Puerto Rico (before 1957)

First Clubs Founded

NB: see also Puerto Rico - Foundation Dates of Clubs).

1903    CD Gallitos (Rio Piedras)
1911    Comercio Sporting Club (San Juan)
        Minerva FC
        Mercurio FC
1913    Real San Juan FBC
        Ponce Sporting Club
1914    Celtics FC (San Juan)   (first club founded by "Americans", not Hispanics)

NB: Minerva and Mercurio played in the Copa Porananmiz, the first 
    organised tournament.


Reported Match Results (status of matches uncertain)

[Mar ?]
Comercio Sporting Club 1  3-1 Comercio Sporting Club 2   
[Apr ?]
Mercurio FC               1-0 Minerva FC
Minerva FC                1-0 Mercurio FC
[May ?]
Minerva FC                bt  Mercurio FC
Minerva                   bt  Mercurio FC
NB: Minerva FC first champions of Puerto Rico


Reported Match Results (status of matches uncertain)

[Feb ?]
San Juan FC               1-1 Celtics 
Celtics                   3-1 San Juan FC
[Mar ?]
Celtics                   2-0 San Juan FC
San Juan FC               2-2 Celtics 
[Apr ?]
Celtics                   3-1 Ponce Sporting
[May ?]
Celtics                   2-0 Ponce Sporting
[Jun ?]
Celtics                   2-0 Ponce Sporting
[Sep ?]
Celtics                   2-0 San Juan FC
[Dec ?] 
San Juan FC               3-2 Celtics  
Champions: Celtics FC 


Reported Match Results (status of matches uncertain)

[Jan ?]   
Celtics                   bt  España
San Juan FC               2-0 Celtics
[Feb ?]
San Juan FC               2-0 Celtics
[Apr ?]
Ponce Sporting            bt  San Juan FC
[May ?]
Celtic                    unk Ponce Sporting
[Jun ?]
Arecibo                   drw España
[Jul ?]
Celtics                   3-2 España
España                    2-0 Arecibo
[Aug ?]
Arecibo                   2-1 San Juan Fortuna
[Sep ?]
España                    2-0 Arecibo
[Oct ?]
Arecibo                   1-0 España
[Nov ?]
San Juan FC               4-3 España
[Dec ?]
Puerto Rico FC            1-0 San Juan Fortuna
Champions: San Juan FC


A combined team from San Juan FC and Nautico FBC drew a match 1-1 against
a team from an Argentine war ship, the Presidente Sarmiento.


Copa San Juan Bautista

NB: 4 participating teams

Río Piedras FC            3-1 Santurce FC
Hato Rey FC              10-0 San Juan FC  
Final [Jun 30]             
Hato Rey FC               4-1 Río Piedras FC

Campeonato Metropolitano

Winners: Islas Vírgenes FC


Campeonato Nacional

Start: Apr 9
5 participating teams:

   América FC          [champions]
   Caribes FC
   Hato Rey FC
   Islas Vírgenes FC
   Río Piedras FC
Torneo de Invierno

4 participating teams:

   Caribes FC          [champions]
   América Junior FC
   Deportivo Hato Rey
   Islas Vírgenes FC


Reported Match Results (presumably championship)

Hato Rey FC               1-1 San Juan FC   
Arecibo FC                4-3 San Juan FC

Champions: Arqueros Verdes

San Juan FC               5-0 Magnificent/Haida XI

NB: the Magnificent and the Haida were visiting Canadian ships.


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