Scotland Internationals - List of Sources

To compile an archive of International Matches needs the co-operation of lots of people
from different Countries.  I am grateful to everyone who sent me data of their Nations
matches against Scotland.

I began my research by spending hundreds of hours at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow,
going through all Scotland's International matches since 1872.  The data was then
checked with various books and verified.  The most painstaking task was compiling the
full line-ups of the opposition.


* The Glasgow Herald Newspaper from 1872 until 2000. * The Daily Record Newspaper from 1895 until 2000. * Scotland The Team - by Andrew Ward. * Rothmans Football Yearbooks - various years. * A Who's Who of the Scottish International Team - Douglas Lamming. * A Who's who of the English International Team. * IFFHS Publications - Especially "Libero International". The following people deserve a mention: * Karel Stokkermans - The Dutch line-up of 1938, and for uploading this archive! * Hans-Gerd Heuser - Various Dutch line-ups (From book by Jan Buitenga & David Clayton). * Romeo Ionescu - Verification of Romania line-ups. * Thomas Esamie - Australia line-ups. * Marcelo L. Arruda - Verification of Brazil line-ups. * José Luis Pierrend - Peru line-ups. * Yaniv Bleicher - Israel line-ups. * David Litterer - USA line-ups. * Heikki Pietarinen - Finland line-ups. * Hector Pelayes - Verification of Argentina line-ups. * Stephen Halchuk - Canada line-ups (Taken from Canadian Soccer Website). * Martín Tabeira - Uruguay line-ups. * Frank Ballesteros - Colombia line-ups. * Jean-Michel Cazal - France line-ups (From FFF Website) * Misha Miladinovich - Yugoslavia line-ups. * Gwidon Naskrent - Poland line-ups. * Alfredo W.Pöge - Northern Ireland line-ups. I hope I haven't forgot anyone!

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