Malta - List of Scicluna Cup Finals

In an effort to help local clubs in the early post war period, Mr. Carmel Scicluna, owner of the Empire Stadium, and affectionally known as is-Sur Meme', conceived the idea for this new competition. Named the Scicluna Cup in honour of the proposer and donor of the Cup all proceeds from it were shared between the clubs. It was started in season 1949/50 and for the first two seasons all First Division teams participated, divided in two sections, a cup being won by each section winner. From season 1953/54 it became an annual event contested between the League Champions and Trophy Winners. This competition was abolished in 1965/66 when the Stadium management changed hands and replaced by the Testaferrata Cup.
see the overview file for Maltese League Cups and Maltese Super Cups.
Scicluna Cup
Year  Winners                  Runners up               Result
1950  Sliema Wanderers         Hamrun Spartans          2-0   (Section A) [*1]
      Luqa St. Andrews         Hibernians Paola         3-0   (Section B) [*2]
1951  Sliema Wanderers         FC Valletta              3-1   (Section A) [*3]
      Hamrun Spartans          St. George's             4-1   (Section B)
1952  not held
1953  not held
1954  Sliema Wanderers         FC Floriana              1-0
1955  Sliema Wanderers         FC Floriana              1-0
1956  Sliema Wanderers         FC Floriana              1-0
1957  Sliema Wanderers         FC Floriana              1-0
1958  Sliema Wanderers         FC Floriana              2-1
1959  Sliema Wanderers         FC Floriana              1-1
 rep  Sliema Wanderers         FC Floriana              1-1
      Both joint winners, cup held for six month each.
1960  Sliema Wanderers         FC Valletta              2-1
1961  FC Valletta              FC Floriana              3-1
1962  FC Floriana              Hibernians Paola         2-1
1963  FC Floriana              Hibernians Paola         1-0
1964  FC Valletta              FC Floriana              2-0
1965  not held
1966  Sliema Wanderers         FC Floriana              1-0

[*1] Section A consisted of Sliema Wanderers, Floriana, Valletta and Hamrun Spartans
[*2] Section B consisted of Luqa St Andrews, St George's, St Patrick and Hibernians
[*3] Section A semifinal: Sliema Wanderers 4-2 Hibernians

Number of Wins [lost finals between brackets]

Sliema Wanderers   10          (win once held jointly with FC Floriana, once with 
                               Luqa St. Andrews, once with Hamrun Spartans)

FC Floriana         3   [ 8]   (win once held jointly with Sliema Wanderers)

FC Valletta         2   [ 2]   (lost final once held jointly with St. George's)
Hamrun Spartans     1   [ 1]   (win once held jointly with Sliema Wanderers, lost final
                               once with Hibernians Paola)
Luqa St. Andrews    1          (held jointly with Sliema Wanderers)

Hibernians Paola        [ 3]   (once held jointly with Hamrun Spartans)
St. George's            [ 1]   (held jointly with FC Valletta)

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