Guinea - List of Champions

Since independence, the first national competition was the Coupe PDG, started in 1960, whose 1963 and 1965 winners qualified for the African Champions Cup of 1964 and 1966 respectively. Later the 2004 cup winners qualified for the 2005 African Champions League (qualifying) as no league was held in that year.

A national league was first organised in 1965/66. Between independence and 1970, teams were formed at district level; only afterwards the district teams were transformed into clubs (e.g. Conakry I to AS Kaloum Stars, Conakry II to Hafia FC and Sily Club de Kindia to Gangan).

before independence

1937    Jeanne d'Arc (Conakry)
1938    Jeanne d'Arc (Conakry)
1939    Jeanne d'Arc (Conakry)
1940-46   not known
1947    Racing Club de Conakry 
1948    Racing Club de Conakry               [runners-up: Anciens Marins]
1949    Racing Club de Conakry 
1950    Société Sportive de Guinée (Conakry) [runners-up: Racing Club de Conakry]
1951    Société Sportive de Guinée (Conakry) [runners-up: Racing Club de Conakry]
1952    Société Sportive de Guinée (Conakry)
1953    Racing Club de Conakry 
1954      not known
1955    Société Sportive de Guinée (Conakry)
1956    Société Sportive de Guinée (Conakry)
1957    Société Sportive de Guinée (Conakry)

NB: first held in 1937; reportedly, Racing Club were record champions

since independence

1965    Conakry II (Conakry)               2-1 Kindia
1966    Conakry II (Conakry)
1967/68 Conakry II (Conakry)
1968/69 Conakry II (Conakry)               4-0 Kankan (Milo FC)
1970    Conakry 2e arrondissement 
1971    Hafia FC (Conakry)
1972    Hafia FC (Conakry)
1973-77   not held
1978    Hafia FC (Conakry)
1979    Hafia FC (Conakry)
1980    AS Kaloum Star (Conakry)           1-0 Gbessia FC
1981    AS Kaloum Star (Conakry)
1982    AS Kaloum Star (Conakry)           2-1 Kakimbo FC 
1983    Hafia FC (Conakry)         1-1 3-3 1-0 Horoya AC (Conakry)
1984    AS Kaloum Star (Conakry)
1985    Hafia FC (Conakry)
1986    Horoya AC (Conakry)
1987    AS Kaloum Star (Conakry)
1988    Horoya AC (Conakry)
1989    Horoya AC (Conakry)
1990    Horoya AC (Conakry)
1991    Horoya AC (Conakry)
1992    Horoya AC (Conakry)
1993    AS Kaloum Star (Conakry)
1994    Horoya AC (Conakry)
1995    AS Kaloum Star (Conakry)
1996    AS Kaloum Star (Conakry)
1997      championship cancelled
1998    AS Kaloum Star (Conakry)
1999      no championship
1999/00 Horoya AC (Conakry)
2001    Horoya AC (Conakry)
2002    Satellite FC (Conakry)
2003    ASFAG (Conakry)
2004    Fello Star (Labé)         [*1]
2005    Satellite FC (Conakry)
2006    Fello Star (Labé)
2007    AS Kaloum Star (Conakry)
2008    Fello Star (Labé)
2008/09 Fello Star (Labé)
2009/10 Fello Star (Labé)
2010/11 Horoya AC (Conakry)
2011/12 Horoya AC (Conakry)
2013    Horoya AC (Conakry)
2013/14 AS Kaloum Star (Conakry)
2014/15 Horoya AC (Conakry)
2015/16 Horoya AC (Conakry)
2016/17 Horoya AC (Conakry)
2017/18 Horoya AC (Conakry)
2018/19 Horoya AC (Conakry)
2019/20 Horoya AC (Conakry)       [*2]
2020/21 Horoya AC (Conakry)
2021/22 Horoya AC (Conakry)
2022/23 Hafia FC (Conakry)

[*1] no league was held in 2004, but Fello Star won the 2004 cup
     competition and thereby gained access to the 2005 CAF Champions 
     League qualifying rounds, for that reason, they are considered 
     champions by the federation
[*2] league abandoned just after halfway stage; leaders Horoya AC
     entered CAF Champions League qualifying rounds and for that
     reason, they are considered champions by the federation

Number of Titles (51)

20 Horoya AC

11 Hafia FC [includes Conakry II]
   AS Kaloum Star [includes Conakry I]

 5 Fello Star (Labé) [includes 2004]

 2 Satellite FC

 1 ASFAG (Conakry)
   Conakry 2e arrondissement [resulted from split Conakry I]

NB: in December 1968 the two federations of Conakry (Conakry I, later known as
    AS Kaloum Star, and Conakry II, later known as Hafia FC) were split as follows:
      Conakry I in 4 teams:
        Conakry 1e arrondissement (Lalaba FC), Conakry 2e arrondissement,
        Conakry 3e arrondissement (Olympic FC), Conakry 4e arrondissement;
      Conakry II in 5 teams:
        Conakry 5e arrondissement (Lumumba FC), Conakry 6e arrondissement,
        Conakry 7e arrondissement, Conakry 8e arrondissement,
        Conakry 9e arrondissement.
     Hafia FC and Horoya AC were dissolved in 1980 and refounded in 1983.

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