Grazer AK tour of South East Asia 1954

In the summer of 1954, Grazer AK, who had finished the Austrian league season as the best provincial side in fourth place, played twenty-two matches in a tour of South East Asia.
They appear to have been the first European club side to visit Indonesia after World War II (a Yugoslav youth selection had visited the country in 1953), thus continuing an Austrian tradition: during the colonial era, two Austrian club teams (city rivals Grazer SC in 1934 and their Vienna namesakes Wiener SC in 1936) had been the first (and last) European sides to visit the country. Perhaps because of that tradition, the PSSI (Indonesian FA) invited Austria Salzburg to tour the country on the occasion of its silver jubilee celebrations in 1955.
Matches in Pakistan

Date     Venue                         Hosts                  Score

29- 6-54 Karachi                       President's XI          1-2 Grazer AK
30- 6-54 Karachi                       Karachi Selection       1-5 Grazer AK

Matches in India

Date     Venue                         Hosts                  Score

 4- 7-54 Calcutta                      Mohun Bagan AC          2-1 Grazer AK
 5- 7-54 Calcutta                      IFA XI                  1-1 Grazer AK
 8- 7-54 Chandernagore                 P.Gupta's XI            0-0 Grazer AK
NB: the IFA XI did not include any players of Mohun Bagan and East Bengal.

Matches in Vietnam

Date     Venue                         Hosts                  Score

  - 7-54 Saigon                        Saigon XI               4-4 Grazer AK
  - 7-54 Saigon                        "Local XI"              2-1 Grazer AK
   -7-54 Saigon                        Local Military XI       0-6 Grazer AK
   -7-54 Saigon                        Local Military XI       0-1 Grazer AK
NB: result of first match reported in Arbeiter-Zeitung on 13 July, that of second
    match (in which GAK players were subjected to stone throwing by the crowd, 
    injuring some players, including a broken leg) on 20 July, and that of the
    last two matches on 21 July.

Matches in Indonesia

Date     Venue                         Hosts                  Score

18- 7-54 Ikada Stadion, Djakarta       Persidja (Djakarta)     3-1 Grazer AK          [HT: 2-1]
19- 7-54 Ikada Stadion, Djakarta       PSSI Muda               2-4 Grazer AK          [HT: 0-2]
22- 7-54 Ikada Stadion, Djakarta       PSSI XI                 0-5 Grazer AK          [HT: 0-2]
24- 7-54 Tambaksari Stadion, Surabaja  Persibaja (Surabaja)    1-3 Grazer AK          [HT: 1-1]
27- 7-54 Teladan Stadion, Medan        PSMS (Medan)            3-0 Grazer AK          [HT: 1-0]
30- 7-54 Teladan Stadion, Medan        Army/Police XI          1-5 Grazer AK          [HT: 0-2]

NB: the first PSSI selection ("Muda") was a youth side; the second selection was
    based on the team that had visited Hongkong (as well as Manila and Bangkok) in
    the spring of 1953 but with some replacements; they were quite different from
    each other and neither was considered the full international side, though the
    team playing on 22 July may have come close.
    Persibaja were the reigning champions of Indonesia (winners in 1951 and 1952;
    Persidja would succeed them in December 1954), while PSMS corresponded closely
    to the Sumatera Utara team which had won the 1953 Pekan Olahraga Nasional.
    The Army/Police selection playing the last match in Medan was officially known
    as Angkatan Bersendjata Republik Indonesia.

Matches in Singapore

Date     Venue                         Hosts                  Score

 1- 8-54 Jalan Besar, Singapore        Singapore "A"           0-7 Grazer AK          [HT: 0-2]
 4- 8-54 Jalan Besar, Singapore        Sino Malays             2-0 Grazer AK          [HT: 1-0]
 7- 8-54 Jalan Besar, Singapore        Combined Services       0-5 Grazer AK          [HT: 0-1]
 8- 8-54 Jalan Besar, Singapore        Singapore               2-6 Grazer AK          [HT: 0-1]

Matches in Burma

Date     Venue                         Hosts                  Score

11- 8-54 Rangoon                       Burma Armed Services    2-0 Grazer AK
14- 8-54 Rangoon                       Burma Civilians         3-0 Grazer AK
16- 8-54 Rangoon                       Burma (BAA Selection)   1-3 Grazer AK

Total record Grazer AK:         22  12  3  7  60-31  27

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