Chad 2003/04

The FTF (Fédération tchadienne de football) will not organise
any competitions during the 2003/04 season because of financial
difficulties.  The continental representatives (champions and
winners of the Coupe du Chari-Baguirmi) may be designated by
the FTF.

Championnat de la Ligue du Chari-Baguirmi (Région de N'Djamena)

Table (Round 20 - Sep 19):

 1. Tourbillon FC	47 pts
 2. Renaissance FC	45
 3. Gazelle FC		43
 4. Postel 2000		33
 5. Garde Républicaine	33
 6. AS Cotontchad	33
 7. AS Mairie		18
 8. Espérance de Walia	14
 9. AS Douth		12
10. CSTK		 1

Renaissance        2-0 Tourbillon

Champions: Renaissance

NB: Tourbillon FC is the team sponsored by the "Compagnie Sucrière du Tchad".
    CSTK means Centre Sportif Taekwondo-Karatéka.

Coupe de la Ligue du Chari-Baguirmi

Final [Oct 10, N'Djamena]
Gazelle FC	   2-0 Renaissance FC
   [Gaïus Doumbé 35, Ousmane Bani 51]



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