Slovenia - List of Champions

The country is independent since 1991; the "Slovenska Liga" until 1991 did usually not contain all Slovenian clubs (e.g. Olimpija usually played in the first Yugoslavian division of which the Slovenian league at the time was a feeder league). In the thirties, the league contained at least one club from Croatia, ČSK from Čakovec, who won it in 1938.

See also Yugoslavia - List of Champions and Ljubljana regional league 1920-1941.

1920    SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1921    SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1922    SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1923    SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1923/24 SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1924/25 SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1925/26 SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1926/27 SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1927/28 ASK Primorje (Ljubljana)
1928/29 ASK Primorje (Ljubljana)
1929/30 SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1930/31 I. SSK Maribor
1931/32 SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1932/33 I. SSK Maribor
1933/34 SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1934/35 SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1935/36 NK Ljubljana
1936/37 NK Železničar (Maribor)
1937/38 #268;SK (Čakovec)
1938/39 I. SSK Maribor
1939/40 NK Železničar (Maribor)
1940/41 NK Ljubljana
1942-45   [no tournament]
1946    NK Nafta (Lendava)
1946/47 NK Enotnost (Ljubljana)
1947/48 Garnizija JLA (Ljubljana)
1948/49 Železničar (Ljubljana)
1950    NK Korotan (Kranj)
1951    NK Korotan (Kranj)
1951/52 NK Odred (Ljubljana)
1952/53 Kladivar Celje (east) and NK Korotan (Kranj) (west)
1953/54 Železničar Maribor (east) and Piran (west)
1954/55 Rudar Trbovlje (east) and Železničar Gorica (west)
1955-58   [no tournament]
1958/59 NK Branik (Maribor)
1959/60 NK Branik (Maribor)
1960/61 NK Maribor
1961/62 NK Olimpija (Ljubljana)
1962/63 NK Ljubljana
1963/64 Kladivar (Celje)
1964/65 Slovan (Ljubljana)
1965/66 NK Aluminij (Kidričevo)
1966/67 NK Ljubljana
1967/68 NK Ljubljana
1968/69 NK Železničar (Maribor)
1969/70 NK Mura (Murska Sobota)
1970/71 Mercator (Ljubljana)
1971/72 NK Rudar (Trbovlje)
1972/73 NK Železničar (Maribor)
1973/74 NK Rudar (Trbovlje)
1974/75 Mercator (Ljubljana)
1975/76 NK Maribor
1976/77 NK Rudar (Velenje)
1977/78 Mercator (Ljubljana)
1978/79 NK Rudar (Trbovlje)
1979/80 Mercator (Ljubljana)
1980/81 NK Šmartno
1981/82 NK Maribor
1982/83 Slovan (Ljubljana)
1983/84 NK Maribor
1984/85 NK Koper
1985/86 NK Maribor
1986/87 NK Olimpija (Ljubljana)
1987/88 NK Koper
1988/89 NK Ljubljana
1989/90 NK Izola
1990/91 NK Rudar (Velenje)

NB: Enotnost and Odred were temporarily names for Olimpija (Ljubljana);
    Primorje (Ljubljana) are now called Vega Olimpia (Ljubljana);
    Branik (Maribor) dissolved in 1960.

As independent state since 1991.

list of final tables

1991/92 Olimpija (Ljubljana) 
1992/93 Olimpija (Ljubljana)
1993/94 Olimpija (Ljubljana)
1994/95 Olimpija (Ljubljana)
1995/96 Gorica
1996/97 Branik (Maribor)
1997/98 Branik (Maribor)
1998/99 Branik (Maribor)
1999/00 Branik (Maribor)
2000/01 Branik (Maribor)
2001/02 Branik (Maribor)
2002/03 Branik (Maribor)
2003/04 Gorica
2004/05 Gorica
2005/06 Gorica
2006/07 Domžale 
2007/08 Domžale 
2008/09 Maribor
2009/10 Koper
2010/11 Maribor
2011/12 Maribor
2012/13 Maribor
2013/14 Maribor
2014/15 Maribor
2015/16 Olimpija (Ljubljana) [new]
2016/17 Maribor
2017/18 Olimpija (Ljubljana) [new]
2018/19 Maribor
2019/20 Celje
2020/21 Mura (Murska Sobota)  
2021/22 Maribor
2022/23 Olimpija (Ljubljana) [new]

Number of Titles (32)
16 Maribor [temporarily known as Branik (Maribor)]

 4 Gorica
   Olimpija (Ljubljana) [old]

 3 Olimpija (Ljubljana) [new]

 2 Domžale 

 1 Celje
   Mura (Murska Sobota)  

NB: Maribor were temporarily part of the omnisports club Branik; they are in
    no way related to the football club Branik which won the regional league
    of Slovenia on 3 occasions between 1951 and 1960 but was dissolved in 1960;
    Olimpija Ljubljana were dissolved in 2005, after which a new club called
    NK Bežigrad was founded; it later changed name to Olimpija Bežigrad and in 2008
    to Olimpija Ljubljana; this club is listed as Olimpija (Ljubljana) [new].

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