India - List of Goa League Champions

Though football is traced to have entered the State of Goa in 1883, the official League began only 68 years later in 1951, under the aegises of Conselho de Desportos headed by Major Faustino Duarte. The league was called the First Division. There was no Super League. The first League champion of Goa was Clube Desportivo de Chinchinim who beat Football Club of Siolim, to clinch the title.

The League continued to be organised by Conselho de Desportos till the season of 1958-59, Clube de Desportos de Vasco da Gama taking the title that year. In 1959, Goa Football Association was established as the official administrative body of football and from that season onwards the league was conducted by GFA. The 1959-60 League was conducted by the GFA and Clube Independente de Margao emerged champions.

Until the 1968-69 season there was no Senior League. The First Division League was considered Senior. The GFA introduced the Senior Division League in 1969-70, which was topmost of Division football. But the league was later abandoned.

In 1970-71 season, apart from the Senior Division League, there came into existence the first division league which was split into two groups, namely the North Zone and South Zone. While the North Zone consisted of teams from Ilhas and Bardez the South Zone accommodated teams from Mormugao and Salcete. From the around 24 teams in the Second Division, just one make it to the First Division League. While there are around 60 teams battling it out in the Third Division, of which two teams are fortunate enough to make it to the next stage. Subsequently, the teams finishing at the bottom of their respective pool, are relegated to other divisions.

In 1977 the Goa Football Association introduced the Super League in the season of 1977-78, with Salgaocar Sports Club clinching the title. With football, globally, continuing to develop at a fast pace, the Goa Football Association, though better late than never, thought it was time to push the game onto another platform. Goa emerged as the first State ever in the country, to go professional with the game and till date it remains the only State in the country, where the status of the game is professional. The first Professional League was launched in the 1998-99 season. The five top teams of the 1997-98 Super League - Churchill Brothers Sports Club, Salgaocar Sports Club, Dempo Sports Club, Vasco Sports Club and VLM Sports Club - automatically qualified for the Pro League which is being sponsored by Shaw Wallace under their flagship brand product, Director Special whisky. The Professional league will have six teams from the 2000-2001 season, after the GFA thought it wise to increase the number and increase the competitiveness factor.

1951-52   Clube Desportivo Chinchinim                bt  FC Siolim
1952-53   Sporting Clube de Goa
1953-54   Clube de Desportos de Vasco da Gama
1954-55   Associacao Desportiva de Velha Goa
1955-56   Clube de Desportos de Vasco da Gama
1956-57   Associacao Desportiva de Velha Goa
1957-58   Grupo Desportivo da Policia
1958-59   Clube de Desportos de Vasco da Gama
1959-60   Clube Independente de Margao
1960-61   Clube Desportivo Salgaocar
1962-63   Salgaocar Sports Club
1963-64   Salgaocar Sports Club
1964-65   Vasco Sports Club
1965-66   Salgaocar Sports Club
1966-67   Vasco Sports Club
1967-68   Sesa Goa Sports Club
1968-69   Vasco Sports Club
1969-70     league not finished
1970-71     league not finished
1971-72   Dempo Sports Club
1972-73   Sesa Goa Sports Club
1973-74   Dempo Sports Club
1974-75   Salgaocar Sports Club
1975-76     not held due to national emergency
1976-77     not held due to national emergency
1977-78   Salgaocar Sports Club
1978-79   Dempo Sports Club
1979-80   Dempo Sports Club
1980-81   Dempo Sports Club
1981-82   Salgaocar Sports Club
1982-83   Salgaocar Sports Club
1983-84   Dempo Sports Club
1984-85   Salgaocar Sports Club
1985-86   Salgaocar Sports Club
1986-87   Dempo Sports Club
1987-88   Dempo Sports Club
1988-89   Salgaocar Sports Club
1989-90   MRF Sports Foundation
1990-91   Salgaocar Sports Club
1991-92   MRF Sports Foundation
1992-93   Salgaocar Sports Club
1993-94   Dempo Sports Club
1994-95   Salgaocar Sports Club
1995-96   Churchill Brothers SC
1996-97   Churchill Brothers SC
1997-98   Churchill Brothers SC
Goa Professional League
1998      Salgaocar Sports Club
1999      Churchill Brothers SC
2000      Churchill Brothers SC
2001      Churchill Brothers SC
2002      Salgaocar Sports Club
2003      Salgaocar Sports Club
2004      Salgaocar Sports Club
2005      Dempo Sports Club
2006      Sporting Clube de Goa   
2007      Dempo Sports Club
2008      Churchill Brothers SC   
2009      Dempo Sports Club
2010/11   Dempo Sports Club
2011      Salgaocar Sports Club
2011/12   Dempo Sports Club
2012/13   Salgaocar Sports Club
2013      Sporting Clube de Goa  
2014/15   Salgaocar Sports Club
2015/16   Sporting Clube de Goa  
2016/17   Salgaocar Sports Club
2017/18   Sporting Clube de Goa  
2018/19   FC Goa
2019/20      Churchill Brothers SC and Sporting Clube de Goa [shared]
2020/21   Sporting Clube de Goa  
2021/22   Dempo Sports Club

Number of Wins:

22 Salgaocar Sports Club

15 Dempo Sports Club

 8 Churchill Brothers SC [1 shared]

 7 Sporting Clube de Goa [1 shared]

 6 Vasco Sports Club 

 2 Associacao Desportiva de Velha Goa
 2 MRF Sports Foundation
 2 Sesa Goa Sports Club

 1 Clube Desportivo Chinchinim
 1 Clube Independente de Margao
 1 FC Goa
 1 Grupo Desportivo da Policia

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