Puerto Rico - List of Champions

Torneo Nacional Superior (Official League)

19??-57   not known
1957/58 Caribes FC
1958-60   not known
1961    Jumacao FC [*]
1962-90   not known
1990/91 Cruz Azul (Guayama) 
1991-93   not known
1993/94 Rafael Santiago
1994/95   not known
1995/96 Académicos de Quintana (Hato Rey)
1996/97 Académicos de Quintana (Hato Rey)
1997/98 Académicos de Quintana (Hato Rey)
1998/99 CF Nacional (Carolina)
1999/00 Académicos de Quintana (Hato Rey) 
2000/01 Académicos de Quintana (Hato Rey) 
2001/02 Académicos de Quintana (Hato Rey) 
2003      apparently not played

[*] Jumacao FC beat Reales de Santurce 2-1 in the final on 26 Mar 1961 
    in the Torneo de Primera División organised by the AFA (amateur 
    football association of Puerto Rico) and the Fraternidad de Escritores
    de Deportes (sports writers brotherhood)

NB: the 2001/02 championship was the 56th;
    in 1949 Arqueros Verdes won campeonato preolímpico;
    in 1964 YAJU FC (Yabuco-Jumacao) won the Copa Constitución of the first
    dissident leagues (see below) were played 1996-2005 before a united
    national championship was organised again.

Asociación de Fútbol de Puerto Rico

NB: precursor of the Liga Mayor; one season (1996) was played with as
    participants: San Juan, Yabucoa, Caguas, Maunabo, Guayama, Ponce,
                  Cabo Rojo, Mayagüez, Aguadilla, Arecibo

Liga Mayor de Fútbol

1997    Leones (Maunabo)         2-0 Islanders (San Juan)
1998    Islanders (San Juan)     3-0 Brujos (Guayama)  
1999    Islanders (San Juan)     4-0 Cardenales (Río Piedras)
2000    Vaqueros (Bayamón)       1-0 Gigantes (Carolina)     
2001    Islanders (San Juan)     4-3 Brujos (Guayama) 
2002    Vaqueros (Bayamón)       3-0 Islanders (San Juan)
2003    Sporting (Carolina)      2-1 Vaqueros (Bayamón)
2004    Sporting (San Lorenzo)   1-0 Huracanes (Caguas) 
2005    Real Quintana (San Juan) 2-1 Fraigcomar (Río Piedras)

Number of Titles [9; runners-up finishes between square brackets]

 3 [ 2] Islanders (San Juan)
 2 [ 1] Vaqueros (Bayamón)
 1      Leones (Maunabo)
 1      Real Quintana (San Juan)
 1      Sporting (Carolina)
 1      Sporting (San Lorenzo)
   [ 2] Brujos (Guayama)
   [ 1] Cardenales (Río Piedras)
   [ 1] Fraigcomar (Río Piedras)
   [ 1] Gigantes (Carolina)
   [ 1] Huracanes (Caguas)

NB: winners regular season
1997    Islanders (San Juan)                           
1998    Islanders (San Juan)                           
1999    Cardenales (Río Piedras)                
2000    Islanders (San Juan)                           
2001    Islanders (San Juan)    
2002    Vaqueros (Bayamón)
2003    Sporting (Carolina)
2004    Sporting (San Lorenzo) 
2005    Fraigcomar (Río Piedras)

Campeonato Nacional de Fútbol

2005    Fraigcomar (Río Piedras) 1-0 Huracanes (Caguas) 
2006    Fraigcomar (Río Piedras) 4-1 Academia de Quintana 
2007    Fraigcomar (Río Piedras) 2-1 Atléticos (Levittown)
NB: first organised in 2005 by the Federación Puertorriqueña de Fútbol 
    to unify the domestic football scene.

Puerto Rico Soccer League

Puerto Rico Soccer League
2008    Sevilla FC (Bayamón)     2-1 River Plate Ponce        
2009    Bayamón FC           2-2 1-0 Atlético San Juan FC
2011    Leones FC (Ponce)        1-1 Sevilla FC (Bayamón)     [3-0 pen]

Supercopa DirecTV
2010    River Plate Ponce    1-0 2-0 Puerto Rico Islanders      

NB: first professional league in Puerto Rico;
    not organised in 2012 and 2013 "due to reconstruction"

Liga Nacional de Fútbol

2012    Bayamón FC  
2013    Sevilla FC (Bayamón)
2014    Yabuco SUAL (Yabucoa)
2015    Criollos FC (Caguas)

NB: discontinued after the 2015 season

Puerto Rico Soccer League (2nd apparition)

Puerto Rico Soccer League
2016    Metropolitan FA          2-2 Bayamón FC               [aet, 3-1 pen]

Super Copa Gigante
2014    Criollos FC (Caguas)     bt  Bayamón FC
Copa Criolla
2014    Criollos FC (Caguas)     bt  Academia Quintana FC
Copa Excelencia
2014    Criollos FC (Caguas)     bt  FC Mayagüez
2015    SPDP Spartans            bt  Academia Quintana FC
2017    GPS Puerto Rico          2-1 Bayamón FC

Liga Puerto Rico

2018/19 Metropolitan FA          0-0 Bayamón FC               [aet, 4-1 pen]
2019/20   abandoned
2021    Bayamón FC               2-1 Metropolitan FA  
2022    Metropolitan FA          5-0 Puerto Rico Sol

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