Dominican Republic - List of Champions

Football was introduced to the Dominican Republic by fugitives of the Spanish Civil War. The first two clubs founded in the country were El Pindu and El Cóndor. El Cóndor reportedly were national champions for 15 years; they won the first ever national games (Juegos Nacionales) in 1937.
The Federación Dominicana de Fútbol was founded in 1953 and joined FIFA in 1958. Other clubs to be founded in the first decades of football on the Dominican Republic include España Franquista, El Español, El Iberia, El Sporting and El Oriental. Religous orders (Augustinians, Jesuits and Salesians) also were involved in football activities. After the arrival, in 1965, of Bolivian football coach Prof. Fortunato Quispe Mendoza, a number of football schools were founded and the sport spread beyond the capital Santo Domingo. In 1975 universities were banned from playing in the national first division and cup; at the time the top level included 5 teams from academic institutions, including the dominating team of the UCMM.
Campeonato Nacional
1970     España FC (Santo Domingo)         [*1]
1971     España FC (Santo Domingo)         [*2]
1972     UCMM (Santiago de los Caballeros) [*3]
1973     UCMM (Santiago de los Caballeros)
1974     UCMM (Santiago de los Caballeros) [unbeaten]
1975     Moca FC
1976     Moca FC
1977     Moca FC
1978     Moca FC
1979-80    not known
1981     Universidad Autónoma (Santo Domingo)
1982-83    not known
1984     Moca FC
1985     Moca FC
1986     Moca FC
1987     Moca FC
1988     Universidad Autónoma (Santo Domingo)
1989     Universidad Autónoma (Santo Domingo)
1990     Universidad Autónoma (Santo Domingo)
1991     Bancredicard (Santo Domino) 
1992     Bancredicard (Santo Domino) 
1993     San Cristóbal FC
1994     Bancredicard (Santo Domingo)     bt  Baninter (Jarabacoa)
1995     Moca FC
1996       no competition
1997     FC Santos (San Cristóbal) 
1998     Domingo Savio (La Vega)
1999     FC Don Bosco (Moca) 
2000/01  CD Pantoja (Pantoja)    [32nd edition]
2001/02    unknown
2002/03  CD Pantoja (Pantoja) (or Domingo Savio (La Vega)?)
2003/04  Casa de España          [35th edition]
2005     Jarabacoa               [36th edition]
2006     La Vega                 [37th edition]

NB: in 2002/03 and 2003/04 this competition served as second level to
    the Liga Mayor (see below); the 2005 edition also was played without
    clubs from the 2004/05 Liga Mayor (apart from the relegated teams
    Jarabacoa and Domingo Savio (La Vega)); as the Liga Mayor was not
    held from 2004/05 to 2007, the Campeonato Nacional was the highest
    level competition organised in 2005 and 2006, although the 2006 
    edition (still) did not feature the top clubs from the Liga Mayor
    2004/05), nor were its winners promoted to the Liga Mayor 2007, 
    which did feature (as promoted teams compared to 2004/05) the top-3
    of the Campeonato Nacional 2003/04 and the winners and the fourth
    placed club of the Campeonato Nacional 2005...

[*1] there were teams from: Moca, San Francisco de Macoris, Haina,
     San Cristobal, Santo Domingo, UASD and San Pedro de Macoris.
[*2] there were 12 teams in the league 1971:
     UCMM, Moca, La Vega, Villa Tapia, Haina, UASD, España, Refor, 
     San Pedro de Macoris, UNPHU, La Aurora, San Francisco de Macoris.
[*3] UCMM (later renamed PUCMM) lost the cup final

NB: Moca, who finished 4th in 1972, 2nd in 1973 and 3rd in 1975, reportedly won
    the national championship on 13 occasions (as of March 2015)

NB: in 1941, a club called Sosua-Puerto Plata was founded by Arthur
    Kirchheimer, a German Jew from Hamburg who had fled for the nazis

The following teams won at least one championship, years unknown:
  Metaldom (Santo Domingo)
  El Cóndor (Santo Domingo)

UASD  = Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo
UCMM  = Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra de Santiago de los Caballeros
UMD   = Universidad Mundial Dominicana (Santo Domingo).
UNPHU = Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña (Santo Domingo)

Liga Mayor/Liga Dominicana de Fútbol

Ed. Season   Champions

Liga Mayor

 1  2001/02  Baninter (Jarabacoa)
 2  2002/03  Baninter (Jarabacoa)
    2003/04    no competition
 3  2004/05  CD Pantoja (Santo Domingo)
    2005/06    no competition
 4  2007     Barcelona FC (Santo Domingo)
    2007/08    no competition
 5  2009     CD Pantoja (Santo Domingo)
 6  2010     Don Bosco (Moca)     
 7  2011/12  CD Pantoja (Santo Domingo)
 8  2012/13  Don Bosco (Moca)     
 9  2014     Don Bosco (Moca)     

Liga Dominicana de Fútbol

10  2015     Atlético Pantoja (Santo Domingo)
11  2016     Barcelona Atlético (Santo Domingo)
12  2017     Atlántico FC (Puerto Plata)
13  2018     Cibao FC (Santiago de los Caballeros)
14  2019     Atlético Pantoja (Santo Domingo)
15  2020     Universidad O&M (Santo Domingo)
16  2021     Cibao FC (Santiago de los Caballeros)
17  2022     Cibao FC (Santiago de los Caballeros)
18  2023     Cibao FC (Santiago de los Caballeros)
19  2024 

Number of Wins (18)

 5 Atlético Pantoja (Santo Domingo) [includes CD Pantoja]

 4 Cibao FC (Santiago de los Caballeros)

 3 Don Bosco (Moca)     

 2 Baninter (Jarabacoa)
   Barcelona Atlético (Santo Domingo) [includes Barcelona FC]

 1 Atlántico FC (Puerto Plata)
   Universidad O&M (Santo Domingo)

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