South Sudan 2013

Championship Tournament 2013
South Sudan Tournament 2013
Regional Leagues 2013
Cup Tournaments 2013

Championship Tournament 2013

Played in Juba and Wau; start Nov 10; reportedly inaugural edition

NB: reportedly 11 participants from various provinces, including 4 teams from Juba
    (these numbers do not fit the known participants)

Known participants:

Name (home town)            [Province]
Atlabara FC (Juba)          [Central Equatoria]
Hilal FC (Wau)              [Western Bahr el-Ghazal]
Imatong FC (Torit)          [Eastern Equatoria]
Jonglei United FC (Bor)     [Jonglei]
Olympic FC (Bentiu)         [Unity]
Salam FC (Abyei)            [Abyei]
Salam FC (Aweil)            [Northern Bahr el-Ghazal]   
Salam FC (Kuajok)           [Warrap]
Salam FC (Raja)             [Western Bahr el-Ghazal]
Zalzal (Rumbek)             [Lakes]

NB: the provinces of Western Equatoria and Upper Nile are not represented

[Nov 10]
Atlabara                  1-1 Jonglei United 
Salam (Abyei)              -  Salam (Raja)      
[Nov 11]
Olympic                   2-1 Imatong 
[Nov 12]
Hilal                     1-0 Salam (Kuajok)
Zalzal                    0-0 Salam (Abyei)
[Nov 13]
Atlabara                   -  Olympic 
Salam (Raja)              0-4 Salam (Aweil) 
Olympic                   2-0 Jonglei United 
[Nov 14]
Atlabara                   -  Imatong

NB: Olympic FC (Bentiu) qualified for next round

NB: Atlabara FC (Juba)  won tournament

South Sudan Tournament 2013

NB: winners qualify for 2014 CAF Confederation Cup

[Aug ?]
Atlabara FC               1-1 Munuki FC
Kator FC                  2-2 Hilal FC
Top of Table:

 1.Atlabara FC                  18
 ?.Kator FC                      9
[Aug 12]
Kator FC                   -  Atlabara FC  

[Aug 20]
Atlabara FC               2-2 Al Nujum FC               [in Juba] 
Merikh FC                 4-2 Hi el Khrash              [in Wau]
Agrab al Aswed            3-0 Agrasco                   [in Kuajok]
Torit United              1-3 Burkan FC                 [in Torit]
[Aug 21]
Merikh FC                  -  Hilal FC
Amal Al Hura FC            -  Jamus FC

[Sep 18]
Hilal FC                  1-1 Sugr al-Asuat 

NB: tournament at halfway stage

[Sep 20]
Ahli FC                    -  Zahra
Aweil Stars                -  Day Star

Regional Leagues 2013

NB: there are 10 provinces in South Sudan (Northern Bahr al Ghazal, Western Bahr al Ghazal, Warrap, Lakes, Western Equatoria, Central Equatoria, Eastern Equatoria, Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile).

Central Equatoria

First Division

10 participating teams, 5 will be promoted to the South Sudan League

Round 1
[Apr 12?]
Atlabara                  0-0 Nujum FC

Round 7
[May 29]
Rainbow FC                1-0 Hilal
Top of Table:

 1.Rainbow FC                    9
 2.Hilal                         8 
Round 8
[May 31]
Atlabara                   -  Malakia  

[Jun ?]
Nujum FC                  2-1 Munuki FC

 1.Nujum FC                     61  [?!]
10.Munuki FC                     6

[Sep ?]
Atlabara                  1-0 Hilal

 1.Atlabara                     30
 5.Hilal                        17
[Sep 7]
Nassir                     -  Rabita

[Sep 30]
El-Nujum FC               0-2 Kator FC
[Oct 2]
Malakia FC                2-3 Atlabara FC
[Oct 4]
Melekia FC                 -  Rabta FC


 1.Atlabara FC                  32
 2.Melekia FC                   29
  .Kator FC                     21
  .El-Nujum FC                  17  Relegated to Second Division

[Oct 8]
Atlabara FC               1-0 Nasser FC

Champions: Atlabara (second year in a row)

Second Division

[Oct 28]
Talanga FC                2-0 Gudele FC

Champions and promoted:  Talanga FC (relegated last year)

Eastern Equatoria

Quarterfinals [end of Apr?, Torit]
Melekia                   drw Kenati                    [4-3 pen]
NB: unclear whether for championship or cup tournament
Northern Bahr El Ghazal

First Division

[Oct 2?]
Muduria FC                3-1 Day Star


[Jun 11]
Generation FC             1-0 Last Mart   
Nujum (Bentiu)            1-1 Kuir Bony
Final [Oct 19?]
Bentiu Olympic FC         drw El-Nahda                  [4-1 pen]      
NB: winners qualified for "South Sudan main competitions" in Juba


Final [end of Apr?, Kuajock]
Salam FC                  drw Black Scorpion            [9-8 pen]
NB: Salam FC will represent Warrap state in the national South Sudan Football
[Jun 6]
Real Black                1-1 White Nile

Western Bahr El Ghazal

Final [end of Apr?, Wau]
Hilal FC                  3-1 Derejat

[Jun 4]
Nile FC                   0-0 Sugr al-Asuad 
[Jun 7]
Al-Etihad FC               -  Nazareth   
[Oct 2?]
Gazala                    0-0 El Salam
Al-Nil                    1-0 Hilal

Cup Tournaments 2013

South Sudan Cup 2013

Central Equatoria

[Mar 17]
St Bakhita                drw Talanga FC                [0-3 pen]
Simba FC                  0-2 Atlanta FC
[Mar 19]
El Nil                    drw Hurria FC                 [2-3 pen]
1/8 Finals
[Mar 20]
Talanga FC                lt  Atlabara FC
Atlanta FC                lt  Nasir FC  
[Mar 24?]
Gudele FC                 4-2 Rain Bow 
[Mar 25]
Amal Hura                 0-6 Al-Hilal 

NB: Gudele and Amal Hura are from the second division

[Apr 2]
Hurria FC                 lt  Al-Malakia FC
[Apr 3] (final quarterfinal)
Al-Hilal                   -  Gudele FC  

Final [Apr 9]
Nasir FC                  3-1 Al-Malakia FC
  [Fabian Aliyabo, Akon Chiboi, Adnan Nan; Ibrahim Mohamed] 

Upper Nile

Al-Ahli FC                1-0 Al-Nisr  
Al-Salam FC               1-0 Al-Mariek FC  
Semifinals [Mar 22]
Al-Hilal                   -  Al-Nahda FC
Al-Salam FC                -  Al-Ahli FC
Warrap State

NB: matches in Kuajok

Opening Match [Jul 17] 
Grasco                     -  Freedom FC

Western Equatoria

Round 1
[Apr 2, Buduwe Stadium, Yambio]
Al Salam FC               3-0 Bilfam FC 
[Apr 4?]
Yambio Star FC            4-3 Super Eagle FC
[Apr 5]
Nile City FC               -  Ekuwa FC
[Apr 11]
Villa United              drw Al Wihda FC               [5-4 pen]

[Apr 13]
Rhino FC                   -  Al Salam

Final Stage

NB: 16 teams in 4 groups

Group A [in Juba]

[Aug 1]
Malakia FC (Juba)         ppd Bright Star FC (Bor)
[Aug 2]
Rabitha FC                2-0 El Nujum 
Torit Young Stars FC       -  El Nahda FC 
Group B [in Wau]

[Aug 1]
Al Hilal FC (Wau)          -  Al Salaam (Kuajok)
Group C [in Yambio]

Start ppd
Group D [in Yambio]

Start ppd

[Aug 15]
Malakia FC (Juba)         3-3 Ahli (Malakal)            [aet, 4-1 pen]
[Aug 16]
Salam FC                  3-2 Amal Raja (Western Bahr el Ghazal)
Final [Aug 18]
Malakia FC (Juba)         2-0 Salam FC (Aweil, Northern Bahr el-Ghazal) 

NB: Malakia FC qualified for 2014 African Confederation Cup

Independence Cup 2013

NB: played in Juba

Participants (4):
Malakia FC
Atlabara FC
Rainbow FC
Nujum FC
Final [Jul 10]
Malakia                   1-0 Atlabara

Inter-state Tournament 2013

NB: first edition; 7 participants [Northern Bahr El Ghazal and Unity withdrew due to
                                   financial and logistical reasons] 
All matches in Juba, at the Nyakuron ground

Start: Jun 20  

Semifinals [Jun ?]
Western Bahr el Ghazal    2-1 Northern Bahr el Ghazal



list of champions and cup winners.

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