Chad 2014/15

Championnat National

Première Division (Ligue de N'Djamena)
Première Division (Ligue d'Abéché)
Première Division (Ligue du Logone Occidental)
Première Division (Ligue de Moundou)

Championnat National 2015

Ligue Nationale de Football [aka LINAFOOT]

NB: first ever edition

Participants (12):
  Nord (3)
    AS Mirim Mongo (champions Mongo)
    Renaissance Football Club (champions Abéché) 
    FC Wadi-Fira (champions Biltine)
  Sud (4)
    FC Kebbi (champions Bongor)              
    AS Coton Tchad de Moundou (champions Moundou)
    AS Lycot Doba (champions Doba) 
    AS Kokaga (champions Sarh)
  N'Djaména (5)
    Foullah Edifice
    Association Sportive de la Coton Tchad (Ascot)
    Gazelle Football Club
    Elect Sport
    Renaissance Football Club

Start: Feb 7
Known results:
Renaissance FC (N'Dj. ) 3-0 AS Wadi Fira
Gazelle FC              2-1 Ascot (N'Djaména)
Elect-Sport             1-0 champions Sarh
Renaissance FC (N'Dj. ) 2-0 Renaissance FC (Abéché)
Ascot (N'Djaména)       3-2 Ascot (Moundou)
Renaissance FC (N'Dj. ) 2-1 AS Mirim Mongo 
Foullah Edifice         0-0 Ascot (Moundou)

Round 6
[Mar 19]
Renaissance FC (N'Dj. ) 3-1 Lycot
Round 7
[Mar 22]
Ascot (N'Djaména)       1-1 Renaissance FC (N'Dj. ) 
Round 8
[Apr 4]
Renaissance FC (N'Dj. ) 3-0 Foullah Edifice
Round 9
[Apr 15]
Renaissance FC (N'Dj. ) 4-1 Kebbi
Round 10
[Apr 25]
Renaissance FC (N'Dj. ) 2-0 Ascot (N'Djaména)       
Round 11
[May 12]
Renaissance FC (N'Dj. ) 0-1 Elect-Sport
Round 12
[May 18]
Renaissance FC (N'Dj. ) 4-1 Wadi Fira

Top of Table:

 1.Renaissance FC (N'Djaména)        12  10  1  1    -    31   

NB: apparently interrupted for financial reasons and to be resumed Aug 5, 2015

Final Ranking:

 1.Gazelle FC (N'Djaména)                                 54  Champions
 2.Ascot (N'Djaména)                                      53
 3.Renaissance FC (N'Djaména)                             48
 4.Foullah Edifice (N'Djaména)				  42
 5.AS Coton Tchad (Moundou)				  29
 6.Elect Sport (N'Djaména)				  28
 7.AS Lycot (Doba)					  28
 8.Renaissance FC (Abéché)				  22
 9.AS Mirim (Mongo)					  19
10.FC Kebbi (Bongor)					  19
11.AS Kokaga (Sarh)					  15
12.FC Wadi-Fira (Biltine)				  12

NB: later, the federation decided to inscribe Ascot and Renaissance for the African club
    competition following a controversy over a Gazelle player with contracts with two clubs

Première Division (Ligue de N'Djamena)

Round 12
[May 3]
CotonTchad              2-1 USM
Gazelle                 1-1 DGSSIE
Foullah Édifice         0-1 Renaissance 
Champions: Foullah Édifice

Coupe de la Ligue de N'Djaména

1/8 Finals [May ?]
Elect Sport             1-0 AS CotonTchad
AS DGSSIE               2-1 EET N° 12
Reine du Guerra         1-2 USM
RFC Junior              3-1 Postel 2000
Santana Sport           1-2 Ecole de Football N’gaba              
Foullah Édifice         drw Gazelle                 [3-4 pen]       
Renaisssance FC         3-0 AS Farcha
Renaissance FC           -  Elect Sport

Première Division (Ligue d'Abéché)

Round 1
[Feb 23]
Elect Sport             2-1 Foyer des Jeunes      

[Apr 2]
Etoile du Tchad          -  UNABA
[Apr 8]
Etoile du Tchad         5-1 Renaissance d'Abéché

Première Division (Ligue du Logone Occidental)

Coupe de la Ligue du Logone Occidental

Final [Aug 2]
ASLAD                   1-0 Denys FC    

Première Division (Ligue de Moundou)

League winners: AS Cotontchad

Coupe Communal de Football 2014 (3rd edition)

10 participating clubs in 3 pools
ASLAD                            [qualified]                         
AS Jeunesse
Zénith FC (Div. 2)               [qualified]
Panthère de Maikane (Div. 2)
AS Commune                       [qualified] 
AS Fanfare
Super Start
AS Cotontchad                    [qualified]
Denys FC
AS Santé
Group Stage
[Aug 14]
ASLAD                   3-1 FC Zénith
[Aug 29]
ASLAD                    -  AS Jeunesse

[Sep 12]
AS Commune              1-0 ASLAD         
[Sep 13]
AS Cotontchad           4-0 Zénith FC 
AS Cotontchad            -  AS Commune
Final 2013
AS Cotontchad           bt  Zénith FC



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