India 1937

Durand Cup

Held at Annandale, Simla.


Military participating teams:
 2nd Bn, Border Regiment (Dagshai)
 2nd Bn, East Lancashire Regiment (Kasauli)
 1st Bn, Hampshire Regiment (Rawalpindi)
 28th (A.C.) Squadron, Royal Air Force (Ambala)
 3rd (Corruna) Light Battery, Royal Artillery (Jutogh)
 5th Medium Brigade, Royal Artillery (Sabathu)
 2nd Bn, Royal Scots (Dagshai)
 2nd Bn, The Welch Regiment (Agra)

Civilian participating teams:
 Baltistan FC (Simla)
 City Athletic Club (Calcutta)
 Collegians FC (Simla)
 Government of India Press SC (Simla)
 Mohun Bagan AC (Calcutta)
 Municipal SC (Simla)
 Rovers FC (Solan)
 Shyamsunder FC (Calcutta)
 Young Men's FC (Delhi)

Preliminary round
20-Sep-37 East Lancs     1-0  3rd Light

Round 1
20-Sep-37 Hampshires     6-2  Collegians
21-Sep-37 5th Medium    10-0  Municipal
21-Sep-37 Welch          4-0  Govt Press
22-Sep-37 Border         6-0  Rovers
22-Sep-37 Young Men's    5-0  Baltistan
23-Sep-37 28th Squadron  2-0  City Athletic
23-Sep-37 Royal Scots    w/o  Shyamsunder
25-Sep-37 East Lancs     2-1  Mohun Bagan

Exhibition match
23-Sep-37 Mohun Bagan    1-1  Royal Scots

24-Sep-37 Young Men's    1-0  5th Medium
25-Sep-37 Royal Scots    3-0  Welch
27-Sep-37 Border         1-1  28th Squadron
28-Sep-37 Border         3-0  28th Squadron    [replay]
28-Sep-37 East Lancs     2-0  Hampshires

30-Sep-37 Royal Scots    2-0  Young Men's
30-Sep-37 Border         0-0  East Lancs
 1-Oct-37 Border         3-0  East Lancs       [replay]

 2-Oct-37 Border         3-1  Royal Scots

Subsidiary tournament (consolation)

Round 1
24-Sep-37 Rovers         1-0  Collegians
27-Sep-37 City Athletic  3-0  Municipal
28-Sep-37 3rd Light      4-0  Govt Press
          Baltistan      bye

29-Sep-37 City Athletic  5-0  Rovers
29-Sep-37 3rd Light      2-0  Baltistan

 2-Oct-37 3rd Light      4-0  City Athletic    [AET]



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