Croatia - List of Champions

list of final tables

Before 1922 - Zagreb league

NB: prior to the establishment of a championship for the Kingdom of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs
    (later Kingdom of Yugoslavia), which was first contested in 1923, there were a number of
    regional leagues, of which the main on currently Croatian territory was that of Zagreb;
    note that the winners were not considered champions of Croatia, just of Zagreb

1912/13   abandoned
1914      abandoned
1915-17   not held
1918    HAŠK and Građanski [apparently shared]
1918/19 Građanski 
1919/20 Građanski 
1920/21 HAŠK               [Hajduk won Split league]
1922    HAŠK               [Hajduk won Split league]

NB: there were also regional championships in Dalmatia 1910-1919

NB: from the 1922/23 season on, the Zagreb league (like other regional leagues) served 
    as qualifier (and later as feeder league) for the national championship of the Kingdom
    of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs (Kingdom of Yugoslavia since 1929).

World War II

1940/41 Hajduk Split
1941      not finished
1941/42 Concordia Zagreb
1942/43 Građanski Zagreb
1943/44   not finished
1946    Hajduk Split

NB: the 1940/41 and 1946 regional Croatian championships served as qualifiers for the 
    Yugoslav championship which eventually was not held.  

Since Independence

1991    Inker Zaprešič    [unofficial championship]
1992    Hajduk Split
1992/93 Croatia Zagreb
1993/94 Hajduk Split
1994/95 Hajduk Split
1995/96 Croatia Zagreb
1996/97 Croatia Zagreb
1997/98 Croatia Zagreb
1998/99 Croatia Zagreb
1999/00 Dinamo Zagreb
2000/01 Hajduk Split
2001/02 Zagreb
2002/03 Dinamo Zagreb
2003/04 Hajduk Split
2004/05 Hajduk Split
2005/06 Dinamo Zagreb
2006/07 Dinamo Zagreb
2007/08 Dinamo Zagreb
2008/09 Dinamo Zagreb
2009/10 Dinamo Zagreb
2010/11 Dinamo Zagreb
2011/12 Dinamo Zagreb
2012/13 Dinamo Zagreb
2013/14 Dinamo Zagreb
2014/15 Dinamo Zagreb
2015/16 Dinamo Zagreb
2016/17 Rijeka
2017/18 Dinamo Zagreb
2018/19 Dinamo Zagreb
2019/20 Dinamo Zagreb
2020/21 Dinamo Zagreb
2021/22 Dinamo Zagreb
2022/23 Dinamo Zagreb

Number of Titles (32; since 1992)

24 Dinamo Zagreb (includes Croatia)

 6 Hajduk Split

 1 Rijeka

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