Réunion - List of Champions

Football was introduced to Réunion shortly after the first World War, and as a consequence the first clubs carried patriotic names such as Patriote, France, Madelon or Jeanne d'Arc; later clubs such as Tamponnaise, Indépandante and Franco-Malgache were founded, to be followed by Olympique de St-Denis, Royal Star, Saint-Pierroise, Saint-Louisienne, uniors Dionysiens etc. In the 1930s first championships were organised, in three different zones: la partie sous le vent (leeward), la partie au vent (windward) and Saint-Denis. The first edition was apparently in 1931.
1950    SS Patriote (St.-Denis)
1951    SS Patriote (St.-Denis)
1952    SS Jeanne d'Arc (St.-Pierre)
1953    SS Patriote (St.-Denis)
1954    SS Patriote (St.-Denis)
1955    SS Patriote (St.-Denis)
1956    JS Saint-Pierroise
1957    JS Saint-Pierroise 
1958    SS Saint-Louisienne
1959    JS Saint-Pierroise
1960    JS Saint-Pierroise
1961    JS Saint-Pierroise
1962    SS Patriote (St.-Denis)
1963    SS Saint-Louisienne
1964    SS Saint-Louisienne
1965    SS Saint-Louisienne
1966    SS Saint-Louisienne
1967    SS Saint-Louisienne
1968    SS Saint-Louisienne
1969    SS Saint-Louisienne
1970    SS Saint-Louisienne
1971    JS Saint-Pierroise
1972    JS Saint-Pierroise
1973    JS Saint-Pierroise
1974    SS Excelsior (St.-Joseph)
1975    JS Saint-Pierroise
1976    JS Saint-Pierroise
1977    FC Ouest (St.-Paul)
1978    JS Saint-Pierroise
1979    SS Saint-Pauloise
1980    CS Saint-Denis
1981    SS Saint-Pauloise
1982    SS Saint-Louisienne
1983    SS Saint-Pauloise
1984    CS Saint-Denis
1985    SS Saint-Pauloise
1986    SS Saint-Pauloise
1987    CS Saint-Denis
1988    SS Saint-Louisienne
1989    JS Saint-Pierroise
1990    JS Saint-Pierroise
1991    USS Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)
1992    USS Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)
1993    JS Saint-Pierroise
1994    JS Saint-Pierroise
1995    CS Saint-Denis
1996    CS Saint-Denis
1997    SS Saint-Louisienne
1998    SS Saint-Louisienne
1999    USS Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)
2000    AS Marsouins (Saint-Leu) 
2001    SS Saint-Louisienne
2002    SS Saint-Louisienne 
2003    USS Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)
2004    USS Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)
2005    USS Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)
2006    USS Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)
2007    USS Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)
2008    JS Saint-Pierroise
2009    USS Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)
2010    USS Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)
2011    Saint-Pauloise FC
2012    SS Saint-Louisienne 
2013    US Sainte-Marienne
2014    Saint-Pauloise FC
2015    JS Saint-Pierroise
2016/17 JS Saint-Pierroise
2017    JS Saint-Pierroise
2018    JS Saint-Pierroise
2019    JS Saint-Pierroise
2020      not awarded
2021    La Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)
2022    Saint-Denis FC   
2023    AS Excelsior (Saint-Joseph)

Number of Titles (73)

21 JS Saint-Pierroise

16 SS Saint-Louisienne
10 USS Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)

 6 SS Patriote (St.-Denis)

 5 CS Saint-Denis 
   SS Saint-Pauloise

 2 AS Excelsior (St.-Joseph) [includes SS Excvelsior]
   Saint-Pauloise FC (St.-Paul)

 1 SS Jeanne d'Arc (St.-Pierre) 
   AS Marsouins (Saint-Leu) 
   FC Ouest (St.-Paul)
   Saint-Denis FC    
   US Sainte-Marienne
   La Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)

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