Netherlands 1890/91

List of Clubs
Administrative Developments
Eerste Klasse
Tweede Klasse
Other Available Match Results
International Activity

List of Clubs

Note that this list includes all clubs mentioned in this document, including a foreign one, but is not necessarily exhaustive.
The short versions of the names on the left hand side are used in this document; an additional indication of the home town is only included if a homonymous club from another town appears in the document as well.
The full names on the right hand side appeared at least once in contemporary publications (usually the "Nederlandsche Sport") but for most clubs other versions appeared as well: in particular, the words "voetbal" and "football" as well as "vereeniging" and "club" were often interchanged, sometimes apparently at random, and while nearly all early Dutch football clubs originated from an older cricket club, the "cricket" part was not always included in the name.
Additional information is most welcome.

All clubs in italics were members of the N.V.A.B. at least at some point during the season.

Amersfoort            = Amersfoortsche Voetbal Club
Amstels F.C.          = Amstels Football Club
A.S.C.                = Amsterdamsche Sportclub
Excelsior A.          = Amsterdamsche Cricket- en Football Club "Excelsior"
Machinisten           = Machinisten Voetbal en Cricket-Vereeniging
Mercurius             = Amsterdamsche Voetbal Club "Mercurius"
Quick                 = Amsterdamsche Cricket en Footballclub "Quick"
R.A.P.                = Amsterdamsche Footballclub "R.U.N. Amstels Progress"
Sparta A.             = Amsterdamsche Cricket- en Football Club "Sparta"
V.V.A.                = Voetbal Vereeniging "Amsterdam"
Victoria A.           = Amsterdamsche Cricket- en Football Club "Victoria"
Volharding            = Amsterdamsche Cricket- en Voetbal Vereeniging "Volharding"
Antwerpen (Belgium)
Antwerp F.C.          = Antwerp Football Club
Robur et Velocitas    = Apeldoornsche Cricket- en Footballvereeniging "Robur et Velocitas"
Vitesse               = Cricket en Football Club "Vitesse"
Cadetten              = Cadetten Voetbal-Vereeniging "Quick"                               [army]
Leonidas              = Bussumsche Voetbal Club "Leonidas"                                 [1]
D.S.V.V.              = Delftsche Studenten Voetbal-Vereeniging                            [2]
D.F.C.                = Dordrechtsche Footballclub  
Den Haag (official name: 's-Gravenhage)
H.V.V.                = Haagsche Voetbalvereeniging
Excelsior H.          = Haarlemsche Football Club "Excelsior"                              [3]
H.F.C.                = Haarlemsche Football-Club
Haarlem               = Haarlemsche Cricket- en Football Club "Haarlem"
E.M.M.                = Eendracht Maakt Macht
Gooisch Elftal          [presumably an ad hoc combination]
Hercules H.
Hilversum             = Hilversumsche Football Club
Achilles              = Leidsche Cricket- en Football-Club "Achilles"
Quick Step            = Nijmeegsche Cricket- en Football Club "Quick Step"                  [4]
Concordia             = Rotterdamsche Cricket- en Football-Club "Concordia"
Olympia               = Rotterdamsche Cricket- en Football-Club "Olympia"
Rapiditas             = Rotterdamsche Cricket- en Football-Club "Rapiditas"
Sparta R.             = Rotterdamsche Cricket- en Football-Club "Sparta"
Victoria R.           = Rotterdamsche Cricket- en Football-Club "Victoria"
Hermes                = Schiedamsche Cricket- en Football-Club "Hermes"
Hercules U.           = Utrechtsche Football Club "Hercules"
Sportclub Noorthey    = Voorschotensche Sportclub Noorthey
Go Ahead              = Wageningsche Cricket- en Football-Club "Go-Ahead"

[1] Founded on Nov 6, 1890.
[2] Founded on Nov 5, 1889.
[3] Dissolved on Oct 11, 1890.
[4] Founded as cricket club on Aug 30, 1885.

Administrative Developments

On Oct 5, 1890, the "Nederlandsche Voetbal- en Athletieke Bond" held a meeting at café "Zomerzorg" in Leiden at which the following clubs were represented: H.F.C. (Haarlem), R.A.P. (Amsterdam), H.V.V. (Den Haag), V.V.A. (Amsterdam), Concordia (Rotterdam), Olympia (Rotterdam), Victoria (Rotterdam), Achilles (Leiden), D.S.V.V. (Delft), Mercurius (Amsterdam) and Machinisten (Amsterdam).

At this meeting, the regulations for the first ever official league season were discussed. The main decisions taken were:

Eerste Klasse: all clubs have to meet all others at least once and at most twice; ranking to be based on points/match ratio among those clubs who fulfilled that condition.
Tweede Klasse: competition in knock-out format, first restricted to clubs from the same city, then between the best of each city within a province, and finally matches between the provincial winners to determine the champions (as was customary in Dutch cricket); reserve sides are not allowed to enter.
Promotion: the winners of the Tweede Klasse may challenge a club of the Eerste Klasse of its choice; if the second class champions win that match, they are promoted;
however, in addition every second class club has the right to be promoted if during the season it twice plays a club from the first class without losing.
Relegation: any first class club failing to obtain at least two points from its matches is relegated to the second class.

Three weeks later, on Oct 26, 1890, at an extraordinary meeting at Hotel "De Baars", Slagveld 11, Rotterdam, at which the main item of discussion was membership fees (it became known as the kwartjesvergadering), these regulations were amended as follows:

Eerste Klasse: in order to win the championship, a club has to play at least eight matches, and meet each of the others at least once (and at most twice); as there were six first class clubs left at the time (Excelsior of Haarlem had been dissolved on Oct 11, 1890) that meant only those to have played eight, nine or ten matches could become champions; between those, the first ranking criterium was to be the points/match ratio, the second goal difference (as opposed to the goal average rule then commonly used in Britain): "het getal der goals tegen wordt van dat der goals voor afgetrokken".
To the best of our knowledge, this was the first time worldwide that goal difference was officially used as a tie-breaker (although it would not be applicable at the end of the season, as all five remaining clubs played eight matches and obtained a different number of points).
Tweede Klasse: apart from reserve teams, also student clubs cannot enter (because of rules allowing them to use players of other clubs).
Promotion: for the winners of the Tweede Klasse, it is sufficient to obtain a draw against a club of the Eerste Klasse of its choice (as opposed to being obliged to win, as before) in order to be promoted.

Also at this meeting, president Mulier requested to have the result of the only first class match played until then (his club H.F.C. having lost 0-5 at H.V.V. one week before) annulled; this was (unanimously) rejected.

After the withdrawal of V.V.A. at the beginning of February, a special board meeting on Feb 8, 1891 in Haarlem reduced the minimal number of matches required to claim the championship from eight to seven.

At the end of the season, a board meeting in Utrecht on Apr 23, 1891, confirmed the regulations on promotion and relegation, implying V.V.A. were relegated.
However, at the general assembly ten days later in the same town, those present first voted to admit second class champions Victoria to the first class, based on their win against Concordia early in the season, and then also to readmit V.V.A.
On that matter, the correspondent of the "Nederlandsche Sport" had a premonition: "Het is te hopen dat de heer Jibben, die het voorstel deed, de krachten zijner vereeniging niet heeft overschat, en dat de leden der V.V.A. zich het vertrouwen, dat de Bondsvergadering in hen heeft gesteld, waardig zullen maken." His doubts would be confirmed during the next season, in which V.V.A. were dissolved following another walk off (in their first match, as in their only match in 1890/91) and two double digit defeats, including a 0-12 at H.F.C. in their last ever match.

Eerste Klasse

This was the first official national league competition outside of the British Isles – in fact, Ireland, Scotland and Wales also started their league history in the 1890/91 season; only England had inaugurated its First Division two seasons before, and a city league in Copenhagen was first held in 1889/90, albeit as a single round robin only.
V.V.A., one of the most active clubs in the previous three football seasons, was severely weakened following the departure, in April 1890, of three of its players, viz. F.N. Eyrond, George Philip Rust jr. and George Hendrik Jurrjens (also a reputed rower), to Transvaal; Rust, one of the club's founding members in 1887, died in Pretoria on Oct 5, 1890, five weeks before his 23rd birthday; Jurrjens also died young in Pretoria, on Jan 13, 1904, three days before his 38th birthday. Both Jurrjens and Rust had played in the "championship decider" against H.F.C. on Apr 1, 1888.

Final Table:

 1.H.V.V. (Den Haag)              8   6  1  1  17- 3  13  Champions
 2.H.F.C. (Haarlem)               8   4  2  2  18-11  10
 3.R.A.P. (Amsterdam)             8   2  5  1  10- 7   9
 4.Olympia (Rotterdam)            8   2  2  4   7-22   6
 5.Concordia (Rotterdam)          8   0  2  6   1-10   2
 -.V.V.A. (Amsterdam)             withdrew                Relegated
 -.Excelsior (Haarlem)            dissolved before start competition

NB: as V.V.A. had not obtained the necessary 2 points, they were officially
    relegated; however, they were reinstated in the Eerste Klasse on May 3,
    at the bondsvergadering in Utrecht.

[Oct 19, 1890; Wielerbaan, Scheveningen]
H.V.V.              5-0 H.F.C.              
  [a request by Mulier not to count this match for the championship (thus
   effectively demanding a replay) was rejected on Oct 26; as the first
   ever first class match, it set a new record for the highest win]

[Nov 9, 1890; cavalerie-kazerne, Kleverlaan, Haarlem]
H.F.C.              1-3 R.A.P.              
[Nov 9, 1890; Wielerbaan, Scheveningen]
H.V.V.              3-0 Olympia             

[Nov 16, 1890; Rotterdam]
Concordia           0-1 H.V.V.              

[Nov 30, 1890; Amsterdam]
R.A.P.              3-0 V.V.A.              [abandoned in 73']
  [V.V.A. walked off with 17 minutes left in protest against the third goal;
   this was their last match in Eerste Klasse until Nov 29, 1891, almost
   exactly one year later, when again they would walk off after conceding a
   goal, then against H.V.V.]

[Dec 21, 1890; Amsterdam]
R.A.P.              1-1 Olympia             
  [on a snow-covered field, R.A.P. scored from a rugby-like scrimmage 
   with less than five minutes left, but the match ended in the first
   ever draw in Dutch first class football thanks to a last minute goal
   by Olympia which was vehemently contested by several R.A.P. players
   claiming off-side, but as the reporter in the "Nederlandsche Sport"
   ("H.C.", apparently also the match referee (H.E.P. Coops)) remarked:
   "de off-sideregel stelt zulke verbazende eischen aan het waarnemings-
    vermogen der scheidsrechters, dat in dat opzicht verschil van opinie
    zal heerschen tot den laatsten voetbalwedstrijd."]

Table at winter break (included abandoned match Nov 30):

 1.H.V.V. (Den Haag)              3   3  0  0   9- 0   6
 2.R.A.P. (Amsterdam)             3   2  1  0   7- 2   5
 3.Olympia (Rotterdam)            2   0  1  1   1- 4   1
 4.Concordia (Rotterdam)          1   0  0  1   0- 1   0
 5.V.V.A. (Amsterdam)             1   0  0  1   0- 3   0
 6.H.F.C. (Haarlem)               2   0  0  2   1- 8   0
 -.Excelsior (Haarlem)            dissolved before start competition

NB: due to a spell of severe winter weather, no matches were played in January;
    during this winter, 221 men and 6 women completed the Elfstedentocht, over
    a period of more than a month; on Dec 20, 1890, N.V.A.B. president Mulier
    finished the two hundred kilometres in a time of 12 hours and 55 minutes.

[Feb 1, 1891; Rotterdam]
Concordia           0-1 Olympia             

NB: V.V.A. withdrew from the competition at the beginning of February;
    the result of their (abandoned) match against R.A.P. was annulled.

[Feb 8, 1891; Haarlem]
H.F.C.              0-0 Concordia           

[Feb 15, 1891; Den Haag]
H.V.V.              1-1 R.A.P.              

Table (Feb 16):

 1.H.V.V. (Den Haag)              4   3  1  0  10- 1   7
 2.R.A.P. (Amsterdam)             3   1  2  0   5- 3   4
 3.Olympia (Rotterdam)            3   1  1  1   2- 4   3
 4.Concordia (Rotterdam)          3   0  1  2   0- 2   1
 5.H.F.C. (Haarlem)               3   0  1  2   1- 8   1
 -.V.V.A. (Amsterdam)             withdrew
 -.Excelsior (Haarlem)            dissolved before start competition

[Feb 22, 1891; Malieveld, Den Haag]
Olympia             1-4 H.V.V.              
  [note that also the first match between those two clubs, on Nov 9, had been
   hosted by H.V.V.; Olympia renounced on hosting the return because of the
   poor condition of the ground in Rotterdam]

[Mar 1, 1891; Amsterdam]
R.A.P.              1-1 H.F.C.              
[Mar 1, 1891; Wielerbaan, Scheveningen]
H.V.V.              2-0 Concordia           

[Mar 8, 1891; Haarlem]
H.F.C.              1-0 H.V.V.              

[Mar 15, 1891; achter den Heuvel, aan den ouden Delfhavenschen weg, Rotterdam]
Olympia             1-0 Concordia           

[Mar 22, 1891; Rotterdam]
Olympia             1-1 R.A.P.              

[Mar 29, 1891; Amsterdam]
R.A.P.              0-1 H.V.V.              
  [Gisolf 0-1; half-time: 0-0]
  [this win guaranteed H.V.V. the championship; a draw would have been sufficient]
  [R.A.P.: Deuffer Wiel; Oldenboom, Djing; Schröder (c), Weijerman, V.d. Linde;
           F. Reisiger, Jibben, Koopman, J. Reisiger, Kampers;
   H.V.V.: Brouwers; C. Nolet, Hartzfeld; Roeland, Van Deinse, V.d. Bosch;
           Hartog, Gisolf (c), Koster, Weinthal, W. Coops;
   ref: Th. Roeland]
[Mar 29, 1891; Rotterdam]
Concordia           0-2 H.F.C.              [played in the morning (kick-off 11 am)]
  [match abandoned at 0-2 during the second half when Concordia, who had started
   the match with ten players, were reduced to four or five players following a
   prolonged rain interruption and the disappearance of several reluctant players;
   result stood]
Olympia             2-4 H.F.C.              [played in the afternoon]
  [nine months later, on Dec 27, 1891, H.F.C. would again play a double-header in
   Rotterdam, but then with less success (losing both matches 2-6 on aggregate)]

Table (Mar 30):

 1.H.V.V. (Den Haag)              8   6  1  1  17- 3  13  Champions
 2.H.F.C. (Haarlem)               7   3  2  2   9-11   8
 3.R.A.P. (Amsterdam)             6   1  4  1   7- 6   6
 4.Olympia (Rotterdam)            7   2  2  3   7-13   6
 5.Concordia (Rotterdam)          6   0  1  5   0- 7   1
 -.V.V.A. (Amsterdam)             withdrew
 -.Excelsior (Haarlem)            dissolved before start competition

At this point, H.V.V. had fulfilled all the conditions to be proclaimed champions:
they had played the required number of matches (seven after V.V.A. had withdrawn)
and none of the other clubs could better their points/match ratio.

[Apr 5, 1891; Amsterdam]
R.A.P.              2-0 Concordia           

[Apr 12, 1891; Haarlem]
H.F.C.              9-0 Olympia             
  [thanks to this win, H.F.C. erased their own 0-5 loss against H.V.V from the
   record books]

[Apr 19, 1891; Rotterdam]
Concordia           1-1 R.A.P.              
  [thanks to this draw, Concordia avoided relegation]

Final Table:

 1.H.V.V. (Den Haag)              8   6  1  1  17- 3  13  Champions
 2.H.F.C. (Haarlem)               8   4  2  2  18-11  10
 3.R.A.P. (Amsterdam)             8   2  5  1  10- 7   9
 4.Olympia (Rotterdam)            8   2  2  4   7-22   6
 5.Concordia (Rotterdam)          8   0  2  6   1-10   2
 -.V.V.A. (Amsterdam)             withdrew                Relegated
 -.Excelsior (Haarlem)            dissolved before start competition

NB: as V.V.A. had not obtained the necessary 2 points, they were officially
    relegated; however, they were reinstated in the Eerste Klasse on May 3,
    at the bondsvergadering in Utrecht.

Cross-Table:                                home records:            away records:
            HVV HFC RAP Oly Con  VVA    HP HW HD HL  HF HA HPts  AP AW AD AL  AF AA APts
H.V.V.      xxx 5-0 1-1 3-0 2-0          5  4  1  0  15- 2   9    3  2  0  1   2- 1   4
H.F.C.      1-0 xxx 1-3 9-0 0-0          4  2  1  1  11- 3   5    4  2  1  1   7- 8   5
R.A.P.      0-1 1-1 xxx 1-1 2-0  3a0     4  1  2  1   4- 3   4    4  1  3  0   6- 4   5
Olympia     1-4 2-4 1-1 xxx 1-0          3  1  1  1   4- 5   3    5  1  1  3   3-17   3
Concordia   0-1 0-2 1-1 0-1 xxx          4  0  1  3   1- 5   1    4  0  1  3   0- 5   1
VVA                              xxx
NB: Olympia-H.V.V. was played in Den Haag and thus counted as a home match for H.V.V.;
    result of abandoned and annulled match of V.V.A. against R.A.P. not included;
    3a0 indicates match abandoned at 3-0.

Tweede Klasse

This was the first ever national second class competition worldwide; after two knock-out competitions in this season and the next, it was held for the first time in league format in 1892/93, the season in which the League Division Two was inaugurated in England; in Scotland, a national second division was first contested in 1893/94.

Original Set-Up:

First Stage (Eerste Afdeeling) [to be played until Nov 17]
Amstels F.C.         -  Volharding         
Mercurius            -  Machinisten
Victoria R.          -  Sportclub Noorthey
D.S.V.V.             -  Achilles   
Robur et Velocitas   -  Go Ahead
Hercules U.          -  Amersfoortsche V.C.
Vitesse (Arnhem)    bye

Second Stage (Tweede Afdeeling) [to be played until Dec 29]
Amstels/Volharding   -  Mercurius/Machinisten
Victoria/Noorthey    -  D.S.V.V./Achilles 
Robur et V./Go Ahead -  Vitesse
Hercules/Amersfoort bye

Third Stage (Derde Afdeeling) [to be played until Jan 19]
winners Noord-Holland-  winners Utrecht
winners Zuid-Holland -  winners Gelderland

Final (Vierde Afdeeling) [to be played until Feb 16]

Following the extraordinary meeting on Oct 26, the D.S.V.V. were removed
from the Tweede Klasse (as a student club), giving Achilles a bye to the
second stage.

After a number of clubs, mostly from Amsterdam, had left the N.V.A.B. (but
also Noorthey and Vitesse renounced on the competition), two new clubs were
admitted (Haarlem and Sparta R.) while fixtures and deadlines were amended.

Eventually the following matches were played:

First Stage

[Nov 16, 1890; Amsterdam]
Amstels F.C.       10-1 Volharding 
  [this match had been fixtured for the first stage but eventually was
   not part of the competition as both clubs withdrew from the N.V.A.B.;
   ironically it may have been the only match played before the original
   deadline (although probably Hercules had thrashed Amersfoort before)]

[before Nov 22, 1890; Amersfoort]
Amersfoort         1-15 Hercules U. 
  [according to the Apr 18, 1891 issue of the "Nederlandsche Sport", this
   match was played on Nov 22, 1890; however, this cannot be correct as 
   the result was already published (without date) in the Nov 22, 1890
   issue of that magazine; most likely the match was played on Nov 9]

[Nov 23, 1890; Rotterdam]
Victoria R.         abd Sparta R.         
  [abandoned at 1-0 after half an hour due to unplayable pitch; Sparta
   entered instead of Sportclub Noorthey, who had withdrawn]

[Dec 7, 1890; cavalerie-kazerne, Kleverlaan, Haarlem]
Haarlem             3-0 Machinisten         
  [Haarlem entered instead of Mercurius, who had withdrawn]
[Dec 7, 1890; Wageningen]
Go Ahead            n/p Robur et Velocitas  [forbidden]
  [match forbidden by the mayor of Wageningen, who considered the event was
   a public amusement (als behoorende tot de publieke vermakelijkheden)]

[Dec 14, 1890; Wageningen]
Go Ahead            4-0 Robur et Velocitas  
  [apparently the mayor had reconsidered his stance]

[Mar 1, 1891; Rotterdam]
Sparta R.           0-2 Victoria R.         [replay Nov 23]

At the beginning of March, Achilles declared they would not play any more
matches that season, thereby withdrawing from the Tweede Klasse and giving
Victoria a bye to the semi-final stage.

Second Stage

Go Ahead            bye (Vitesse withdrew)
Haarlem             bye (no other clubs from Noord-Holland left)
Hercules U.         bye (as by the original set-up)
Victoria R.         bye (Achilles withdrew)

Third Stage (Semi-finals)

Note that the semi-finals were rearranged (already in November 1890);
according to the original set-up, Haarlem should have played Hercules
and Victoria Go Ahead.  The rearranged matches, as published on Nov 22,
required less travelling.

[Mar 15, 1891; aan den voet van den Wageningschen berg, Lexkesmeer]
Go Ahead            3-1 Hercules U.         

[Mar 22, 1891; Haarlem]
Haarlem             2-3 Victoria R.         


[Apr 12, 1891; Rotterdam]
Victoria R.         3-0 Go Ahead            

Technically, Victoria would now have had to challenge an arbitrary club
from the Eerste Klasse and avoid a loss in that match to be promoted;
however, as the football season had come to an end, such a match could
not be arranged anymore; thus, they requested admittance to the Eerste
Klasse at the bondsvergadering in Utrecht on May 3, arguing that they
had already defeated an Eerste Klasse club (Concordia) on Oct 19; the
subsequent vote admitted them to the Eerste Klasse.

Other Available Match Results

NB: includes matches by reserve sides, but not those involving "adspiranten";
    additional information is welcome.

[Sep 28, 1890; achter het Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam]
Sparta A.           4-1 Victoria A.

[Oct 5, 1890; Amsterdam]
Amstels F.C. II     0-0 Victoria A.

[Oct 12, 1890; achter het Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam]
Sparta A.           2-2 Excelsior A.

[Oct 19, 1890; Amsterdam]
R.A.P.              7-0 Quick  
[Oct 19, 1890; Rotterdam]
Victoria R.         3-2 Concordia
  [this match was not part of any league when it was played but its result
   would later be used (after Victoria had won the Tweede Klasse) to promote
   Victoria to the Eerste Klasse]

[Oct 26, 1890; Utrecht]
Hercules U.         4-1 Go Ahead

[Nov 2, 1890; Amsterdam]
R.A.P. II           3-1 Hilversum           
[Nov 2, 1890; Den Haag]
H.V.V. II           abd Sparta R.           [abandoned at 0-0 at half-time due
                                             to unplayable pitch]
[Nov 9, 1890; Rotterdam]       
Victoria R. II      1-4 Rapiditas 

[Nov 16, 1890; Bussum]
Leonidas            0-2 Amersfoort          
[Nov 16, 1890; Haarlem]
Haarlem II          1-1 Sparta A.
[Nov 16, 1890; Rotterdam]
Sparta R.           3-0 Achilles
[Nov 16, 1890; Utrecht]
Hercules U.         4-1 Quick 

[Nov 23, 1890; Amsterdam]
V.V.A.              3-3 Hercules U.         
  [following this draw, Hercules needed one more positive result against
   a first class club to obtain promotion; however, they would not play
   any such club later in the season]
Quick               4-0 Hercules U. II

[Dec 7, 1890; Den Haag]
H.V.V. II           5-0 Achilles

[Feb 8, 1891; Koekamp, Haarlem]
Hercules H.         1-3 Amstels F.C.
[Feb 8, 1891; Rotterdam]
Olympia             4-0 Victoria R.
  [had Victoria at least drawn this match, they would have entered the Eerste
   Klasse, with three points, thanks to their win on Oct 19 against Concordia]

[Feb 15, 1891; Amsterdam]
R.A.P. II           2-1 H.F.C. II
Sparta A.           1-1 Haarlem II

[Feb 22, 1891; achter het Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam]
Sparta A.           0-6 Volharding

[Mar 1, 1891; Utrecht]
Hercules U.         2-1 Machinisten

[Mar 8, 1891; Hilversum]
E.M.M. II           1-3 Sparta A.           
[Mar 8, 1891; Nijmegen]
Quick Step          n/p Noviomagum          [Noviomagum declined to play]

[Mar 15, 1891; Hilversum]
Gooisch Elftal      2-4 R.A.P. II           
[Mar 15, 1891; Nijmegen]
Quick Step          n/p D.F.C.              [D.F.C. declined to play]

[Mar 22, 1891; Amsterdam]
Volharding II       1-1 Amstels F.C. II     
Volharding          6-0 Quick II

[Mar 27, 1891; Amsterdam]
Volharding II       4-3 Sparta A. II

[Mar 29?, 1891; Amsterdam]
Quick               1-2 H.F.C. II
[Mar 29, 1891; Schiedam]
Hermes              abd Rapiditas           [abandoned at 0-0 due to disagreements]

[Mar 30, 1891; Den Haag]
H.V.V.              1-0 Rotterdam XI

[Apr 2, 1891; cavalerie-kazerne, Kleverlaan, Haarlem]
Haarlem II          0-3 Amstels F.C. II     

[Apr 5, 1891; Rotterdam]
Sparta R.           3-2 H.V.V. II
Rapiditas           2-1 Victoria R. II

[Apr 11, 1891; Hilversum]
Hercules H. II      1-1 Union 

[Apr 12, 1891;  Amsterdam]
Quick               0-3 Amstels F.C.
[Apr 12, 1891; Rotterdam]
Sparta R.           5-0 Rapiditas/Hollandia

[Apr 19, 1891; achter het Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam]
V.V.A.              0-6 H.F.C. 
  [note that at this point V.V.A. was considered to be a Tweede Klasse club;
   they would be reinstated at the top level two weeks later]
[Apr 19, 1891; Rotterdam]
Olympia II          2-3 Rapiditas/Hollandia

International Activity

Antwerp/Rotterdam matches

As in the previous season, Antwerp F.C. travelled to Breda to play a club side from Rotterdam. In March they had played Concordia there; this season they met both Olympia and Concordia, losing twice.

[Oct 26, 1890; Breda]
Olympia             2-1 Antwerp F.C.    
  [Little 0-1; J. Bakker 1-1; Roussel 2-1; half-time: 0-1]
  [Olympia: M. v.d. Laan; Bicker Caarten (c), Feltmann; Van Gilse, Timmermans,
            Hooykaas; J. Bakker, Ameyden van Duym, A. v.d. Laan, Roussel, Kan;
   Antwerp: Bushby; Boger, Debenham; Howden, W. Hermann, G. Allan;
            King, Jones (c), Little, Price, E. Hermann;
   ref: J.G. Vaes]

[Nov 9, 1890; achter de kazerne, Breda]
Concordia           5-0 Antwerp F.C.    
  [A. Schuld 1-0, A. Schuld 2-0, Brans 3-0, Meijer 4-0,
   Bijstra (or Van Lanschot) 5-0; half-time: 2-0]
  [Concordia: C. Schuld; Valken, Van der Burg; V.d. Linden, Bijstra, N.N.;
              v.d. Ende, Meijer (c), A. Schuld, Van Lanschot, Brans;
   Antwerp: Price; Boger, Nirrenheim; Fichtel; Jones (c), Howden, Allan,
            Hermann; Antwerp showed with eight players only]



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