Netherlands 1892/93

List of Clubs
Administrative Developments
Eerste Klasse
Tweede Klasse
Other Available Match Results
International Activity

List of Clubs

Note that this list includes all clubs mentioned in this document, including a number of foreign ones, but is not necessarily exhaustive.
The short versions of the names on the left hand side are used in this document; an additional indication of the home town is only included if a homonymous club from another town appears in the document as well.
The full names on the right hand side appeared at least once in contemporary publications (usually the "Nederlandsche Sport") but for most clubs other versions appeared as well: in particular, the words "voetbal" and "football" as well as "vereeniging" and "club" were often interchanged, sometimes apparently at random, and while nearly all early Dutch football clubs originated from an older cricket club, the "cricket" part was not always included in the name.
Additional information is most welcome.

All clubs in italics were members of the N.V.A.B. at least at some point during the season.

Amersfoort            = Amersfoortsche Voetbal Club
A.A.C.                = Amsterdamsche Athletische Club
Quick A.              = Amsterdamsche Cricket en Footballclub "Quick"
R.A.P.                = Amsterdamsche Footballclub "R.U.N. Amstels Progress"
Antwerpen (Belgium)
Antwerp F.C.          = Antwerp Football Club
Robur et Velocitas    = Apeldoornsche Cricket- en Footballvereeniging "Robur et Velocitas"
Vitesse               = Cricket en Football Club "Vitesse"
Cadetten              = Cadetten Voetbal-Vereeniging "Quick"                               [army]
D.S.V.V.              = Delftsche Studenten Voetbal-Vereeniging
D.F.C.                = Dordrechtsche Footballclub  
Olympia               = Cricket-Voetbal Vereeniging Olympia
Den Haag (official name: 's-Gravenhage)
H.V.V.                = Haagsche Voetbalvereeniging
H.F.C.                = Haarlemsche Football-Club
Haarlem               = Haarlemsche Cricket- en Football Club "Haarlem"
Harwich (England)
H.P.F.C.              = Harwich & Parkeston Football Club
Den Helder (Willemsoord)
Adelborsten           = Adelborsten Voetbal Vereeniging "Concordia"                        [navy]
Gooisch Elftal          [presumably an ad hoc combination]
De Goeje's XI           [selection of Leiden students]
Londen (London, England)
Stanley               = Stanley Football Club
Nottingham (England)
Nottingham Forest     = Nottingham Forest Football Club
Nijmeegsche F.C.       = Nijmeegsche Football Club
Quick N.              = Nijmeegsche Cricket- en Football Club "Quick"
Quick Step            = Nijmeegsche Cricket- en Football Club "Quick Step"
Kralingen             = Cricket- en Football Club "Kralingen"
R.C. en V.V.          = Rotterdamsche Cricket en Voetbal Vereeniging
Rapiditas             = Rotterdamsche Cricket- en Football-Club "Rapiditas"
Sparta                = Rotterdamsche Cricket- en Football-Club "Sparta"
Victoria              = Rotterdamsche Cricket- en Football-Club "Victoria"
Hermes                = Schiedamsche Cricket- en Football-Club "Hermes"
Voorwaarts            = Tielsche Voetbal-Vereeniging "Voorwaarts"
Hercules              = Utrechtsche Football Club "Hercules"
Go Ahead              = Wageningsche Cricket- en Football-Club "Go-Ahead"

Administrative Developments

At the general meeting on Oct 9, 1892, at café "Brinkman", Groote Markt, Haarlem, a proposal by J.W. de Goeje, eerste secretaris of the N.V.A.B., to arrange a fixture list for the Eerste Klasse was rejected, in spite of support by Mulier and Coops. This proved to have serious repercussions as the season progressed.
At the same meeting it was also decided, upon a request by Haarlem, to set up the Tweede Klasse in the same way as the Eerste Klasse, i.e. to have the clubs play a double round robin (meeting each other home and away) rather than a knock-out tournament. (Go Ahead of Wageningen had already made this suggestion in April 1892, at the end of the previous season.)
Finally, this meeting decided that in case a club withdrew from the competition (V.V.A. from Amsterdam had done so in each of the first two Eerste Klasse seasons), its matches were to remain valid provided it had played each of the other clubs at least once; if one of the other clubs had met the withdrawing club twice, only the first match was to count. Eventually this new rule was applied in both the Eerste Klasse and the Tweede Klasse, as in both a club withdrew (again, in both cases, from Amsterdam).

At a board meeting on Feb 3, 1893, also at café "Brinkman" in Haarlem, it was decided that the Cup offered by the Sunlight Soap company would be won by the Eerste Klasse club finishing the season with the best goal average.

At a board meeting on Apr 23, 1893, in Leiden, it was decided not to award the championship medal, nor the Sunlight Cup (for best goal average), as the prescribed number of matches had not been played; in addition, Victoria, having failed to obtain a single point from its seven matches, were excluded from the Eerste Klasse for the 1893/94 season. The board also agreed to acknowledge Sparta as champions of the Tweede Klasse, and to propose to the general assembly (on May 14) to promote both Sparta (in case of an unfavourable result in the promotion match against Victoria played on the same day as that board meeting) and runners-up Go Ahead to the Eerste Klasse.

At the general meeting concluding the season, held on May 14, 1893 in Utrecht at "het Haagsche Koffiehuis", Vreeburg, H. Gerth van Wijk insisted H.F.C. were entitled to the Sunlight Cup, stating the reason the league was not concluded was the unwillingness of H.V.V. and R.C. en V.V. to play matches without some of their first choice players. (He omitted to mention that H.F.C. cancelled several matches themselves because of not being able to field a team, did not play their second match until mid-February, and that the slow start of the season was mostly due to the fact that neither R.A.P. nor H.F.C. had secured a venue at which to host matches.) His proposal to award H.F.C. the Sunlight Cup was narrowly rejected (9 votes against, 8 in favour, 6 abstentions).
The next vote was on the proposal by the N.V.A.B. board to promote Tweede Klasse runners-up Go Ahead; this was accepted with 17 votes in favour and 6 abstentions. Finally, the N.V.A.B. board proposed to readmit Victoria to the Eerste Klasse, given their draw against Sparta in the promotion match (which had been enough for Sparta to clinch promotion). This also was accepted, by 21 votes in favour and 2 abstentions.
Then, G. Koolemans Beijnen addressed the assembly on behalf of H.V.V., who demanded that the match they played at H.F.C. (on Feb 26) be declared invalid; this was rejected ("by 26 votes, including 15 abstentions" – the arithmetic behind this is not entirely clear).

Finally, on Jun 11, 1893, there was another meeting, at café "Zomerzorg" in Leiden, at which, after discussions on voting procedures and deciding that clubs forfeiting a match would in the future be awarded 0-5 losses, Mulier suggested, after a long litany of other complaints and requests, that H.F.C. be awarded the championship title "for having tried so hard to finish the season", by putting forward the following motion: "De Vergadering, nader kennis genomen hebbende van de moeite die de H.F.C. zich getroost heeft om het seizoen ten einde te brengen, verzoekt het bestuur die vereeniging nog als kampioen te erkennen."
As this clearly contradicted existing regulations, nobody agreed with that; instead the following text suggested by L.J. Wijnands (R.A.P.) was approved (unanimously – H.V.V. were not represented at the meeting): "De Vergadering, betreurende dat de handelingen van de Haagsche V.V. oorzaak zijn geweest van het terugtrekken van R.A.P., het niet kunnen spelen van de H.F.C. en dus van het niet toekennen van het kampioenschap, gaat over tot de orde van den dag."
It was thus explicitly stated that no championship was awarded, and that H.V.V. were to be blamed for that.
Mulier then once more broached the topic of the Sunlight Cup, and got the meeting to accept the following motion (grudgingly, by 6 votes to 4): "Indien de Sunlight Soap Co nog geneigd is den beker voor dit jaar af te staan, komt hij in 't bezit der H.F.C.". Eventually the zonlichtzeepbeker was handed to H.F.C. on Sep 20, 1893.

Eerste Klasse

Final Table:

 1.H.F.C. (Haarlem)               5   3  2  0  23- 7   8
 2.H.V.V. (Den Haag)              6   3  1  2  11-13   7
 3.R.C. en V.V. (Rotterdam)       6   2  2  2   8-11   6
 4.Victoria (Rotterdam)           7   0  0  7   5-27   0  Relegated
 -.R.A.P. (Amsterdam)            withdrew;
   record at withdrawal:          4   3  1  0  18- 7   7

No champions were declared as only Victoria had played the minimal number of
matches (7) necessary to claim the title, without any points to show for it.

[Nov 13, 1892; Malieveld, Den Haag]
H.V.V.              5-0 Victoria            
  [this was exactly the same result as in the first match of the 1891/92 season]

[Dec 18, 1892; Den Haag]
R.A.P.              4-1 H.V.V.              
  [played in Den Haag as R.A.P. did not have a suitable ground to host the match;
   when this match was played, it was explicitly mentioned that also the return
   match would be played in Den Haag (it was last announced for Mar 26 but two
   days before that match, H.V.V., the hosts, cancelled it, on utterly spurious
[Dec 18, 1892; Rotterdam]
Victoria            1-2 R.C. en V.V.        [after protest; originally 1-3]

[Dec 25, 1892; Haarlem]
H.F.C.              4-4 R.A.P.              

[Dec 26, 1892; Amsterdam]
R.A.P.              n/p Victoria            
  [R.A.P. had cancelled this match on Dec 25, after their match in Haarlem, by
   telegram; as the secretary of Victoria was not in town, Victoria travelled to
   Amsterdam regardless; R.A.P. were unable to field a representative team but
   a friendly match was played, over 45 minutes, which was won 5-0 by R.A.P.;
   Merry Christmas, Victoria! – or as the correspondent of the "Nederlandsche
   Sport" understated: "dit voor Victoria allesbehalve aangename incident"]

NB: more than two months into the season, only four matches had been played!

[Jan 29, 1893; Den Haag]
H.V.V.              2-2 R.C. en V.V.        

[Feb 5, 1893; Rotterdam]
Victoria            2-4 R.A.P.              

[Feb 12, 1893; Haarlem]
H.F.C.              1-1 R.C. en V.V.        
  [this was the second match of H.F.C. – three months into the season]
[Feb 12, 1893; achter den Heuvel, aan den ouden Delfhavenschen weg, Rotterdam]
Victoria            0-2 H.V.V.              
  [H.V.V. had tried to persuade Victoria to play the return match in Den Haag,
   at the Malieveld, where they had already played the first match of the season,
   but Victoria declined to relinquish home advantage as R.A.P. had done]

[Feb 26, 1893; Haarlem]
H.F.C.              7-0 H.V.V.              [after protest; originally 8-0]
  [H.V.V. protested against the condition of the ground which deteriorated
   during the match, played under heavy rain and strong wind; this protest
   was rejected at a board meeting on Mar 31 in Haarlem (a choice of venue
   H.V.V. were unhappy with); the bad blood this episode caused appears to
   have been the reason H.V.V. did not host H.F.C. later in the season; at
   the general assembly on May 14 in Utrecht, H.V.V. tried to have the match
   declared invalid, in a move reminiscent of an attempt by Mulier to do so
   with the first ever first class match on Oct 19, 1890 between the same
   two clubs, but equally unsuccessfully]

[Mar 5, 1893; Willemspark, Amsterdam]
R.A.P.              6-0 R.C. en V.V.        
[Mar 5, 1893; Rotterdam]
Victoria            1-2 H.F.C.              

[Mar 12, 1893; Rotterdam]
R.C. en V.V.        0-1 H.V.V.              

[Mar 19, 1893; Rotterdam]
R.C. en V.V.        n/p R.A.P.              [R.C. en V.V. cancelled late on Mar 18]

[Mar 26, 1893; Den Haag]
H.V.V.              n/p R.A.P.              [H.V.V. cancelled on Mar 24]
  [note that this match would have been the official home match for H.V.V., who
   had already hosted R.A.P. on Dec 18 in the latter's nominal home match; also
   note that H.V.V. had no qualms about playing army side Cadetten on Mar 31]
[Mar 26, 1893; Rotterdam]
R.C. en V.V.        3-0 Victoria            

[Mar 31, 1893; Haarlem]
H.F.C.              9-1 Victoria            

Table (Apr 1):

 1.H.F.C. (Haarlem)               5   3  2  0  23- 7   8
 2.R.A.P. (Amsterdam)             4   3  1  0  18- 7   7
 3.H.V.V. (Den Haag)              6   3  1  2  11-13   7
 4.R.C. en V.V. (Rotterdam)       6   2  2  2   8-11   6
 5.Victoria (Rotterdam)           7   0  0  7   5-27   0

NB: at this point, R.A.P. declined to play any further matches, disgruntled
    by the late cancellations of their matches at R.C. en V.V. and H.V.V.,
    thereby effectively withdrawing themselves from the league in spite of
    leading it in terms of points/match ratio (and still having to host their
    only serious challengers, H.F.C.); as they had played all the other clubs
    exactly once, it was decided to let their results stand (as foreseen by
    the rules agreed upon on Oct 9).

Note that after V.V.A. (in both 1890/91 and 1891/92), R.A.P. were the second
club from the capital to withdraw from the Eerste Klasse; thus in all of the
first three seasons of first class competition, an Amsterdam club withdrew.
It also should be noted that the indignation of R.A.P. about those two late
cancellations was somewhat disingenious given their own actions on Dec 25,
cancelling their match against Victoria on Boxing Day with next to no notice.

No more matches were played after Mar 31, 1893, in spite of the fact that the
N.V.A.B. board had extended the season, originally scheduled to end on Apr 15,
by two more match days (Apr 16 and 23) – these were only used for finishing
the Tweede Klasse, whose clubs were clearly more eager to play matches; in
the Eerste Klasse, H.F.C., the intended benificiaries of that extension, as
they would have been able to claim the title with just one draw from their
two remaining matches, were neither welcome in Den Haag nor in Rotterdam.

Final Table:

 1.H.F.C. (Haarlem)               5   3  2  0  23- 7   8
 2.H.V.V. (Den Haag)              6   3  1  2  11-13   7
 3.R.C. en V.V. (Rotterdam)       6   2  2  2   8-11   6
 4.Victoria (Rotterdam)           7   0  0  7   5-27   0  Relegated
 -.R.A.P. (Amsterdam)            withdrew;
   record at withdrawal:          4   3  1  0  18- 7   7

No champions were declared as only Victoria had played the minimal number of
matches (7) necessary to claim the title, without any points to show for it.

At a board meeting on Apr 23, 1893 in Leiden, Victoria were relegated for not
having obtained at least two points (presumably the main reason why they had
been so active at the end of March).

Cross-Table:                                home records:            away records:
            HFC HVV RCV Vic RAP         HP HW HD HL  HF HA HPts  AP AW AD AL  AF AA APts
H.F.C.      xxx 7-0 1-1 9-1 4-4          4  2  2  0  21- 6   6    1  1  0  0   2- 1   2
H.V.V.          xxx 2-2 5-0              3  1  1  1   8- 6   3    3  2  0  1   3- 7   4
R.C.V.V.        0-1 xxx 3-0              2  1  0  1   3- 1   2    4  1  2  1   5-10   4
Victoria    1-2 0-2 1-2 xxx 2-4          4  0  0  4   4-10   0    3  0  0  3   1-17   0
R.A.P.          4-1 6-0     xxx          1  1  0  0   6- 0   2    3  2  1  0  12- 7   5
NB: the match between R.A.P. and H.V.V. was played in Den Haag and thus counted as a
    home match for H.V.V. above, but it officially was a home match for R.A.P. who at
    the time could not provide a suitable ground in Amsterdam.

Tweede Klasse

Robur et Velocitas rejoined the N.V.A.B. but decided not to enter the Tweede Klasse.

Final Table:

 1.Sparta (Rotterdam)            11  10  0  1  58- 8  20  Promotion Match  [g.a.: 7.25]
 2.Go Ahead (Wageningen)         11  10  0  1  55-14  20                   [g.a.: 3.93]
 3.Rapiditas (Rotterdam)         11   5  0  6  24-25  10  [g.a.: 0.96]
 4.Haarlem                       11   5  0  6  29-33  10  [g.a.: 0.88]
 5.Hercules (Utrecht)            11   2  1  8  18-50   5
 6.Amersfoortsche V.C.           11   1  0 10  16-62   2
 -.Quick (Amsterdam)              6   2  1  3  12-20   5

[Nov 6, 1892; cavalerie-kazerne, Kleverlaan, Haarlem]
Haarlem             4-0 Quick A.            
[Nov 6, 1892; Wageningen]
Go Ahead           10-0 Amersfoort         

[Nov 13, 1892; Haarlem]
Haarlem             5-1 Hercules            
[Nov 13, 1892; Rotterdam]
Rapiditas           0-2 Sparta              

[Nov 20, 1892; Amersfoort]
Amersfoort          2-1 Hercules            

[Nov 27, 1892; Amersfoort]
Amersfoort          3-5 Go Ahead            
[Nov 27, 1892; Amsterdam]
Quick A.            3-2 Rapiditas           [protest Rapiditas; rejected]

[Dec 4, 1892; Amsterdam]
Quick A.            abd Hercules            [abandoned due to bad weather]

[Dec 11, 1892; Amsterdam]
Quick A.            1-3 Sparta              

[Dec 18, 1892; achter den Heuvel, aan den ouden Delfhavenschen weg, Rotterdam]
Sparta             17-0 Amersfoort          
  [new record winning margin in an official N.V.A.B. competition; Amersfoort
   were weakened in this match by the unavailability of their best player,
   the famous poet Herman Gorter]
[Dec 18, 1892; Wageningen]
Go Ahead            2-1 Rapiditas           [protest Rapiditas; rejected]

[Dec 25, 1892; Rotterdam]
Sparta              8-0 Haarlem             
  [Haarlem had intended to play two matches, also against Rapiditas, but as
   neither of the two intended hosts was able to field a team in the morning,
   only one match was played]

[Jan 8, 1893; Utrecht]
Hercules            0-6 Sparta              

[Jan 15, 1893; Amsterdam]
Quick A.            0-4 Haarlem             [annulled]
[Jan 15, 1893; Rotterdam]
Sparta              8-0 Rapiditas           
[Jan 15, 1893; Utrecht]
Hercules            1-5 Go Ahead            

[Jan 22, 1893; Haarlem]
Haarlem             4-8 Go Ahead            

[Jan 29, 1893; Rotterdam]
Sparta              2-4 Go Ahead            [after protest; originally 3-4]
[Jan 29, 1893; Utrecht]
Hercules            3-2 Haarlem             

[Feb 5, 1893; Amersfoort]
Amersfoort          2-3 Quick A.            
[Feb 5, 1893; Haarlem]
Haarlem             abd Sparta              
  [abandoned at 0-2 due to an injury (broken leg) of Sparta player De Meijere]
[Feb 5, 1893; Rotterdam]
Rapiditas           8-0 Hercules            

[Feb 12, 1893; Amersfoort]
Amersfoort          1-6 Sparta              
[Feb 12, 1893; Utrecht]
Hercules            5-5 Quick A.            [after protest; originally 5-6]
  [Hercules had in fact submitted protests agáinst three of the goals scored
   by Quick, but the other two were rejected]

[Feb 19, 1893; Wageningen]
Go Ahead            0-2 Sparta              

[Feb 26, 1893; Amsterdam]
Quick A.            0-4 Go Ahead            [first match]
Quick A.            2-2 Amersfoort          [second match; annulled]
  [Quick had sent a telegram to cancel the match against Amersfoort, but, as
   Amersfoort arrived regardless, agreed to play them after meeting Go Ahead]
[Feb 26, 1893; Rotterdam]
Sparta              2-1 Hercules            
Rapiditas           2-1 Haarlem             [protest Haarlem, later withdrawn]

[Mar 5, 1893; Haarlem]
Haarlem             1-2 Sparta              [replay Feb 5]
  [Sparta had requested to replay the match at a neutral venue, suggesting
   Den Haag, but Haarlem declined to renounce on home advantage]
[Mar 5, 1893; Rotterdam]
Rapiditas           0-3 Go Ahead            

[Mar 12, 1893; Utrecht]
Hercules            5-3 Amersfoort          

[Mar 19, 1893; Haarlem]
Haarlem             3-1 Amersfoort          
[Mar 19, 1893; Utrecht]
Hercules            1-2 Rapiditas           [protest Hercules; rejected]

[Mar 26, 1893; Wageningen]
Go Ahead            4-1 Haarlem             [played in the morning (kick-off 11.30)]
Go Ahead            3-1 Quick A.            [played in the afternoon; annulled]

[Apr 3, 1893; Amersfoort]
Amersfoort          1-2 Rapiditas           [played in the morning (kick-off 10.30)]
Amersfoort          2-5 Haarlem             [played in the afternoon]

[Apr 9, 1893; Amsterdam]
Quick A.            n/p Hercules            
  [match originally fixtured for Hilversum, but moved to Amsterdam one day before
   the match on the request of Quick, who then failed to show for it; eventually,
   Hercules played a friendly match in Hilversum instead]
[Apr 9, 1893; Haarlem]
Haarlem             3-2 Rapiditas           

NB: at this point Quick withdrew; as they had played all other clubs at least once,
    their first result against each of them stood, while the results of the second
    matches they played against Haarlem, Amersfoort and Go Ahead were annulled.

Note that Quick just followed a by then already established tradition of clubs from
Amsterdam withdrawing from competition: V.V.A. had done so in the Eerste Klasse in 
both 1890/91 and 1891/92, and R.A.P. had followed that example a week before Quick
opted out.  To this one may add Quick's pathetic no show in the final of the Tweede
Klasse in 1892 (when only four of their players bothered to travel the long way to
Amersfoort) and the withdrawals of no fewer than three Amsterdam clubs (Amstels F.C.,
Mercurius and Volharding) from the Tweede Klasse in its inaugural season (1890/91).

Table (Apr 10):

 1.Sparta (Rotterdam)            11  10  0  1  58- 8  20
 2.Go Ahead (Wageningen)         10   9  0  1  45-14  18  [3-1]
 3.Haarlem                       11   5  0  6  29-33  10  [4-0]
 4.Rapiditas (Rotterdam)         10   4  0  6  19-24   8
 5.Hercules (Utrecht)            10   2  1  7  18-40   5
 6.Amersfoortsche V.C.           10   1  0  9  15-57   2  [2-2]
 -.Quick (Amsterdam)             withdrew;
   record at withdrawal:          9   2  2  5  15-29   6
     results which stood:           6   2  1  3  12-20   5
     results annulled:              3   0  1  2   3- 9   1

NB: annulled results against Quick between square brackets.

NB: as Sparta were certain to finish first (Go Ahead needed to win their final
    match against Hercules by 57-0 to better Sparta's goal average), they were 
    recognised as champions and thereby allowed to challenge any Eerste Klasse
    club to obtain promotion; unsurprisingly, they selected Victoria.

[Apr 23, 1893; Rotterdam]
Rapiditas           5-1 Amersfoort          
[Apr 23, 1893; Wageningen]
Go Ahead           10-0 Hercules            

Final Table:

 1.Sparta (Rotterdam)            11  10  0  1  58- 8  20  Promotion Match  [g.a.: 7.25]
 2.Go Ahead (Wageningen)         11  10  0  1  55-14  20                   [g.a.: 3.93]
 3.Rapiditas (Rotterdam)         11   5  0  6  24-25  10  [g.a.: 0.96]
 4.Haarlem                       11   5  0  6  29-33  10  [g.a.: 0.88]
 5.Hercules (Utrecht)            11   2  1  8  18-50   5
 6.Amersfoortsche V.C.           11   1  0 10  16-62   2
 -.Quick (Amsterdam)              6   2  1  3  12-20   5

Cross-Table:                                    home records:            away records:
            Spa GAh Rap Haa  Her  Ame Qui   HP HW HD HL  HF HA HPts  AP AW AD AL  AF AA APts
Sparta      xxx 2-4 8-0 8-0  2-1 17-0        5  4  0  1  37- 5   8    6  6  0  0  21- 3  12
Go Ahead    0-2 xxx 2-1 4-1 10-0 10-0 3-1    5  4  0  1  26- 4   8    6  6  0  0  29-10  12
Rapiditas   0-2 0-3 xxx 2-1  8-0  5-1        5  3  0  2  15- 7   6    6  2  0  4   9-18   4
Haarlem     1-2 4-8 3-2 xxx  5-1  3-1 4-0    6  4  0  2  20-14   8    5  1  0  4   9-19   2
Hercules    0-6 1-5 1-2 3-2  xxx  5-3 5-5    6  2  1  3  15-23   5    5  0  0  5   3-27   0
Amersfoort  1-6 3-5 1-2 2-5  2-1  xxx 2-3    6  1  0  5  11-22   2    5  0  0  5   5-40   0
Quick       1-3 0-4 3-2 0-4       2-2 xxx    3  1  0  2   4- 9   2    3  1  1  1   8-11   3
NB: home and away records do not include annulled matches of Quick (in italics)

Promotion Match

[Apr 23, 1893; Rotterdam]
Victoria            2-2 Sparta              [protest Victoria; rejected]

NB: thanks to this draw, Sparta were automatically promoted; at the general
    meeting in Utrecht on May 14, 1893, the fact that Victoria had not lost
    this match was sufficient ground for a proposal that they be readmitted
    to the Eerste Klasse, which was voted upon and accepted overwhelmingly;
    just before that vote, Go Ahead had also been accepted as new members of
    the Eerste Klasse after a vote suggested by the board of the N.V.A.B.

Other Available Match Results

NB: includes matches by reserve sides, but not those involving "adspiranten";
    additional information is welcome.

[Sep 25, 1892; Sportterrein, Rotterdamsche Straat, Den Haag]
H.V.V.              2-2 R.C. en V.V.        [aet]
  [part of the Internationale Sport Tentoonstelling, see below; match finished 1-1
   after ninety minutes (half-time 0-0), so 2x15 minutes of extra time was played,
   without producing a winner]

[Oct 2, 1892; Rotterdam]
Sparta              2-2 Rapiditas           

[Oct 16, 1892; Rotterdam]
R.C. en V.V.        9-1 Victoria            

[Oct 30, 1892; Breda?]
Cadetten            0-2 Sparta              
[Oct 30, 1892; Rotterdam]
Victoria            1-1 Rapiditas           

[Nov 6, 1892; Rotterdam]
Sparta              2-3 R.C. en V.V.        

[Nov 13, 1892; Den Haag]
H.V.V. II           7-2 Leonidas            

[Nov 20, 1892; Amsterdam]
R.A.P.              9-0 Quick A.            
[Nov 20, 1892; Rotterdam]
Kralingen           6-0 D.F.C.              
Rapiditas           3-3 H.V.V. II           

[Nov 27, 1892; bij huis "Ter Kleef", Haarlem]
Haarlem             2-6 H.F.C.              

[Nov/Dec 1892; Arnhem]
Vitesse             0-2 Nijmeegsche F.C.     

[Dec 18, 1892; achter sociëteit "De Vereeniging", Nijmegen]
Nijmeegsche F.C.     4-0 Vitesse             

[Dec 25, 1892; Rotterdam]
Rapiditas           6-1 Victoria            
  ["match" considered a mere exercise by Victoria, who were to play R.A.P.
   in Amsterdam on the next day and missed more than half of their nominal
   first side; Rapiditas had already drawn with Victoria in a friendly on
   Oct 30, so had the result of this match been accepted officially, then
   Rapiditas would have been entitled to enter the Eerste Klasse, having
   twice avoided a loss against an Eerste Klasse club during the season]

Army/Navy Match [Dec 27, 1892; Malieveld, Den Haag]
Cadetten            1-0 Adelborsten         
  [second ever "army-navy" match, after that on Dec 28, 1891]

[Feb 12, 1893; Nijmegen]
Nijmeegsche F.C.     2-3 Go Ahead II         

[Feb 19, 1893; Amsterdam]
A.A.C.              3-3 R.A.P./Quick A.     
[Feb 19, 1893; Den Haag]
H.V.V. II           1-2 Rapiditas           
[Feb 19, 1893; Utrecht]
Hercules            6-1 Gooisch Elftal      

[Feb 26, 1893; Nijmegen]
Nijmeegsche F.C.     0-2 Quick Step          

Varsity Match [Mar 4, 1893; Maliebaan, Den Haag]
D.S.V.V.            3-2 De Goeje's XI      
  [De Goeje's XI was a selection of students at the University of Leiden; they had
   first tried to arrange a match with students in Utrecht but after that had failed
   turned towards Delft; second ever "Varsity" match, after that on Feb 7, 1892; a
   second match was planned for Mar 25, at the same venue, but did not take place]

[Mar 5, 1893; Hilversum]
Gooisch Elftal      2-4 Go Ahead II         
[Mar 5, 1893; achter sociëteit "De Vereeniging", Nijmegen]
Quick N.            4-1 Vitesse             

[Mar 12, 1893; Tiel]
Voorwaarts          0-9 Go Ahead II         

[Mar 19, 1893; Gouda]
Olympia             0-7 Kralingen           

[Mar 26, 1893; Arnhem]
Vitesse             0-1 Quick N.            

[Mar 31, 1893; Wielerbaan, Scheveningen]
H.V.V.              3-2 Cadetten            

[Apr 9, 1893; Arnhem]
Vitesse             1-1 Robur et Velocitas  
[Apr 9, 1893; Hilversum]
Gooisch Elftal      1-8 Hercules            
  [Hercules had travelled to Amsterdam to play Quick for the Tweede Klasse,
   but found but an unprepared pitch and no opponents; that match had first
   been arranged to be played in Hilversum, but on Apr 8 Quick had sent a
   message to Hercules that either they had to come to Amsterdam or otherwise
   cancel the match; Hercules arrived at 9.19 a.m. in Amsterdam, but found
   noone from Quick to receive them; after then travelling to the ground of
   Quick, they found noone there except for an outsider informing them that
   Quick might be expecting them at another venue; upon travelling there,
   that turned out to be construction site; Hercules refused to play there
   and travelled to Hilversum, where they were warmly welcomed by the local
   "Gooisch Elftal", which they then played in the afternoon; reception and
   match in Hilversum were compared positively to events in Amsterdam, but
   as the correspondent remarked: "ce n'est pas jurer gros".]

International Activity

Cancelled visit U.S.F.S.A.

For the Internationale Sport Tentoonstelling (I.S.T.) in Scheveningen, a French team was invited, by approaching comte J. de Pourtalès in Paris, to play Dutch champions R.A.P. in a football match on Sep 25, 1892. However, ten days before the match, the secretary general of the U.S.F.S.A. (Union des sociétés françaises de sports athlétiques), baron Pierre de Coubertin, declined the invitation, giving several reasons for the French not to travel to Scheveningen, one of them being that in France only rugby (and not association) football was played.
Then, R.C. en V.V. were invited to play R.A.P. instead, and accepted, but now R.A.P., who had already announced an eleven for the international match, declined. Eventually a match between H.V.V. and R.C. en V. V. was played.

[Sep 25, 1892; Den Haag]
R.A.P.              n/p French XI           [U.S.F.S.A. declined invitation]
  [R.A.P.: Altes; Vening Meinesz., Kampers; Schröder, Hulsman, Beltman;
           J. Reisiger, J. Feith, J. v.d. Linde, F. Reisiger, H. Blijdenstein]
Antwerp/Rotterdam match

As in the previous year, the mostly British club side from Antwerpen travelled to Rotterdam in December to play R.C. en V.V. They again were defeated.

[Dec 4, 1892; Rotterdam]
R.C. en V.V.        4-1 Antwerp F.C.    
  [N.N. 0-1, J. Bakker 1-1, Kan 2-1, J. Bakker 3-1, Van Lanschot Hubrecht 4-1;
   half-time: 0-1]
  [R.C. en V.V.: Schuld; A. v.d. Laan, Bicker Caarten; Hooykaas, Krantz, v.d. Linden;
                 J. Kan, Visser, Van Lanschot Hubrecht, W. Bakker, J. Bakker;
   Antwerp: Prince; Reynolds, Rivary; Allen, Hermann, Walter;
            Wilkinson, Jacobs, Leagrave, Heyder; Antwerp showed with ten players]
Visit H.P.F.C.

Finally, second class side Sparta, also from Rotterdam, managed to lure a club side from England into crossing the Channel, something that the N.V.A.B. itself had tried on more than one occasion, only to be disappointed, e.g. by Barnes F.C. in January 1892. Sparta, however, even succeeded in arranging home and away matches with Harwich & Parkeston F.C.

While the match on Mar 13 marked the first occasion a British club side played football in the Netherlands, note that more than three years earlier, on Jan 20, 1890, the Gymnastiek Vereeniging in Medan (Sumatra, Dutch East Indies) had hosted the Penang Cricket Club of Malaya (then British), contesting both a cricket and a football match.

[Mar 13, 1893; achter den Heuvel, aan den ouden Delfhavenschen weg, Rotterdam]
Sparta              0-8 H.P.F.C.           
  [Turner 0-1, Chapman 0-2, Watts 0-3, Turner 0-4, Joselyn 0-5, Watts 0-6,
   Turner 0-7, N.N. 0-8; half-time: 0-5]
  [Sparta: C. Bertram; Cokart, Prange; R.A.C. Schut, J. Stok (c), J. v.d. Ende;
           C. van Hasselt, L. Weinthal, J. Timmermans, v.d. Ende, Kampschreur;
   H.P.F.C.: Mason; Howard, Noscutt; Moran, Mills, Nalborough;
             Watts (c), Chapman, Turner, Joselyn, Midleton;
   ref: H. Tromp]
Sparta trip to England
[Apr 1, 1893; Parkeston]
H.P.F.C.            3-0 Sparta              
  [Watts 1-0, Fernie 2-0, Watts 3-0; half-time: 0-0]
  [H.P.F.C.: H. Mason; E. Christie, G. Howard; G. Nalborough, A. Mills, T. Moran;
             H. Chapman, E.G. Watts (c), J.K. Fernie, T. Bambridge, W. Midleton;
   Sparta: C. Schuld; G. Holtz, C. van Hasselt; J. Stok (c), Prange, De Rhoodt;
           J. Timmermans, L. Weinthal, G. Stok, R. Schut, F. Kampschreur;
   ref: R. Cook]

[Apr 3, 1893; Parkeston; match for the Holders West London Observating Cup]
H.P.F.C.            3-1 Stanley             
  [Sparta player Van Hasselt played for H.P.F.C. as forward]

After the matches against Harwich & Parkeston, Sparta received a letter from Nottingham Forest inquiring about a visit at the end of April to Rotterdam; however, as Forest were of course a professional club, Sparta had to decline.



list of champions.

list of first class champions.

list of second level champions.

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