Slovenia - List of Champions

The country is independent since 1991; the "Slovenska Liga" until 1991 did usually not contain all Slovenian clubs (e.g. Olimpija usually played in the first Yugoslavian division of which the Slovenian league at the time was a feeder league). In the thirties, the league contained at least one club from Croatia, ČSK from Čakovec, who won it in 1938.

See also Yugoslavia - List of Champions.

1920    SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1921    SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1922    SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1923    SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1924    SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1925    SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1926    SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1927    SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1928    ASK Primorje (Ljubljana)
1929    ASK Primorje (Ljubljana)
1930    SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1931    I. SSK Maribor
1932    SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1933    I. SSK Maribor
1934    SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1935    SFK Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1936    NK Ljubljana
1937    NK Železničar (Maribor)
1938    ČSK (Čakovec)
1939    I. SSK Maribor
1940    NK Železničar (Maribor)
1941    NK Ljubljana
1942-45   [no tournament]
1946    NK Nafta (Lendava)
1946/47 NK Enotnost (Ljubljana)
1947/48 Garnizija JLA (Ljubljana)
1948/49 Železničar (Ljubljana)
1950    NK Korotan (Kranj)
1951    NK Korotan (Kranj)
1951/52 NK Odred (Ljubljana)
1952/53 Kladivar Celje (east) and NK Korotan (Kranj) (west)
1953/54 Železničar Maribor (east) and Piran (west)
1954/55 Rudar Trbovlje (east) and Železničar Gorica (west)
1955-58   [no tournament]
1958/59 NK Branik (Maribor)
1959/60 NK Branik (Maribor)
1960/61 NK Maribor
1961/62 NK Olimpija (Ljubljana)
1962/63 NK Ljubljana
1963/64 Kladivar (Celje)
1964/65 Slovan (Ljubljana)
1965/66 NK Aluminij (Kidričevo)
1966/67 NK Ljubljana
1967/68 NK Ljubljana
1968/69 NK Železničar (Maribor)
1969/70 NK Mura (Murska Sobota)
1970/71 Mercator (Ljubljana)
1971/72 NK Rudar (Trbovlje)
1972/73 NK Železničar (Maribor)
1973/74 NK Rudar (Trbovlje)
1974/75 Mercator (Ljubljana)
1975/76 NK Maribor
1976/77 NK Rudar (Velenje)
1977/78 Mercator (Ljubljana)
1978/79 NK Rudar (Trbovlje)
1979/80 Mercator (Ljubljana)
1980/81 NK Šmartno
1981/82 NK Maribor
1982/83 Slovan (Ljubljana)
1983/84 NK Maribor
1984/85 NK Koper
1985/86 NK Maribor
1986/87 NK Olimpija (Ljubljana)
1987/88 NK Koper
1988/89 NK Ljubljana
1989/90 NK Izola
1990/91 NK Rudar (Velenje)

NB: Enotnost and Odred were temporarily names for Olimpija (Ljubljana);
    Primorje (Ljubljana) are now called Vega Olimpia (Ljubljana);
    Branik (Maribor) dissolved in 1960.

As independent state since 1991.

list of final tables

1991/92 Olimpija (Ljubljana) 
1992/93 Olimpija (Ljubljana)
1993/94 Olimpija (Ljubljana)
1994/95 Olimpija (Ljubljana)
1995/96 Gorica
1996/97 Branik (Maribor)
1997/98 Branik (Maribor)
1998/99 Branik (Maribor)
1999/00 Branik (Maribor)
2000/01 Branik (Maribor)
2001/02 Branik (Maribor)
2002/03 Branik (Maribor)
2003/04 Gorica
2004/05 Gorica
2005/06 Gorica
2006/07 Domžale 
2007/08 Domžale 
2008/09 Maribor
2009/10 Koper
2010/11 Maribor
2011/12 Maribor
2012/13 Maribor
2013/14 Maribor
2014/15 Maribor
2015/16 Olimpija (Ljubljana) [new]
2016/17 Maribor
2017/18 Olimpija (Ljubljana) [new]
2018/19 Maribor
2019/20 Celje
2020/21 Mura (Murska Sobota)  
2021/22 Maribor

Number of Titles (31)
16 Maribor [temporarily known as Branik (Maribor)]

 4 Gorica
   Olimpija (Ljubljana) [old]

 2 Domžale 
   Olimpija (Ljubljana) [new]

 1 Celje
   Mura (Murska Sobota)  

NB: Maribor were temporarily part of the omnisports club Branik; they are in
    no way related to the football club Branik which won the regional league
    of Slovenia on 3 occasions between 1951 and 1960 but was dissolved in 1960;
    Olimpija Ljubljana were dissolved in 2005, after which a new club called
    NK Bežigrad was founded; it later changed name to Olimpija Bežigrad and in 2008
    to Olimpija Ljubljana; this club is listed as Olimpija (Ljubljana) [new].

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