
Ngaya Club de Mde                2-2 Apaches Club           [4-5 pen]
[Dec 22]
Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)          1-0 Volcan Club de Moroni    

Final [Jan 31, 2009]
Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)          0-0 Apaches Club           [3-2 pen]

NB: both finalists qualify for national stage, starting Jan 13 with
    participants from Ndzuani and Mwali, held at Ngazidja

National Stage 

[Jan 14, stade Zikumbini d'Iconi]
Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)          2-2 AJSM (Mutsamudu)       [3-1 pen]
[date? (Jan 14?)]
Apaches Club (Mitsamiouli)       4-0 Fomboni Club    

Third Place Match [date? (Jan 16?)]
Fomboni Club                     1-0 AJSM (Mutsamudu)

Final [Jan 31, stade international de Mitsamiouli]
Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)          1-1 Apaches Club           [3-2 pen]
  [Ilissa Abdou 77; Omar Minihadji 0-1]

Coupe Cora 2009 (in Anjouan)

NB: 4th edition; organised by the association Djirma Nahayiba de

Final [Jan 22]
Kaburini Club                    3-0 Uhuru Club de Mutsamudu 



list of champions

list of cup winners

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